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So it turns out that when I'm nervous, I end up organizing stuff. When I'm really nervous, and happen to have supplies on hand, I end up doing something like this:

needles )

Since I posted pics of my needles, I guess I should post some of my stash too! Or rather my stash containers :D I found these really nifty boxes: six partitions (removable partitions), each partition just about wide enough for two balls of yarn, about high enough for two layers of yarn, and coincidentally at the perfect size to be able to squeeze four such boxes under my bed (eight if I stack them two high, but I haven't needed to go past four yet...)

The hardware store is surprisingly good for finding useful stuff that can be adapted to crafts. So are bookstores/office supply stores.

Anyway, box/stash pics:
stash )

ETA: I just stumbled across the abuntant yarn blog via one of the Ravelry forums. Lots of good techniques I'm bookmarking for later.

BUT but look at their very first entry. So many boxes of yarn *_*
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Since last time I took pics, I've taken apart what I'd done of grandpa's scarf and knit it with smaller needles to get a tighter cloth.

This is what it looked like yesterday:

progress 12-19 )

This is what it looked like earlier today:

progress 12-20 )

I've since added about two more inches of white (which looks pale tan on its own, but appears white in the scarf when laid against the dark brown).

It is somewhat scary to be working without a pattern. For instance, I have absolutely no idea how many rows I knit for that first stretch of brown; I went with "a bit taller than it is wide". If I could redo it, knowing how much brown yarn I'd have left over, I would add another two inches or so.

Then it's your basic Fibonacci sequence for the light (1-1-2-3-5-8-13). I flailed through the striping, but I managed to figure out something that works better in the later stripes for bringing yarn of the other color up the side of the current color stripe. I incremented the number of rows by one for each dark stripe (1-2-3-4-5-6-7). It hardly makes a difference in the earlier ones! It's only kinda obvious from the second to the last *g*

It actually looks a bit better in the photo than IRL -- the inconsistencies are not so obvious, but I do feel proud of what I have so far. Even if it's not perfect (eeek)

OH, oh, I was trying to aim for a lucky number in Chinese blah blah, so I made the scarf 7 inches wide, and did seven dark brown stripes, seven elements of the fib sequence, etc. I misremembered the lucky number though -- I should have been using 8 instead *facepalm* But it turns out for the best, because I think that an 8-inch-wide scarf would have been too wide; I wouldn't have had enough yarn to get things to a decent length.

Decent length, I haven't decided what to aim for, but grandpa is about 5'6", so I guess I'll try to aim for a scarf as tall as he is, give or take half a foot (in case I don't have enough yarn /o\)

So right now, I'm just using up the last of this ball of light yarn on the long stretch of center white, and then I'll measure. If it's long enough, then I'll use the second ball of light yarn and mirror the current pattern. If it's too short, I'll probably end up adding a strip of dark brown in the very center. Not sure how I feel about that, though it would at least make the stripes eight instead of seven. Hmm. Anyway, I'll decide once I'm done with this light yarn.

Have I mentioned how intimidating it is to work without a pattern and with no way to get additional yarn in case I run out? Because it is! (eek)

(Posting because I promised [personal profile] aveleh pics!)

(I am very lucky my grandpa loves me and will forgive me any flaws in the scarf. AHAHHAHAA)
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Or why units matter:

google search result stating 'New iPod touch now starts at $11490'

(11,490 pesos is about 250 USD; 11490 USD is about 540,000 pesos -- enough to buy a car!)
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11/13 05:38:04 aveleh> mmmm, I want popcorn.
11/13 05:40:05 Afuna> oy caps
11/13 05:40:08 aveleh> <3
11/13 05:40:12 Afuna> <3
11/13 05:40:14 Afuna> I am hungry
11/13 05:40:16 Afuna> I should go eat something
11/13 05:40:20 Afuna> I should bring someting back for you *_*
11/13 05:40:25 aveleh> I want air popped popcorn with parm cheese.
11/13 05:40:26 aveleh> OKAY.
11/13 05:40:58 Afuna> OKAY
11/13 05:41:00 Afuna> oh hm
11/13 05:41:04 Afuna> problem
11/13 05:41:05 Afuna> I like caramel more
11/13 05:41:44 aveleh> yes, but that's a treat not a meal.
11/13 05:41:51 aveleh> parm cheese on popcorn = meal
11/13 05:41:59 aveleh> caramel on popcorn = dessert.
11/13 05:42:02 aveleh> So we should have both!

one tub of parmesan popcorn and another of caramel popcorn

And it was good :)
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At some point, I'll learn to cook something other than eggs, but right now I'm in the mood for some comfort food! I even made enough for dinner to share with my brother (who is too busy sleeping to notice, hmph :P)

more eggs for dinner )
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I am back to cooking! Not sure how long this will last. I stopped cooking for a while because of work stress leading to lack of time, but work seems better these days so I may have more time to play! Last time I cooked, I ended up with bland fried rice. I meant to post about it, but got distracted, oops. I'm still not sure what I should have done -- added salt, maybe?

Anyway, on today's menu: sleeplessness at 6 am on a Saturday morning, hunger, scrambled eggs.

Woke up way too early, and too hungry to fall asleep again, so I decided to cook myself some light breakfast. Cereal didn't appeal to me; wanted protein of some sort. Easiest thing on the menu, eggs :D Doh :D

procedure, and pictures! )

I think I forgot the salt again, or maybe I was depending on the cheese for salt, and when I switched I forgot to account for it. Hmm.

Also, one thing I'm slowly learning is that I need to have everything prepared beforehand, instead of rushing about for forks/plates/ingredients while one set is cooking. It may make sense to multitask while something is cooking on the stove, but since most of what I'm doing right now is only on the stove a very short time, it makes lots more sense to just have everything ready to be dumped in.

