∞ Kermit praising the Mac

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 02:46 pm
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Posted by Dave Mark

[VIDEO] For some reason, this video (embedded in main Loop post) surfaced on Reddit. Maybe someone reminiscing about Macworld Expo?

No matter, this was fun. See if you recognize the voice.

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Posted by Dave Mark

This is a combination of two tips, both good to know, especially if you keep a lot of pages open in iOS Safari.

First, there’s this from MacRumors:

In a nutshell:

  • Tap the “show all pages icon” at the bottom right. This will show all your open tabs.
  • Pull down to reveal a “Search Tabs” field.
  • Type in the field to reduce the open pages to just those that match the search. The non-matching tabs are still open, they are just not shown in this view.

This is cool enough. But then add this tip:

Press and hold the cancel button and you’ll be prompted to close all the search-reduced tabs. This is handy.

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Posted by Dave Mark

Stephen Hackett, MacStories:

In January 2009, Apple took to the stage at Macworld Expo one final time. The company announced the change a few weeks before the show. Phil Schiller would deliver the keynote. News of Steve Jobs’ medical leave would break just weeks later, one day before the keynote.


Apple leaving Macworld Expo was the beginning of the end. The show struggled for a couple of years after this, and 2014 would be the last year of the trade show.

I loved the Apple-centric Macworld Expo. The January 2009 expo definitely marked the end of an era.

At the same time, Apple pulled the plug on another relationship. Sad.

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This person does not exist

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 02:07 pm
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Posted by Dave Mark

Click the headline link. A neural network will create a face from scratch. Reload the page for a completely new one.

This is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The power of AI is remarkable, but no doubt there are some great difficulties ahead. More realistic and effective fake news, counterfeit people, and AI that takes jobs away, perhaps creating new jobs along the way, but with a gap that forces many people to retool their skillsets.

Keep refreshing those faces, keep an eye out for anomalies. The ears seem especially susceptible to flaws. All very interesting.

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Estonia's Volunteer Cyber Militia

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 12:36 pm
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Posted by Bruce Schneier

Interesting -- although short and not very detailed -- article about Estonia's volunteer cyber-defense militia.

Padar's militia of amateur IT workers, economists, lawyers, and other white-hat types are grouped in the city of Tartu, about 65 miles from the Russian border, and in the capital, Tallinn, about twice as far from it. The volunteers, who've inspired a handful of similar operations around the world, are readying themselves to defend against the kind of sustained digital attack that could cause mass service outages at hospitals, banks, and military bases, and with other critical operations, including voting systems. Officially, the team is part of Estonia's 26,000-strong national guard, the Defense League.


Formally established in 2011, Padar's unit mostly runs on about €150,000 ($172,000) in annual state funding, plus salaries for him and four colleagues. (If that sounds paltry, remember that the country's median annual income is about €12,000.) Some volunteers oversee a website that calls out Russian propaganda posing as news directed at Estonians in Estonian, Russian, English, and German. Other members recently conducted forensic analysis on an attack against a military system, while yet others searched for signs of a broader campaign after discovering vulnerabilities in the country's electronic ID cards, which citizens use to check bank and medical records and to vote. (The team says it didn't find anything, and the security flaws were quickly patched.)

Mostly, the volunteers run weekend drills with troops, doctors, customs and tax agents, air traffic controllers, and water and power officials. "Somehow, this model is based on enthusiasm," says Andrus Ansip, who was prime minister during the 2007 attack and now oversees digital affairs for the European Commission. To gauge officials' responses to realistic attacks, the unit might send out emails with sketchy links or drop infected USB sticks to see if someone takes the bait.

"Oh my goodness gracious, he just fell to his death"

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 11:55 am
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This is utterly wonderful:

Including: Mission Impossible, Point Break, Star Trek V, Vertical Limit and Cliffhanger.

He's having SO MUCH FUN: "Oh, this is one of the worst scenes in all of Hollywood climbing. Let's turn the volume up."

And incidentally providing very good explanations of various climbing techniques, and what's realistic and what's hilariously absurd if you're an actual climber.

(Content note: contains "spastically" used in a kind of derogatory way but when describing spasming movement, which is ... not entirely inaccurate? Anyway.)

Cross-posting to [community profile] disobey_gravity.

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 09:22 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] lilliburlero!

Call The Midwife Fans Promo

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 07:04 pm
ella_rose88: (Gwen :: Gold)
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[community profile] call_the_midwife_fans is a new community that is dedicated to the BBC TV series Call The Midwife, which was inspired by the memoir by Jennifer Worth. The aim of the community is to provide fans of Call The Midwife a place to discuss the show (and books), participate in episode discussions/re-watches, and share fanworks etc!

I am also looking for some co-mods to help me run the community. So if you are interested, please let me know.

Daily Happiness

Monday, February 18th, 2019 11:23 pm
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1. I have really enjoyed this four-day weekend. For me, going out and doing stuff (even stuff I like) is not relaxing and what I want to do on my days off is relax. So it was nice to be able to go to a concert one day and to a movie another day and still feel like I got plenty of time to just unwind. Hopefully I can take some time off again soon, otherwise my PTO is going to max out again.

2. It looks like the rain is pretty much done for now. We've got cold and windy weather at the moment, but the forecast says clear skies for the next week at least.

3. We made nachos last night for dinner and had enough toppings and chips leftover to make another batch for lunch today, too.

4. I finished up Therion's story in Octopath Traveler and now I guess I just poke around with sidequest stuff until I find more hints about the secret final boss or whatever.

