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- Wondering what it would take to make a simple iPhone client to catch up to my reading list with ReadItLater integration ([personal profile] exor674 has the Android client well in hand so I'm not going there!)

It took me a week and a half to download 4.33 GB... and then the download failed and now it says it'll take me another 15 days to start from scratch D:

+ update page, chugga chugga chugga

+ a surprise, but I don't want to say anything about it until it's ready (more chugga chugga chugga)

+ getting the dog groomed, so he no longer looks like a rat with a mop on its head :-)

- dog's vet called reminding us that their vaccinations need to be renewed, but I don't feel comfortable with this guy because he doesn't seem to know how to handle the dogs properly...

+ dropped by Zentea again, tried out their almond milk tea (mmm). The naicha is still better, but this is good 'nuff

+ lots of mangoes and singkamas. SUMMER IS HERE

- perhaps too many mangoes; mom bought two kaing (big baskets) worth, at 60-80 pieces in each... :D

+ but this means that we can have mango float / refrigerator cake (layers of mango slices + cream + graham crackers, leave in the refrigerator for a couple hours so that the cream soaks into the graham, serve cold)

+ getting to sit down and talk with someone local who loves knitting, who is close to my age!

- only because she's moving to another country for a couple years and needs to sell off her current yarn stash

+ (from the perspective of my stash) buying said yarn stash off her hands
- (from the perspective of my wallet) buying said yarn stash off her hands

+ she's lending me all her knitting books while she's away! (needs someone to keep them who'll take care of them since they're too heavy for her to lug everything across an ocean)

+ she also recced the Fully Booked in Fort which has a full shelf worth of knitting / crochet / sewing books *_*

- having to leave behind some of said books because of budget

- having to drive at night on EDSA

+ overcoming my fear of driving at night

+ overcoming my fear of driving on EDSA (main thoroughfare)

+ remembering to gas up the car yesterday so I don't have to deal with it today

+ making plans to meet up with friends for merienda or lunch (some time in the future)

+ family stuff

- other family stuff

I believe that all leaves me ahead by a couple thousand ;-)

Busy Busy Week

Sunday, January 9th, 2011 12:15 am
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This week I:

* helped my sister's boyfriend with his website, earned pizza. It's a good deal, since I'm not actually doing much work/design. Just need to point him in the right direction when he gets stuck, and he takes it from there. Also, he doesn't take it out on me when he gets frustrated by technology, unlike most people I help (most people I help only once).

* went out to watch RPG Metanoia with friends on the last day of the Manila Film Festival. RPG Metanoia is the first 3D fully-animated Philippine film. I still can't tell if they're boasting about it using 3D-glasses technology, or if they're boasting about it being entirely in CGI. Maybe both!

It apparently took five years to make, and it is so Philippine-flavored I am ahahahhahaha :)

more about the movie )

* went out with my friend J to a factory outlet for skin care products. Stuff I usually find at PHP 800 branded, is less than a hundred here. Possibly a bit smaller, but not eight times smaller! So I'm trying it out and I hope that the quality is okay. (Supposedly, this store supplies many of the derma clinics, so!)

Dropped by SaveMore to pick up crackers for if some random person knocks on my car window. Somehow ended up buying baking chocolates and honey.

We ended up along T Morato and randomly picked Sentosa, a new Singaporean Chinese restaurant, for dinner. It's so new, it hasn't even officially opened yet, ahaha :) So we got a ten percent discount. Win!

Sentosa is pretty good. We ordered the xiao long pao (a bit smaller than I'm used to, but xiao long pao is usually so heavy, this was a welcome change), pad thai, and fried catfish with tamarind sauce.

And then next door to Dezaato Pan for some ice cream that tastes like Ferrero Rocher. Along the way, we talked about medicine, food, and then somehow the topic of fat shaming came up. LET ME JUST SAY I am relieved at how well that conversation went.

Now we're just hanging out, trying not to fall asleep, and looking at local coupon (groupon?) sites, so we can plan our next outing together :D

(no subject)

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 02:12 pm
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I've been pretty stoked about the SitePoint promos, and their most recent time-limited promo was pretty good, containing a couple of CSS books I have heard promising things about so I ordered it through their site. I got a receipt but it appears my order didn't go through, so I fired off an email, thinking it was just a glitch.

