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So uh I had a checkup earlier today, and the doctor ended by asking what religion I practiced. When I tried to avoid answering she inferred that I was atheist/agnostic and proceeded to give me a 10-minute lecture on the history of religions (and why god is important and why I should choose Christianity/Catholicism over any of the other major world religions)

The worst part is I could only smile and nod because she knows my family :|

I don't know why this happens to me! Though nothing can ever beat the time my then-gynecologist told me I should get the HPV vaccine just in case "though I'm sure you don't need it *giggle* because you're a good catholic girl and you wouldn't let anyone touch your holy of holies *giggle* Like the Virgin Mary *giggle*"

Trauma psychic trauma ;_;
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Ummm. I was ranting to someone over how I'm sick of being mistaken for a kid, and they pointed out that one reason is that my voice is very soft -- and that I sound younger when speaking in Filipino than I do when speaking in English.

Mas malambing kasi ako sa Filipino (more... soft? gentle? cuddly? when I'm speaking in Filipino)

And I'm feeling a bit asdfghhhhh I did not realize that was even going on. I mean of course the accent is different, but I didn't realize just how much that does actually affect tone ahaha.

Anyway, I recorded a couple short clips of myself speaking JUST BECAUSE:


PS. Ugh at some point I'm going to have to figure out how to sound more mature. That day is not yet today, I can't deal with it right now but AT SOME POINT YEAH.
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Every time I get invited to something (assuming it's not completely spam), I say yes.

So far, I've attended a couple tech events which were okay.

I've started hooping, which has led me to discovering a group of people within that community who a) are interested in coding for fun b) are interested in the arduino c) know a local(!!!!) supplier for arduino/raspberry pi/suchlike. I'm terrified of hacking on electronics btw, but perhaps starting to inch towards interest with this group of people.

I've hooped in public, even. In front of strangers.

I've learned that a.) hooping will bruise and b.) how to bruise just a bit less.

I've been included in an ad for TV(??), among a group of ~ 20 strangers. (v. brief, anonymous crowd shot)

I've signed up for calligraphy classes for pointed nibs (ooops).

I'm considering doing a 30-day challenge. I considered 100-day, but I've upcoming travel which will interfere. Buuuut man. This saying yes is paying off

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Sunday, December 4th, 2011 01:59 am
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I'm tempted to dye my hair either a stark black, blue-ish to get a nice halo effect in the sun, or a dark warm auburn thing for, well, warmth. Sadly, I don't think all three will work at the same time!

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Friday, November 18th, 2011 03:53 pm
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I accidentally left my bag, containing my phone and iPad, in the car. They're perfectly safe, but I can't get them until my mom gets home.

So, my very first thought is: "oh my iPad is gone. I should whip it out and tweet about how I feel lost and unable to catch up to Twitter without it*

*irreconcilable dork*
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I love tea, and I have a couple containers of loose-leaf lying around somewhere, but I generally forget to drink it because we don't have a teapot, so it's very fussy to boil water in a pot and then pour it into a glass to steep, and then do that again once the single mug is gone.

But uh. Apparently we have a tea ball, which I found in box of post-its, and it is so much easier to use, frankly it makes me happy to a ridiculous level :)

(It just occurred to me that I could have used the hot water dispenser with the loose-leaf, but!)

SO ANYWAY. I have a stomach full of warm tea, a list of things to do, and a calm, relaxed sense of well being. Tea is awesome.

My grandpa wanted to spend some time out of the city, so we (grandpa, me, cousin, aunt) went to Subic over the weekend. Sadly it rained, which meant we had to forego a lot of the things we wanted to do, so the weekend was boring, but it was boring in a stress-free chill kind of way. That's okay. (In fact, that's very okay)

Also okay: we found a restaurant that serves an excellent fried shrimp dish with salt and pepper. Excellent I say :)

Ummmm. I did get to drape my arm over a tiger, though, so uh yay? It was two years old and kinda big but mostly it ignored us. So I wasn't terrified, but there was no way I was going to move my hand off of where the trainer put it.

Oh! And I borrowed my brother's camera, which beats my crappy phone camera, so theoretically should have been able to get decent shots. Unfortunately, I didn't really know how to compensate for blurring under low light conditions. I had to immediately throw away two-thirds of my shots because they were blurry; that leaves me some 250-odd to go through for quality. Still better than my old record which is taking two shots early in the day, then forgetting to get any later on.

