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So it turns out that when I'm nervous, I end up organizing stuff. When I'm really nervous, and happen to have supplies on hand, I end up doing something like this:

needles )

Since I posted pics of my needles, I guess I should post some of my stash too! Or rather my stash containers :D I found these really nifty boxes: six partitions (removable partitions), each partition just about wide enough for two balls of yarn, about high enough for two layers of yarn, and coincidentally at the perfect size to be able to squeeze four such boxes under my bed (eight if I stack them two high, but I haven't needed to go past four yet...)

The hardware store is surprisingly good for finding useful stuff that can be adapted to crafts. So are bookstores/office supply stores.

Anyway, box/stash pics:
stash )

ETA: I just stumbled across the abuntant yarn blog via one of the Ravelry forums. Lots of good techniques I'm bookmarking for later.

BUT but look at their very first entry. So many boxes of yarn *_*


Monday, April 4th, 2011 06:45 pm
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Flickr made a couple of changes, most notably removing any kind of integration with custom services, which has made it pretty useless to, so now I'm looking for another photo host.

Any ideas?

Paring down

Saturday, February 26th, 2011 03:48 pm
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I couldn't sleep last night, so I took Tabula Rasa Plain and pared it down the bare essentials -- used the wizard to remove all the modules, colored the content in shades of gray with some orange highlights, and made unobtrusive any controls and non-content-related links.

It's not written for sharing because it's here to satisfy some very personal quirks*, and so I can't be bothered to test it in other browsers.

* I need gray and no-distractions this week like I need food (but, all my food this week needs to have some red. It just is the way it is!)
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We decided to push forward with cleaning up our stuff. As usual, it's only my mom, my sister, and I who are cleaning. My dad and brother are not doing anything about it. *makes faces at them* Sometimes I wish they would take more responsibility for home stuff. They live here, too! But whatever.

We need to clean up about half a dozen areas, and decided to start with all the junk in the upstairs sala. We have a lot of I got to sixty before giving up. My sister went on and counted out (approximately) 138. That's probably three-fourths gigantic tupperware boxes, with the rest being slightly smaller cardboard boxes, or huge plastic sacks of... whatever. A lot of it is documents, which are going to be the hardest to sort through.

this is what we're up against )

Everyone in this family hoards, and it reaches a level of ridiculous that's just... um. Okay so today, among other things, I threw out a roll of calendars from 1969; receipts dating back to 1992; old newspapers; boxes that just contained empty boxes and plastic bags;

However, it's not all junk. We dug up a box of pictures, including some of my oldest sister at a Trek convention :D My oldest sister, my Atsi, introduced me and my older brother to sci-fi. She was also the one who sent us a steady supply, shipping back VHS tapes (ahahah :D) with recordings of ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:VOY. These days I could probably just hit up a torrent site, but back then there was no other way for me to see these shows. (A few years after my Atsi passed away, they showed a Filipino-dubbed version of DS9 on a local channel. I didn't follow it though. By then, I had seen many of the episodes in English).

By my Ditsi's calculations, If we each do one box a day, that's seven boxes a week each, or twenty-one boxes total, and we can be done in seven weeks (give or take half a week) -- just in time for my birthday ;-). I half expect us to fizzle out the way we usually do but OTOH we are better organized than we have ever been. Perhaps this time we will make it! *fistpump*

Or perhaps not. I went for it and did seven boxes today though. But that's low-hanging fruit :D We still have a couple more boxes of easy stuff (toys for example go directly in the donate pile), so I want to build up as much momentum as we can on those.

The hard boxes are going to be the stuff with my Atsi's and my Shoti's (little brother) stuff :( We have put off processing these boxes for years each, and thinking of opening those up and choosing what to keep and throwing away the rest is enough to cut into my jubilation.


ANYWAY, besides organizing the epic cleanup of our house, I am trying to organize my work habits. To that end I have bought office supplies (I love office supplies :D). Three whiteboards to supplement the two I already have, white board markers, and (the whiteboard having been so cheap that it didn't come with a frame or a ledge to put the markers on) blu tack to stick the whiteboards and the pens to the walls :D

I love this blu tack stuff. srsly.

Identifying Clutter

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Via [community profile] bitesizedcleaning, I have found again the link to the article on clutter I have been looking for:

Nine Tips to Identify Clutter

Also worth following from that article, Do you hoard your new underwear? (Or: Spend out!)
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I just found a package of dried cranberries in our freezer with a best before date of 1997.