Turns out that the Philippines is marked by WorldPay as high-risk for fraud, so they can't process my order unless I use PayPal (which I won't use unless absolutely necessary because I don't like their policies), or I send them some kind of paperwork or something.n

They are being very professional about this, understand. They have assured me that I won't run into any issues with the time-limit on the promo because it's not my fault, and it's nothing personal etc etc. I sympathize with their needing to protect their business; after clearing my mind, I will probably even be able to appreciate it. But right now I can't help but feel humiliated and I need to walk away from the computer for a couple of hours before I can dive in and try to sort it all out.

Perfect timing though: I was checking out a boxing gym near home yesterday; now seems a good time to try it out :)

Another link

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 06:24 pm
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This was supposed to go in the previous entry, but then I realized that the entry was locked. It's public now, though, so! *g*

From [community profile] doesanyoneelse:

Does anyone else enjoy odd flavor pairings?

I've commented with my own sweet-savory combination: french fries + soft serve ice cream. There's a bunch of other interesting combinations* mentioned there as well!


Also, I spent a chunk of today cleaning out the freezer. We are horrible at keeping it clean. The frozen foods that were a month over the "best by" date we still judged okay. The frozen raspberries and blueberries that had a best by date of six months ago, I turned into a shake. The restaurant leftovers from the beginning of July, the can of yeast that expired three years ago, the jar of plum sauce that expired five years ago? I threw away.

And on one of the magnets on the outside, I saw a tiny wasp's nest O_o We are horrible horrible horrible at noticing these things.


Things that give me hope: the government started celebrating the end of Ramadan as a national holiday. First year they started, a bunch of people were all like "O_o why is Ramadan a national holiday? Isn't it only relevant for Muslims down south?"

And this year, at least among people I know, it's a lot more matter of fact: "Oh, September 10? End of Ramadan? K."


I wish to learn colorwork, so I picked up the Maze beanie pattern (requires Ravelry account). Researched fair isle knitting, studied the video over at, tried to figure out what this "wrapping" thing was for the yarn you're carrying is all about (and how I might be able to do it! I haven't seen any instructions for my chosen technique -- continental with both strands held on the left hand)... and about two stitches into the color part of the pattern, I realized that you only need to carry one strand of yarn per row for this pattern. Dur.

I shall figure out fair isle one of these days, I swear! (Or well, any kind of stranded color knitting that works in the round ;-))


I spent some time last night queuing up Ravelry patterns. So many adorable hats :D I found a beanie with pi on it, and an illusion Linux scarf. And also so many pretty shawl patterns *___* Oh to have the time to do them all.


I am trying to figure out Christmas knitting. I want to give something to at least one person in my family, but who, and what? Hm. (Also want to send things to people overseas. Not all for Christmas, either -- some of my closest friends don't celebrate Christmas for one thing!)


While chatting with [personal profile] aveleh, I said, "I finished a lace scarf!" What I meant to actually type was "I found a Linux scarf!". Hey, correct every other word isn't so bad!


I meant to type something else here, but I've forgotten what :D
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The census taker came by earlier this week, and I managed to discreetly ask to note down my religion as "none", instead of the assumed Roman Catholic. The census taker gave me this weird look, and asked to make sure she hadn't misheard, but otherwise noted it down with no protest.

I'm still culturally catholic, but I'd like to approach religion on my own terms, not just as something I was raised with, and don't believe in.

I feel good about having a tiny official note somewhere, saying that I'm not catholic. I don't think proud is appropriate for how I feel, because it's much less in-your-face than that. But: relaxed; not misrepresenting myself; not misrepresented. Yeah :)

(My mom would be disappointed if she knew that thirteen years of catholic education just managed to drive me away from religion, but I've always known/she's always suspected. The only thing that's changed is maybe I'm contributing to statistics which says that not everyone in the Philippines is Catholic -- and I know it is possible for good catholics to not agree with everything the Church says, but that's not where I am.