Cameras are fun! Having been able to take photos on this trip makes me want to splurge on a phone with a better camera. I mean it won't be any kind of DSLR, but it should get me to near enough point-and-shoot that I'll be able to take photos on a whim (currently, whims are broken by the fact that the camera on my phone takes forever to load and doesn't really take good pics besides). Bonus: with the right app, I can just upload and share the pics as I take them, rather than having to remember to sync from the camera and organize and etc (...currently Flickr crashes on my phone when I try to upload. Another point for getting a new phone)

Currently my options are the iPhone 4S, and, well, the iPhone 4S. I've thought about trying out Android, but honestly I can't be bothered to wade into the ios-vs-android religious wars long enough to find a review that'll influence my decision either way.

Also, speaking of DSLRs, it turns out that if you turn the zoom level way up, that can aggravate blurriness in low-light, especially if you accidentally turn off image stabilization. Even the very best technology can't help a person who's determined to shoot themselves in the foot /o\

Also, also, I am tempted to tweak the default Tags module location so it's the first thing that comes after the entry, rather than the icon, but maybe that's too big a change now. Hm.
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Nice things that have been happening lately:

  • I've discovered liquid eyeliner.

    I've learned to put on just a thin line along my upper lashline (it just takes a few seconds whoa), and the definition makes my eyes stand pop, but in a very subtle way that doesn't make it obvious I have makeup on. I love the way it looks. And so, for the first time, I own eyeliner ;) I even own two: one basic black and one sort of dark iridescent gray.

    So awesoooooome.

    Still haven't figured out eyeshadow :)

  • I recently realized that makeup is a way to hack my physical appearance, and that's turned it from an annoying thing that I couldn't understand to being a fun puzzle. Combination! colors! non-obvious but effective hacks!

  • I lost my USB but my mom had a spare 32GB which was way more capacity than my old one (also 32gb usb? and 4gb USBs are now cheap? technology is weird and also awesome)

  • I really love our users ;_; Damn, but I could just cry.

  • I also really love our sysads <3 They make me do the opposite of cry :)

  • I fell in love with the idea of a second monitor when I tried my brother's setup (had guests, long story short). Now that I've moved back into my room, I've been missing the ease of use -- code / logs on one screen, browser on the other, I'm just...

    incoherent. I'm incoherent. okay.

    So anyway, I made myself get over my stinginess and buy a secondary monitor because it'd be worth it and okay I just steeled myself for a massive wave of buyer's remorse, but you know what? the monitor is awesome, and the setup is fantastic and I can afford it and while it's a bit of a luxury, it's really helpful in my line of work. And so, it's worth what I spent, yay.

  • internet is stable! and my ISP finally upgraded wiring in our area, so it's even fast now :)

  • I've been knitting socks of my own design

    I feel a bit weird saying I designed it, when it's just a stitch pattern I chose out of a book, super-imposed upon a basic sock template, and surely design must be more than that? but it feels like mine, and I did choose which pattern would go with the self-striping socks, and I am making decisions for how the pattern will shift when I get to the leg, and I've had to undo it thrice already because I decided to do something differently from before, so I guess that it is turning out to be my design after all ♥

  • And I had a hot stone massage the other day with a friend who I haven't talked to in ages and \o/

  • my aunt visited from the US, and it was a nice visit (she's a fantastic person, really generous and warm. And she knits!). She's gone home now, and it's also nice to have some space and privacy back. So all good

  • I finished knitting a sweater! My first thing with sleeves. I'm excited to try it on post-blocking, just haven't had the time, but oh it's there calling to me :)

(And then there's a bunch that's not so nice but the good is overwhelming the bad at this point in my life. That is good)

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 11:15 pm
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Had a breakthrough tonight with Charlie and Moe! (Charlie is the old dog and Moe is the new puppy). Charlie is very territorial and jealous: great watchdog, not so good when it comes to new people and puppies, so we haven't been able to leave the two in the same room together.

We've been trying to introduce the two of them in low-stress ways -- walks together (with two different people), sniff-meetings through a baby gate, that kind of thing, but just the sight of Moe was enough to set Charlie off, so that hadn't been going as well as we'd hoped.