Anyway, that's it for today. Basically have reinforced the lessons that:

  • egg is good
  • egg with ingredients is good
  • perhaps I need to learn to use salt
  • preparing stuff beforehand would save me a lot of rushing around!
  • turn off the gas stove. Don't forget to turn it on, too.
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So it was pointed out to me that what I was thinking of as an omelette was actually scrambled eggs (pictures on the other end. Look very yummy). My definition of scrambled eggs was eggs + only liquid ingredients. My definition of an omelette was eggs + solid ingredients.

So this means that I know I have finally made scrambled eggs! \o/ (Now to figure out the omelette thing)

Cooked eggs again for breakfast three days ago. I have been trying to add one new thing every day. That day, it was vegetables, chopped fine. We call them pechay baguio, similar to pechay tagalog (which I believe you guys will know as bok choy?). I don't know any other names for it, though.

pictures of ingredients )

That day, I learned some important things:

  • chopping up vegetables(anything!) into thin strips is hard! Tends to be too thick most of the time, and uneven

  • Peeling garlic before crushing it is tedious. I learned the next day to crush before peeling. That went much better

  • Chopping onions ;_;

  • Your cooking spoon/spatula thing should not be wet! Got stung by hot oil (just little pinpricks) because I didn't realize it shouldn't be sizzling like that. I thought it was one of the hazards of cooking, and I was terrified but I had to go on because I was stubborn I thought it was normal. Turns out it isn't. Oops

  • Getting stung by pinpricks of hot oil? Not the end of the world. Startling, annoying, still makes me jumpy, but not permanent, not earth-shattering

Then the past two days, I was getting bored with cooking eggs, so I looked through our pantry, discovered we have something like two dozen(!!!) cans of tuna in there, and started experimenting.

First experiment with tuna, just frying with some oil + some garlic (what do you call that? It's gisa in Filipino, emphasis on the second syllable, but I can't think of the equivalent in English), until the garlic was browned, then putting in the tuna to make it smell good + heat it up + just play (with fire. hah).

Then once the tuna was removed, and since the pan was still hot, I decided to play about a bit by cooking some pear slices on the pan. I got the idea that you could cook pear from [personal profile] pauamma's descriptions of what he sometimes cooks... though I am certain that how I cooked it is not what he had in mind :-)

It looked boring, so I drizzled some honey on! Bad idea, left a burnt smell, though surprisingly not much of a burnt taste. I have since gotten more ideas for cooking pear from #dw. Also other ideas for cooking tuna (tuna melt, mmm). Thanks guys!

I then chopped up the pear into my tuna. Tuna was dry, pear was moist. In hindsight, I maybe should have tried cooking the pear with the tuna, but overall it was, hm, interesting at least. Bearable. Not something I'd inflict on someone else, but it satisfied my hunger.

Also helped out with lunch and dinner! Did maybe half of the work, with a lot of handholding (chicken with potato carrots for lunch, salmon for dinner!)

So then yesterday, I got out the tuna again, but this time I chopped up a huge Fuji apple and cooked three quarters of it with the tuna, to make it moist. That part worked, but the Fuji apple tasted too much like tuna, and the tuna didn't taste enough like apple, so as an experiment it's only about a 7 or so (a 5, with +2 factor added for experimentation that didn't actually blow up in my face). Maybe I could have mixed the remaining quarter of the apple in with the rest post-cooking, to make things sweeter/apple-r tasting?

I also used a wok, instead of a frying pan to minimize splatter (this wasn't my idea, it was suggested to me. It was a great suggestion!). Other ingredients -- garlic, uhhh and I guess that's it.

That was the day I burned my finger. Applied this amazing balm (I don't know the name, but it felt like it leeched all the heat out of the burn). It's healed quite well now. Spent half a day typing funny, until I could put pressure back on my finger. Now my index finger feels strangely numb, and I think that's a blister, but it's not painful or tender.

And today, I want to code too much to do any cooking, so I'm eating whatever I can find in the refrigerator.
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Seriously, Eclipse. NOT HELPING.
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So [ profile] foxfirefey did this nifty program for generating visualization of network linkage from fdata. I volunteered to be a guinea pig, and got this! (I LIKE IT)

per-cluster close-ups behind cut )
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And mangos and strawberries.

Chicke McDo with rice

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 12:40 pm
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Continuing along the lines of my previous food pics, here is some chicken with rice at McDonald's.

Chicken  )

Is it true there is no chicken in McDonald's of other countries? I can understand the lack of rice but surely there must be chicken at least?

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McDonald's spaghetti was originally created to compete against a rival popular Filipino fast-food chain.

Merienda for today )

I am assuming that chicken with rice has a similar story as well.

PS. McSpaghetti looks roughly the same though I think it has more ground meat and less hotdogs.

Aha, friend commented with a an image of the McDonald's stuff


Monday, February 23rd, 2009 04:11 pm
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Merienda for today

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1. Open graphics program of your choice.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Draw a cat.

Old money pics

Monday, July 7th, 2008 01:11 am
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Finally got around to scanning in/tagging/annotating the old bills we found late last year.

[ profile] lady_angelina, especially, may want to see the old money pics.

I am particularly proud of this one of a five-peso bill which I annotated the hEll out of ;-)

vanity post

Saturday, June 14th, 2008 07:14 pm
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A couple of weeks back, someone called me pretty (well they didn't actually use the word pretty, but I say it's close enough), and ever since then, I have been preening and indulging my vanity and, you know, prettifying.

*unabashed grin*

So um, today I went to get a facial.

That is all

Because [ profile] av8rmike asked, pictures:

before and after )