Also, we have Muslims, and we have many religious minorities, but somehow everyone seems to still believe that the Philippines is still 98% Catholic. I guess one person subtracted from the list is a tiny thing, but I no longer want to be miscounted through my own apathy.)
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I haven't been talking about OSCON/US plans much, because I've been worried that I wouldn't be able to get a passport in time, but we managed to wrangle a special appointment (which was today), and I got up in time (which meant up at 6:30, and you know me that's more likely the time I go to bed to go to bed than the time I wake up :D), and the appointment wasn't cancelled (which... we'd been warned it might be).

SO now one crappy id picture (I have only once ever taken a good id picture, and that was on an id that I managed to lose shortly thereafter D:), and a bit over a thousand pesos later, my passport is renewed! I just need to wait like ten days, which is plenty of time.

So, um, I will see you folks?

♥ ♥ ♥

Another side

Monday, May 10th, 2010 11:11 pm
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I've been thinking a lot about how Australia is different from the Philippines in ways that I could not imagine before I actually started staying here. As a tourist, of course I noticed things like how clean the cities were, how green the cities were, how nice various things are, but living in [personal profile] rb's house for the past three days has opened up an entirely different perspective.

This is split off from my previous entry because the mood is entirely different. Three things make an entry, yeah?

convenience matters; small easings can have a disproportionately large effect )

first world problems from the other side )

half-formed idea: how the guarantee of quality is what separates a developed country from the developing )
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Hmm, apparently I need to check Meralco's website for when the (thus-far) daily rolling blackout is about to hit my area, so I can schedule a break or non-internet-reliant work stuff then.

I shouldn't be offline for more than an hour or two, but if it's going to happen every day, then I'd better figure out something to do with that time!
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Attending a government-mandated drug abuse seminar.

I feel like I should take this seriously, but I can't get past the ominous background music to focus on the message.


Ah, and suddenly background music turns inspiring. We're in the section of the video where we talk about God's supernatural healing power. I'm not sure why I'm surprised at the sudden turn but I am.

I am twitchy because it's the *government* pushing religion, not just some random private institution. I'm used to moral and religious lessons in videos (catholic schoolgirl for 13 years!), but I always half-expect better from the government. Despite all the evidence, I tend to forget we don't actually have any formal separation of church and state here.

On the other hand! One thing I've been excited about is that the Department of Health recently stood up against the church, and is continuing its program to give out condoms and to educate people properly about AIDS. But that is getting off topic (I just needed to wave a tiny *go brave public officials* flag for a moment)
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Spent about half an hour going through the different options, trying to figure out how to get a live human being. Eventually I won through (wooohoo!). And now, in case I wake up tomorrow having forgotten, the cheat code is:

up up down down left right left right b a start

1 - (HSBC, not HSBC Banking)
2 - (credit card, not loan applications or whatever)
# - (don't input credit card number)
4 - (other card services -- which didn't have any indication that there would be a person on the line!)
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Or why units matter:

google search result stating 'New iPod touch now starts at $11490'

(11,490 pesos is about 250 USD; 11490 USD is about 540,000 pesos -- enough to buy a car!)
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Pacquiao/Cotto fight today, and boxing fever is (predictably) sweeping the nation. Almost everyone I know is either watching the fight live (in a paid venue), or setting aside TV time for the replay in a couple of hours.

I've been spoiled for all previous fights so far; have my cellphone on silent, am ignoring Twitter, and I am hoping that this time I don't find out early.
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via hatman on kiva

there's a blogger out there who has pledged $5 in Kiva loans to the Philippines for every comment on this blog.

I'm leaving a comment right now :)

(Thanks [personal profile] foxfirefey for pointing me to the entry!)
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By coincidence, I saw two videos today that mentioned the Philippines. I feel a strange jolt of recognition every time I hear my country's name mentioned. It doesn't happen often -- it is very strange that it happened twice today! -- and most of the time it's unflattering, but every time I hear someone on a show say the words "the Philippines", my focus shifts entirely to the next few words.

(It's like being in a crowded room, not really paying attention to your surroundings, and suddenly someone says your name -- that feeling).

Anyway, second instance was in a youtube video, a throwaway line about sending money. And first instance was in Dexter, a throwaway line about the Philippines not having an extradition treaty with the US, which, oops.

context, some slight politics )

I all but yelled and pointed to my monitor when I heard that line. It was a huge moment of dissonance, and it spoiled the rest of the scene (like a fart in the middle of church service), which is sad, because it had been a pretty dramatic scene until then.