But then! Today Charlie and Moe were sniffing at each other through the baby gate and for once Charlie seemed reasonably calm, so I unlatched the gate between them, trying my best to act and sound slow and calm and normal-sounding and unstressed. And instead of trying to take Moe to the ground with his jaws, Charlie sniffed at Moe warily \o/

There was some growling and some chasing, and some posturing, with none of the aggression of before; I hung out in the area reading a book, again trying to exude calm and this-is-all-normal-carry-on-darlings, and I am quite happy with how it's turned out.

Charlie is bullying Moe quite a bit (poor puppy), but in a way that as far as I can tell is perfectly normal: that is, sniffing at, looming over, some barking. Moe meanwhile is alternating between lying down and yelping back. But it's all... I mean it's mostly mock-fighting rather than real fighting, and with some actual play in it. So. They're sorting things out, and as long as no one gets hurt I won't step in.

We're still not allowing them together without any humans in the area close by though! Not after what's happened in all their previous encounters.

(I'm so happy \o/ I love Charlie, and I love how loyal he is, but I was worried his protectiveness meant he would never accept Moe and now I have hope \o/ \o/ \o/)

I've also been having breakthroughs with cooking:

We put out a bowl of lettuce on the table with every meal, in addition to the "normal" cooked vegetables. Now when I say bowl of lettuce, I really do mean bowl of lettuce. No dressing, no salad fixings: just you know, a bowl of plain lettuce.

And I'm sick and tired of it -- in fact I'm sick and tired of a lot of things about food in this house. I mean to post about it at some point (that one I'll put under a cut). But while I was watching MasterChef, it struck me that we have ingredients in this house, hey? And I can use those ingredients to turn that bowl of lettuce into salad \o/

At first I insisted on calling what I did experiments, but now I'm forcing myself to acknowledge that vegetables tossed together with (sometimes) a dressing can too be properly called a salad, even if it's something I thought up myself.

I've been playing around with combinations of grated carrots, sliced almonds, and longgans (I don't know what these are in English, but if you translate literally from Chinese, then these are "dragon's eyes" :D)

For dressing I usually try one that [personal profile] pauamma taught me. The original recipe called for half an orange, two limes, and some raw garlic. There's no way to get limes here but I've recently found out that dayap tastes pretty similar! Calamansi kind of works, but I think I'll need to rethink the proportions since it's not as light tasting as lime.

I've also learned that you can make vinaigrette at home o_o I thought you needed a fancy machine but no, a vinaigrette is just acid + oil, basically. So far I've tried one with balsamic vinegar / olive oil / honey vinaigrette. I will poke around a bit to see what else I can do :D

OH oh and grilled tomatoes sprinkled with thyme and cheese works perfectly fine with lettuce. I consider that one a success as well.

Tonight I decided to go a bit fancy and aim for a kani mango salad.

Kani doesn't taste anything like crab, but as long as I think of it as fake crab rather than expecting anything crablike from it, it and I get along perfectly fine.

Mango we have a lot of \o/ because it's still mango season \o/ The best thing about mango is that after you slice off both cheeks to use in the salad, you can save the flesh clinging to the seed for dessert. There's nothing quite like cleaning all the flesh off a mango seed completely for sheer enjoyment of food *_*

And yeah, tossed it all together -- restaurants usually add Japanese mayonnaise, but though I prefer the sweetness of Japanese mayo over regular mayo, I don't really like mayo in general. The only thing I like mayo on are tuna salad sandwiches. Well maybe chicken salad sandwiches but that's a big maybe >_>

So anyway, yes, food. And yes watching shows that talk about food in a passionate and loving way :D

I need to see whether the Junior Masterchef Philippines edition is any good >_> I want to get ideas from somewhere local, so I can use local ingredients like oooh calamansi, stuff that would never end up on a foreign cooking show.

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My 'net connection has been erratic the past couple of months: it would slow down and lose packets, but a restart of the modem generally fixed it. However, this last couple weeks it's been terrible! Ping response times reaching over 2000ms when it's normally just 200ms; lots of packets being dropped on the floor (I got 70% once on a not-so-painful day...);

* many calls to our DSL provider
* them fixing something on their end, which helped a tiny bit
* getting an AVR for the modem
* telling the DSL provider that no we are not interested in upgrading because no it's not a bandwidth issue: the connection is okay when it works, it's just that it plain didn't work a lot of the time
* rewiring the phone line twice
* the DSL provider coming in this morning to tweak the last rewiring of the phone line (which had managed to kill our phone connection, not just the DSL -- no dial tone!)

