Sunday, September 29th, 2013 07:05 pm
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i have in my hands a breadboard with some suggested beginner projects. I also have "Effective Go Programming" open in tabs.

(these two things are unrelated except for how they're both interesting, and both things I've been vaguely thinking of looking at and never actually got around to... and now I am because of encouragement!)
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Ummm. I was ranting to someone over how I'm sick of being mistaken for a kid, and they pointed out that one reason is that my voice is very soft -- and that I sound younger when speaking in Filipino than I do when speaking in English.

Mas malambing kasi ako sa Filipino (more... soft? gentle? cuddly? when I'm speaking in Filipino)

And I'm feeling a bit asdfghhhhh I did not realize that was even going on. I mean of course the accent is different, but I didn't realize just how much that does actually affect tone ahaha.

Anyway, I recorded a couple short clips of myself speaking JUST BECAUSE:


PS. Ugh at some point I'm going to have to figure out how to sound more mature. That day is not yet today, I can't deal with it right now but AT SOME POINT YEAH.
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Every time I get invited to something (assuming it's not completely spam), I say yes.

So far, I've attended a couple tech events which were okay.

I've started hooping, which has led me to discovering a group of people within that community who a) are interested in coding for fun b) are interested in the arduino c) know a local(!!!!) supplier for arduino/raspberry pi/suchlike. I'm terrified of hacking on electronics btw, but perhaps starting to inch towards interest with this group of people.

I've hooped in public, even. In front of strangers.

I've learned that a.) hooping will bruise and b.) how to bruise just a bit less.

I've been included in an ad for TV(??), among a group of ~ 20 strangers. (v. brief, anonymous crowd shot)

I've signed up for calligraphy classes for pointed nibs (ooops).

I'm considering doing a 30-day challenge. I considered 100-day, but I've upcoming travel which will interfere. Buuuut man. This saying yes is paying off
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Small repetitive movements that don't require much skill, leaving my brain free to think while I move? Perfect for me :)

The only bad thing is that I've been doing it so much, my sides are sore. I don't think they're bruised (but I've never been able to figure out what that looks like?), but I'm definitely tender.

Ah well. I guess I'll just have to grow thicker skin.

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Sunday, December 4th, 2011 01:59 am
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I'm tempted to dye my hair either a stark black, blue-ish to get a nice halo effect in the sun, or a dark warm auburn thing for, well, warmth. Sadly, I don't think all three will work at the same time!
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I love tea, and I have a couple containers of loose-leaf lying around somewhere, but I generally forget to drink it because we don't have a teapot, so it's very fussy to boil water in a pot and then pour it into a glass to steep, and then do that again once the single mug is gone.

But uh. Apparently we have a tea ball, which I found in box of post-its, and it is so much easier to use, frankly it makes me happy to a ridiculous level :)

(It just occurred to me that I could have used the hot water dispenser with the loose-leaf, but!)

SO ANYWAY. I have a stomach full of warm tea, a list of things to do, and a calm, relaxed sense of well being. Tea is awesome.

My grandpa wanted to spend some time out of the city, so we (grandpa, me, cousin, aunt) went to Subic over the weekend. Sadly it rained, which meant we had to forego a lot of the things we wanted to do, so the weekend was boring, but it was boring in a stress-free chill kind of way. That's okay. (In fact, that's very okay)

Also okay: we found a restaurant that serves an excellent fried shrimp dish with salt and pepper. Excellent I say :)

Ummmm. I did get to drape my arm over a tiger, though, so uh yay? It was two years old and kinda big but mostly it ignored us. So I wasn't terrified, but there was no way I was going to move my hand off of where the trainer put it.

Oh! And I borrowed my brother's camera, which beats my crappy phone camera, so theoretically should have been able to get decent shots. Unfortunately, I didn't really know how to compensate for blurring under low light conditions. I had to immediately throw away two-thirds of my shots because they were blurry; that leaves me some 250-odd to go through for quality. Still better than my old record which is taking two shots early in the day, then forgetting to get any later on.

Cameras are fun! Having been able to take photos on this trip makes me want to splurge on a phone with a better camera. I mean it won't be any kind of DSLR, but it should get me to near enough point-and-shoot that I'll be able to take photos on a whim (currently, whims are broken by the fact that the camera on my phone takes forever to load and doesn't really take good pics besides). Bonus: with the right app, I can just upload and share the pics as I take them, rather than having to remember to sync from the camera and organize and etc (...currently Flickr crashes on my phone when I try to upload. Another point for getting a new phone)

Currently my options are the iPhone 4S, and, well, the iPhone 4S. I've thought about trying out Android, but honestly I can't be bothered to wade into the ios-vs-android religious wars long enough to find a review that'll influence my decision either way.