Hello, and good bye!
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I'd love it if I find an RSS reader that filters out information based on criteria (like keywords). I hacked together something that almost worked for NetNewsWire, but it also picked up all articles that had those "share on Facebook" links at the bottom.

Since that didn't work out, I've gone ahead and dropped the worst offenders -- those RSS feeds that update often, and update often in reactionary fashion about topics that don't interest me. I have however kept those feeds that are low-volume and tend to be thoughtful.

So RWW is out the window; Daring Fireball is quite happily in.

I've also cut out one of my mailing lists, again for flooding of reactionary updates. I'm looking at you, mailing list which erupted into a language war after several months of low activity! Or... or maybe I'm not looking at you, since you're not coming into my inbox anymore. (Blessed blessed silence \o/)

A while back, I read an article which talked about happiness. I can't find it anymore (unfortunately, because it made a couple of good points), but the two things that stuck with me are: you need to let go of things you don't use, and you need to use the things you're saving up.

I'd gradually been getting rid of clutter in my room by throwing out old stuff I would never use again. After reading that article, I also started using the stuff that I've been saving just in case. So the lotion bottles in my room from birthdays/Christmases? Finally being emptied. The assorted ingredients in my refrigerator? Finally being used or in some cases thrown out because they'd gone bad (oops). The "good" yarn? Finally being knit (\o/)

Using stuff is not waste. I need to remember this (more importantly need to convince my mom): using stuff is not waste.

I've been trying to do the same thing with my information stream: I've been unsubscribing from places I only ever skim "just in case there's something interesting" (non-pro-tip: no, there won't be). I've also been actively clearing out my open tabs and emails instead of saving them up.

Maybe at some point I'll start reading fic again? :x I stopped years and years ago because I kept saving up the good stuff, and then I'd lose everything when my browser crashed under the sheer weight of tabs.

Ebooks are a boon *_* I used to be unable to put down books once I'd bought them, because I had to make them worth the price and cost of storage. Now, I consider my time more valuable than the cost of the book meaning, if I don't like it, I make myself put it down and move on to the next book, which I might even enjoy, rather than struggle through this one.

I can do this to paperbacks now (with a lot of regret), but I practiced ruthlessness first on ebooks.

The other thing great about ebooks is that it's just as easy to get the other books in a series once you have one of them. No more having holes in series because the bookstore doesn't have book 2 in stock \o/

This is assuming the publisher has deigned to publish the books in ebook format. But then, I take care to only buy from publishers that actually seem to value ebooks -- BAEN and O'Reilly leap to mind. I'll need to look for more eventually but these two are keeping me happily occupied for now.

I like that I can now afford to value the content of books more than the actual presence of them :-)
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I have realized that I have a ton of crap that I don't need/don't use, and that these are so many that by now they're actually preventing me from finding the things that I really want to try out, so I have been cleaning up everything.

This weekend was cleaning out all the apps I've downloaded. While doing so, I decided to create an account that's all my own (I have my own credit card now, which wasn't the case when I first was trying to download apps, so I needed to share an account -- even though everything that I wanted was free. Bleh!)

Anyway, it turns out that it is possible to combine the contents of different itunes accounts into one on my computer/whatever gadgets. Yay. However, if I wanted to update the apps in the future, I'd need to sign onto the account I'd bought it as. Bleh.

So! I've been transferring over those applications that I've been interested in to my new account, by deleting from the old, then redownloading to the new. Some of them, the ones where I want to keep my data, I'm keeping on the old account. I'll deal with them another day. Since I'm already auditing my accounts, now also seemed the perfect time to delete stuff I don't want.

And now things feel so clean! And as an added bonus, I may be able to start looking at paid apps, and eventually maybe even buy something if I really want it. I haven't wanted to before, because I haven't been able to *g*

Speaking of buying stuff, I got a box set of 64-color crayons. I was in the toy store with friends, and I saw them and they are only like 160 pesos. Based on how unattainable I used to consider them, I thought they'd be closer to, what, 500 pesos or something. So aaaaah I have crayons :D :D :D And I feel ridiculously fulfilled. (Ability to buy stuff that you used to fantasize over as a kid, for the win ;-) I had crayons, but they were inherited from my older siblings. These are new! And feel so good)

Spent most of Saturday out with friends. Had lunch ([ profile] habeo's treat -- belated happy birthday to you :p), wandered the mall with a substantial chunk of that time spent in Toy Kingdom and Cyberzone, and then ended up at [ profile] iruka11's house eating pizza, playing foozball (the last game was epic \o/ we had our own sports-announcer type commentator \o/ who managed to kick my ass even as he was doing the commentating >_<), hitting Bob (the practice dummy) with fists and padded arnis sticks, and playing Rock Band / Band Hero / etc until past midnight.