I think we finally have it. Things are actually loading! the modem isn't dying! going to load media-heavy sites doesn't feel like I'm pulling teeth! it's like I'm connected again >.o I am crossing my fingers and hoping that my posting this doesn't jinx everything, but yes. More like this please.

If it stays stable, I want to upgrade our plan. It's a bit overdue for an upgrade anyway :) but it has to stay stable otherwise, ano kami, tanga (what are we, stupid)?

Anyway, I was studying their plans and right now they have: 1mbps, 3mbps, 5mbps up from 1mbps, 2mbps, 3mbps. :D We don't need the 5mbps, but I kinda want to up us to at least the middle plan (would appreciate people not telling me what you can get in your country; I really can't get much better here >_>)

DSL provider seems determined to pull defeat from the jaws of victory though; the worker who came in this morning fixed things, and then left without telling us he'd fixed things. *facepalm*

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Thursday, July 14th, 2011 12:31 am
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I have been trying out Plex as a media center, and I have been really happy with it! Basically before I started using Plex, I had to either sync to my laptop, or try to upload a show over wireless, which took over 10 minutes per show, and prevented me from watching any other shows while I was uploading.

Now as long as I'm on the wireless (which extends up to the dining area on a good day), I can watch my shows on my iPad from anywhere in the house. No hassle, that's pretty cool.

But then I found out that it was sharing my iPhoto library over the local network, and according to this forum post this is working as-designed. There's no way to turn it off, because the assumption is that if you're accessing your library from a local network you can be trusted. I don't mind this with movies, but personal photos are different.

Multi-computer households exist, damnit :-(

Luckily there's a workaround for this but ughhh. It feels icky to have everyone at home have unlimited access to my entire photo collection. I've gone from being squeefully happy to grudgingly glad that it works okay for movies/TV shows.


Monday, July 11th, 2011 05:55 pm
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Need to grab my camera and upload pics later, but for now, what is important is:

* home safe, did not miss my flight from Thailand to Manila (by a narrow margin, because I was so sleepy from the first flight, I sat at the wrong gate)

* have caught up to my read page and have half a bajillion tabs open to comment to later; really should have a link to transition to per-day reading if your account type supports it. I had to look it up in the code which not everyone can do...

* will probably nap before any commenting though. The jetlag is bouncing me up and down really hard. (Luckily it didn't hit anywhere close to this hard on the way out to the UK!)

* I love my ipad, but it feels really good to be back at my laptop again *_*
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There's certain questions I want to ask, but there's a huge thread going on in Ravelry right now that makes me feel a bit scared that if I do ask, people will look down on me for not being smart enough or else think I'm being too lazy to dig things up on my own /o\

The problem isn't that I can't figure out what to do, it's that I can see two different ways to do this thing, can think of a reason for having each be better than the other, and a third reason besides that basically means it doesn't matter which one I pick. And if I explain my thought process, maybe I'll come across as overthinking, or if I don't explain maybe I'll come across as under...thinking.

Guh social stuff /o\

So I'm promising myself that I'm going to stay away from the forums (except free pattern testers <3) and switch back to using Ravelry to keep track of my projects and stash. (<33 projects and stash pages)


I just finished a pair of fingerless gloves just in case I need them for the trip :D I am excited because it's cooooooold over there (though I get the impression that it's getting warm, or at least not chilly. But I'd prefer to overpack rather than underpack, assuming I don't break my suitcase trying to stuff everything in...)

I'm just, look okay , I'm completely ridiculous when it comes to cold weather. I LOVE IT and also I end up shivering uncontrollably because I overestimate my capacity to handle the cold. I feel that 25 degrees is nice: slightly chilly but nice, and anything below 23 degrees is for bundling up or hiding under a blanket. So, yeah scarves and vests and sweaters and... stuff. I will look ridiculous /o\ BUT AT LEAST I WILL BE WARM. (I hope)


I've been packed and ready to go for almost a week now. That's kinda amazing because I usually put off packing until the night before any trip :D

But then again I don't usually take trips that are over two weeks long on my own money and with everything planned by me....


SO NERVOUS IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY. Except for how I'm spending a lot of time grinning in anticipation. Four days! Or three plus travel time plus change.