Also, speaking of DSLRs, it turns out that if you turn the zoom level way up, that can aggravate blurriness in low-light, especially if you accidentally turn off image stabilization. Even the very best technology can't help a person who's determined to shoot themselves in the foot /o\

Also, also, I am tempted to tweak the default Tags module location so it's the first thing that comes after the entry, rather than the icon, but maybe that's too big a change now. Hm.

Identifying Clutter

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Via [community profile] bitesizedcleaning, I have found again the link to the article on clutter I have been looking for:

Nine Tips to Identify Clutter

Also worth following from that article, Do you hoard your new underwear? (Or: Spend out!)
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I run my dev environment (ubuntu) in a VM on my laptop, because that makes things a lot easier for me. Unfortunately

cmd+alt+fn + f1 through f6 = virtual terminal mode

(I don't need the full gnome mode, and the terminal I get to by logging in via the GUI login is weird. It seems to be bigger than my actual window size and all output is way past the lower edge of my screen, so when I type, I can't see what I'm typing, and after I run a command, I have to hit enter approximately half a gajillion times before I can find my output.)

apt-get install console-data
dpkg-reconfigure console-data

(installing and configuring console-data has let me set the terminal keyboard to dvorak, rather than qwerty. It's not a big deal; I usually just ssh into my dev environment using the Terminal application, but it's been a minor annoyance, that now is fixed yay :D)
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I just found a box of live worms in the back of the refrigerator.

Store-bought, not ones my dad dug out of the ground, and the box calls them "beneficial nematodes". Plus I'm not sure they're still alive, from what I can tell they've been in there for over a year.

But still!

(I'm just grateful they're not chemical pesticides, as that was the first word that caught my attention on the box *g*)
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I paid the (one-time thankfully) $5 fee, and have submitted the Copy Link Text Chrome extension to the gallery. Happy to have received some stars \o/

I've also created a git-hub repository for the extension.

I've been trying to spend some of my free time doing open source stuff that's not DW, so I can see what's out there (maybe introduce some things back into here, maybe not!).

So far, it's been fun. My biggest, er, thing, is that I apologize a lot. I'm trying to turn that around into thanks, so instead of saying, "I'm sorry I got my extension idea from a similar Firefox extension", I'm trying to say, "I loved that extension, I think it's fantastic, thank you for it! (In homage thereof I have written one for Chrome too *g*)"

Or, instead of saying, "Sorry for grabbing your lovely icon from the icon set you're offering for free", I'm forcing myself to see that "Gorgeous icon set, great icon that fits my needs exactly, thank you :DD" is the more appropriate response.

And instead of saying, "Hey, I noticed this issue, and I wrote a patch; the github documentation says to use forks for this, I don't know if it's right or if I seem rude. I'm sorry for even bringing it up x_x", I have a message which basically goes, "Hi, I loved $extension. There's just one little thing that makes it less than perfect, and it's $issue_I_ran_into. *contributes patch upstream*"


Anyway, it's ridiculously hard to not apologize all the time. Ridiculously ridiculously hard! But I'm trying to turn it around, because while it feels inappropriate not to apologize (it really really does), it feels even more inappropriate to apologize. Before, I'd have just decided it was not worth the risk of offending someone by being awkward, and just backed away without ever having said anything. Now, I'm forcing myself to acknowledge that hey these people shared these things for a reason, and the polite thing to do is to use them ;-) (And give back too)

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I am playing with the thought of sharing the extensions I wrote/talked about in my previous entry. I feel like at least one other person could benefit from it!

But on the other hand, I'm feeling unsure of myself: I based the idea on a very useful Firefox extension (Copy Link Text), and I based the final working code on another Google Chrome extension (Auto Copy).

And then there's the matter of putting up $5 to be able to submit to the gallery! (It's not purely the cost, but it's the cost being enough of a speedbump that I'm making myself think about whether I want to do this or not).

I want to share, but I also feel like I don't have sufficient whatever to share. Ugh. Will try this again after getting some rest; that sometimes helps.
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[community profile] 3_good_things_a_day makes me so happy :) The basic idea: a mod posts three good things that happened to them that day. You comment with your own list of three, and then feel free to reply to anyone else's comment.