It is disorienting to be reminded that this country I live in, which is very real to me, is only an exotic place to some TV producers many people. Maybe worse: it's just a convenient name.

Same old

Monday, October 12th, 2009 02:45 pm
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The reproductive health bill in the Philippines has just been shot down by Congress. Wish I could say I was shocked or disappointed, but I'm not -- just frustrated.

It pains me to look around, and see things that are taken as basic facts of life in other countries get repeatedly shot down here because "no good Catholic would ever want that". I am not religious, but I would still like to believe that I have a place in my country, somehow. (But sometimes it feels that maybe that's wrong).
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It seems every conversation I've had these past two days has gone like this:

A: How are you guys? Were you guys flooded?
B: We weren't / We were just a bit / We were, but it's now at least only knee-high so we can begin cleaning up. You? How are you guys?
A: Our area was flooded, but our house wasn't luckily.
*exchange of good wishes*

OR like this:

B: Wow, the sky is dark. Heard another storm is coming...
A: Yeah. I'm worried (flood / wind / garbage / government / relief efforts )
B: Yeah. (flood / wind / garbage / government / relief efforts )

There is another storm coming (there are three storms coming, and the winds from the first are strong enough that it's being called a super typhoon). I'm worried, but hopeful that my worry is unfounded. But then, I keep going back to being worried.

As well, the part of my brain that is not busy worrying finds it inappropriately hilarious that talking about the weather is such a serious thing right now.

I have been pitching in with the relief efforts to stave off my feelings of frustrated helplessness. Spent Monday and Tuesday at Ateneo, but from all reports, and from my own experience, Ateneo has gathered plenty of willing hands, while other places are not so lucky, so I'm heading to Pioneer tonight along with a couple of officemates; and maybe I can do stuff there.

And with regard to helping out, I'm trying to figure out how to explain this, and I keep rewriting this section, because it doesn't come out right, but here I go:

Right now, I feel like my family has been lucky that I got through the typhoon virtually unscathed. And then I also look around, and see that's not the case for everyone, and then I look around more, and I see that there are places I can help so I try to. And it's not because I'm a good person, or magis (men and women for others), or being god's hand, or whatever it is I'm supposed to be feeling; it's because someone needs help -- lots of people need help, and my hands are as good as anyone to get that help to them... somehow.

I dunno. It's a very strange time I find myself in right now.
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I'm reading my entry from yesterday, and wincing at how oblivious I was. The metro floods practically every time there is a strong rain; usually we just shrug it off, grumble about how our government is wasting our money, and sit tight for the next set of rains. So yesterday, I didn't think to question my assumption that things were the same as usual, and no worse.

After the internet and power cut off last night, I spent the evening relaxing, knowing that everyone in my family was safe. And now that I'm re-connected and aware how many were not safe, I feel frustrated and antsy (it is times like these that I really wish I knew how to drive, instead of relying on other people)

Mmm, I'm at my grandpa's place right now (we dropped by to make sure he's okay. He was safer than we were -- his condo is on the tenth floor, and he has a generator so he even had electricity last night, but it still feels good to be back in touch).

link-gathering post relevant to the floods

Old money pics

Monday, July 7th, 2008 01:11 am
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Finally got around to scanning in/tagging/annotating the old bills we found late last year.

[ profile] lady_angelina, especially, may want to see the old money pics.

I am particularly proud of this one of a five-peso bill which I annotated the hEll out of ;-)
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I was talking to [ profile] pauamma, and I mentioned that I tend to be more comfortable writing English, but speaking Filipino. He asked me if that was common -- I realized that I have no idea! So:

Filipino or English? Which do you use when... (a poll) )

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 12:52 pm
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Today is Ash Wednesday. Hard to miss all the people coming at me with gritty gray crosses on their foreheads.

I used to think that the ash was made from cremated dead people, but I still didn't mind when they made us line up once a year in school and get it smudged onto our foreheads. However, I tried to keep it on my forehead as long as possible (out of respect?), and I couldn't bring myself to touch it because, ew, dead people remains.

But on my forehead was fine.