I managed to get past beginner level to easy on the guitar, and to medium on the drums (it's embarrassing, but it was the first time I'd played either so I eased myself in XD I only managed to kill us like five times the entire night...)

So that was my weekend :) And now it's Sunday, so I'm with family again, trying to ignore the sweltering heat, and cleaning up the crap on my computer. (Phew.)
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Just got the email telling me that my 1739 public entries on LJ have been made friends-only.

I changed the latest one to be public, and that's it.

I thought I'd be sadder, but I guess I've had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Like most other things in my life (it seems), I'd managed to put it off long past the time it was obvious it needed to be done.

(Long slow breakups that just fade away into nothing, yup that's me.)

(okay, a wee bit of sentimentality: I'm imagining that I just tucked my LJ journal in under covers, closed the lights, and wished it a good night)
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I'm cleaning up my friends list, but only to remove abandoned journals, for people with multiple journals.

If I delete real-you by accident, let me know!
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I was going through my list of script suggestions, trying to move them over to a more organized list, and I've realized I promised a *lot*, but given the way things stand, I won't be doing most of them.

It's probably not a big deal at this point, since most have been standing so long, they've been forgotten! But if there's anything you asked for before, and still haven't forgotten about/still do want, poke me so I can move it to a todo list I'm actively looking at, rather than let the idea molder (and die).


GM Scripts move

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 11:04 pm
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I've moved over my scripts to my site (after months of putting it off. Thank you, [ profile] ciaran_h for hosting them this past year <3).

Old site:
(redirects to)
New site:

I also spent some time cleaning up naming conventions and namespaces. These changes break all old direct links to scripts, and may prevent many scripts from being recognized as the same script if you have to reinstall for any reason (which means duplicate scripts in the list, or preferences not carrying over).

But this is the last time I'm doing something like this, and it won't cause any problems for any scripts newly installed or written from this point forward. (And should not cause problems for the majority of existing scripts, either).

The best part about reorganizing is that I've managed to consolidate new scripts and script updates which had previously been scattered across three different sites! And some of these scripts weren't linked to from anywhere else, so it was all a mess.

It feels good to have them all neatly referred to from one location. This page will likely remain more updated than my account :-)

I've announced most of my scripts before, but I think LJ Search Defaults was only done through PM, and the autocomplete for the taglister hadn't gone public before. Some others I brought up in IRC, but might not have brought up in an entry or added to the old site.

Anyway, take a look if you're interested! It's all red and white now, too: here be scripts

All changes can be tracked with, though that includes the website updates as's possible to track individual scripts by going to (note ending "?"), which I should mention, but I'm too lazy to add a link beside each script at the moment:
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I always wondered why my ahia's closet, which he passed on to me when we reshuffled rooms oh, about ten years ago, had that ugly landscape poster on it. It turns out it was covering the area where I and ahia and shoti recorded our growth with permanent marker. All of the marks are from late 1993.

I'm currently prying the stapler wires out of the wall with a pair of pliers. Afraid I'll get cut by a rusty one.
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Dedicating this Saturday to throwing out crap from my grade school/high school days.

Starting with the pink drawer in the corner, where there's a leak, so most of the stuff is probably moldy and unrecoverable. I can't keep them around any more, but that doesn't mean I don't want to remember them.

cut for length, lists, rambling, and a bit of my first almost-relationship )

Cleaning up

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 04:55 am
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Just threw four years' worth of notes mixed in with almost ten years' worth of accumulated junk. Weighed them all outside, and it came out to a bit more than 25 kilograms. Still have a lot more to sort out, but I've reduced the piles at the foot of my bed and for the first time in years, I can stretch out fully instead of having to curl up slightly to avoid accidentally kicking away stuff in my sleep.

(I am a slob, okay? :P)

(I did keep notes from a few subjects that were dear to my heart.)