It doesn't need to be something you've done (though you can mention those too). It doesn't even need to be big: my last comment included "the sound of rain". It just has to be something that is good *g*

It's also pretty low pressure; I've refrained from commenting when my day was particularly blah. I've also did leave a comment once on a really blah day when the effort of thinking of those three things helped.

S'all good.

[community profile] sauce is another community which makes me happy. You share something with the community that's awesomesauce, and well, that's basically it. I haven't posted yet, but a lot of the things in there have had me grinning for days (or else ended up stuck in my head ._. also for days ._.)

So sleepy!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 10:02 am
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First thing I do with my breakfast glass of orange juice is spill it all over my desk D: Had a moment of complete and utter panic that it would destroy my laptop and my external hard drive, but luckily laptop is up on a platform, and the hard drive was just outside the spill radius.


(I had a dream last night that I was going around with v-signs for hands, and various emoticon for a face, trying to match the best emoticon to my victory hand. I guess I finally found it?)

Another link

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 06:24 pm
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This was supposed to go in the previous entry, but then I realized that the entry was locked. It's public now, though, so! *g*

From [community profile] doesanyoneelse:

Does anyone else enjoy odd flavor pairings?

I've commented with my own sweet-savory combination: french fries + soft serve ice cream. There's a bunch of other interesting combinations* mentioned there as well!


Also, I spent a chunk of today cleaning out the freezer. We are horrible at keeping it clean. The frozen foods that were a month over the "best by" date we still judged okay. The frozen raspberries and blueberries that had a best by date of six months ago, I turned into a shake. The restaurant leftovers from the beginning of July, the can of yeast that expired three years ago, the jar of plum sauce that expired five years ago? I threw away.

And on one of the magnets on the outside, I saw a tiny wasp's nest O_o We are horrible horrible horrible at noticing these things.


Things that give me hope: the government started celebrating the end of Ramadan as a national holiday. First year they started, a bunch of people were all like "O_o why is Ramadan a national holiday? Isn't it only relevant for Muslims down south?"

And this year, at least among people I know, it's a lot more matter of fact: "Oh, September 10? End of Ramadan? K."


I wish to learn colorwork, so I picked up the Maze beanie pattern (requires Ravelry account). Researched fair isle knitting, studied the video over at knittinghelp.com, tried to figure out what this "wrapping" thing was for the yarn you're carrying is all about (and how I might be able to do it! I haven't seen any instructions for my chosen technique -- continental with both strands held on the left hand)... and about two stitches into the color part of the pattern, I realized that you only need to carry one strand of yarn per row for this pattern. Dur.

I shall figure out fair isle one of these days, I swear! (Or well, any kind of stranded color knitting that works in the round ;-))


I spent some time last night queuing up Ravelry patterns. So many adorable hats :D I found a beanie with pi on it, and an illusion Linux scarf. And also so many pretty shawl patterns *___* Oh to have the time to do them all.


I am trying to figure out Christmas knitting. I want to give something to at least one person in my family, but who, and what? Hm. (Also want to send things to people overseas. Not all for Christmas, either -- some of my closest friends don't celebrate Christmas for one thing!)


While chatting with [personal profile] aveleh, I said, "I finished a lace scarf!" What I meant to actually type was "I found a Linux scarf!". Hey, correct every other word isn't so bad!


I meant to type something else here, but I've forgotten what :D


Saturday, September 4th, 2010 01:46 pm
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From [personal profile] zarhooie :
Friending Frenzy, a friending meme. I haven't commented yet, but I've added a couple of interesting people who I've been meaning to subscribe to for ages now *G*
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(I'll let the title and the video speak for themselves)

Smells of popcorn

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 10:39 am
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We had popcorn in the room last night, and the smell has lingered so when I move about I get these whiffs of butter and popcorn goodness. It is driving me hungry!

Lunch, get here quick. AND BE POPCORN.

Music time

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 10:54 pm
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So, music and I have a weird relationship. I generally go without any for long stretches of time, anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, and then suddenly I'll get an urge to dig out my collection and listen without pause, and that lasts from several hours to a couple of days.

Today is just one of those days, I guess!

(Even more rare than the times I listen to music are the times I delete a song, or add a new one.

Usually because I can't figure out whether I like a song or not on first listen, so I don't add new songs at all, and I don't delete old ones even when I really really hate them, until I'm done figuring it out :x)

So, anyway, today: MUSIC.