5. Chloe was so cute today (as usual).

::contented purr::

Monday, February 18th, 2019 10:44 pm
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Monkey has just upped her cuteness level.

At some point in the last year or so she started sleeping on me sometimes at night -- sometimes I'd be in bed and she'd climb onto my stomach and snuggle down, warm and purring, and put her head tucked against or on top of my hand or wrist. Even when I was technically interrupted in the middle of doing something on my iPad, I wasn't upset at the blocking; I'd just lie there being a self-heating cat bed, like making her comfortable was the only priority I had.

(And sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night with her on top of me.)

Within the last week she's started using my hand as a chin rest, with my right thumb under her chin and her face kind of buried in my fingers. Which meant if she fell asleep I could feel every sleep-twitch of her whiskers, every eye flutter as she dreamed, every tiny little movement. It feels somehow special, almost sacred, having her trust me enough to fall asleep on me.

Tonight, after doing that for a while, she stretched, groomed her face a bit, and then settled down in a shifted position ... and curled her paw around my left thumb, clinging to it like a teddy bear.

February has mostly sucked, but tonight almost compensated...

Fic | MCU | Overhaul

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 01:20 pm
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I almost titled this fic "Why Go For Simple When You Can Go For Vague and Complicated Instead" but that would've been more for my amusement than an accurate representation of the fic itself, so that title shall live happily in my memories.


Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Tony
Genre: Getting together, Steve POV, character study, wish fulfilment, happy ending, mild angst, feelings realization, first kiss, first time, pining Tony, Steve is not pining, post-Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers compound
Rating: Explicit
Words: 18,000+
Crossposting: AO3

Summary: Steve knows that Tony has feelings for him and, since he doesn’t return those feelings, has been mildly dreading the day that Tony decides to do something about it. When that day finally arrives, Steve discovers that Tony’s wooing strategy isn’t anything at all like he’d expected.

Overhaul )

[Sponsor] Atoms — Ideal Everyday Shoes

Monday, February 18th, 2019 05:52 pm
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Posted by Daring Fireball Department of Commerce

Atoms makes beautiful, super comfortable shoes that slip on and off easily and even come in quarter sizes that ensure you get the perfect fit. More importantly, they’re looking to hire designers and a head of growth in Brooklyn. Cool features to working at Atom: Not only is your office located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, but you also receive killer company perks like membership at the Met and other museums.

Right now there’s a waitlist to score a pair of Atoms — but not for Daring Fireball readers. Just use this secret link to jump the line until March 3rd.

∞ Free first episode of Weird City’s “The One”

Monday, February 18th, 2019 08:56 pm
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Posted by Shawn King

My wife and I watched this over the weekend. Like a lot of comedies, it will take time to find its footing but this first episode was surprisingly sweet.

I Am Not Associated with Swift Recovery Ltd.

Monday, February 18th, 2019 08:42 pm
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Posted by Bruce Schneier

It seems that someone from a company called Swift Recovery Ltd. is impersonating me -- at least on Telegram. The person is using a photo of me, and is using details of my life available on Wikipedia to convince people that they are me.

They are not.

If anyone has any more information -- stories, screen shots of chats, etc. -- please forward them to me.

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Monday, February 18th, 2019 02:42 pm
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Hey, I have a few questions I'm hoping somebody can help with!

I'm using Tabula Rasa Plain, with this custom css. There's three things I want to do but am not sure how/can't get to work.

1. I want the "network" link removed from the navigation without leaving a gap. Leaving the text box in the "Text" area blank left a gap, so I tried adding:
.module-navlinks .network {
display: none;

as I found that in another post, but the gap is still there.

2. How can I make the "edit/tags/memo/etc" and the "link/#/reply" at the end of entries all display on one line?

3. Down at the bottom under the Profile module, (how) can I hide the "subscribe/post entry/tell someone" links? (that I assume are only visible to me, but they still bug.)

I used to do layouts on LJ, so I have some understanding of CSS, but that was 10+ years ago and I've never done any on DW. I feel like I have no idea what I'm looking for. I also have a paid account and so can make layers if necessary I guess, but that's also been a good 10+ years since I did any on LJ and I would need to be walked through it.

Any help would be appreciated!

The Official Fast Food French Fry Power Rankings

Monday, February 18th, 2019 07:35 pm
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Posted by John Gruber

It is astounding how strongly I agree with these rankings from Lucas Kwan Peterson at the LA Times. I know it’s fighting words to slag on In-N-Out, but their fries really are dreadful:

And bringing up the rear is In-N-Out. Before you tell me there’s a way to “hack” these fries, or somehow make them better, either by loading them with American cheese and secret sauce, or by ordering them well-done, I will grant this: It certainly doesn’t make the fries any worse. Just as dumping the fries into a dirt pile on the shoulder of a highway access road and running over that pile with my car would also probably not make the fries any worse.


Monday, February 18th, 2019 07:03 pm
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Posted by John Gruber

Jeremy Keith:

Nine people came together at CERN for five days and made something amazing. I still can’t quite believe it.

Coming into this, I thought it was hugely ambitious to try to not only recreate the experience of using the first ever web browser (called WorldWideWeb, later Nexus), but to also try to document the historical context of the time. Now that it’s all done, I’m somewhat astounded that we managed to achieve both.

Want to see the final result? Here you go.

Very fun, and impressive in-browser recreation of the NeXT interface. Daring Fireball is mostly readable — the biggest hindrance is the lack of support for HTML entities.