I have withdrawn dollars and have converted some to pounds and my credit card company rushed me a card in the nick of time (who was careless and accidentally lost her credit card the week before she was leaving the country? THAT'S RIGHT). I've done some research (not all, there's still time for that later), and have a tentative plan for what to do with whom where and when ...assuming I didn't forget to get back to some people O_O I wouldn't be surprised if I did. Didn't? Planning is not my strong suit /o\ Neither is not losing things /o\ /o\


I intend to relax and enjoy this trip, treat it like a low-key meet-friends kinda thing rather than a stressful must-see-all-the-sights whirlwind tour. So um. ummmm (if applicable): HI






Geeeeeeh ;_;




I'm promising myself to only buy a couple balls of yarn from each country I'm in rather than trying to single-handedly bring the entire yarn inventory of the UK back home. :-D Since I only have limited luggage space and I'm on a budget, this should be an easy promise to keep.

(until I actually walk into the store. Then all bets are off)


Geez, I'm all ready to go, why can't the weekend be over yet? But also I'm nervous, and I'm kinda glad that there's still three more days to get ready.


I'm slightly anxious about customs. A friend of mine was telling me about how she was pulled aside while entering another country ( not England ) for a very pointed interview, because she was travelling alone while single, female, and holding a Philippine passport. (oh hi there)

I mean I'm almost certain that I'll have no issues -- there are so many other people going through customs every day, there's very little chance they'll have time for me, you know? Plus totally different country altogether, and also going to a different country is a privilege not a right so if necessary they do have the authority to turn anyone away blah blah blah it's not like anyone is guaranteed to be able to enter any other country: I'm not unique in that. It's just. I'm anxious.

What if I look suspicious? or say the wrong thing? or give the wrong impression? and get kicked out before I so much as even set foot outside the airport? What if I'm shifty-eyed or too I dunno. SUSPICIOUS. Whatever. eh. It's not going to happen (most likely!). I'm still anxious.

And there are the other things, but I like to pretend that they don't exist as considerations because if I think about them my head will explode I'll be so nervous I'll start looking more worthy of suspicion.


INSTEAD I will think about the other side! and getting past paperwork and bureaucracy! and being somewhere cold! and meeting friends! people! other friends! and concentrate on not losing my passport or my visa or my money or my credit cards or my clothes!

Just, stuff.


Suitcase is really heavy now, but a lot of that is stuff that I'll be giving folks when I get to the other side. I should be able to free up space and weight for the trip home :D


I love flying. I mean literally just everything about it, even the long lines at the airport and the ridiculously tight seats in the economy section. (It helps that I have really short legs). Just something about the whole process that I love *_* I go really hyper the day before a flight, and just before the flight too. Though thankfully not so much on the actual plane (other than grinning like an idiot and peering out the window even though I've seen similar things many other times before *G*). If I were as hyper on the plane as I am in the airport, they'd have probably kicked me out an emergency exit a long time ago >_>


I have one knitting project in my carry-on (an unstarted Noro scarf), half of another in my luggage (half-finished Clapotis), an iPad, a phone, Jim Hines' Goblin series (which I haven't started yet or even read any reviews about, but going off of his fairy tale princess series I think I'll like it).

I'm considering whether to bring along C. Valente's Palimpsest novel. On the one hand I do have plenty of ebooks so I shouldn't need to bring so many physical books. On the other, I have that ten-hour layover in Bangkok, and I don't remember if they have wall sockets for passengers to plug in there.

One weekend + one day + one travel day left...
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A few things, in random order:

A. Have been immersed in code to the point where I don't want to drag my thought-process out of it into English.

B. Am I even speaking English now? *thinks* yeah I guess I am

C. Basically, anything that doesn't end with a semi-colon isn't making much sense to me

D. I owe comments, like a lot of them. Like seriously a lot. I will try to catch up soon

E. I kinda love people. JUST SAYING.

F. I also kinda hate all paperwork. And bills. But mostly hate the bills because of the paperwork

G. My internet keeps going down o_o Good thing I have code to keep me company...

H. Hello iTunes-U! (When I can connect to you anyway)

I. Owe a commit run <3 Some good patches in there

J. Planning a trip is stressful. And fun. Also stressful. I owe comments about this as well <---- I will get back to you soon!

K. Like I guess most everyone else on Ravelry, I've started a Clapotis. Sock yarn, in a very pastel rainbow. Trying to decide whether that makes it good or bad.

L. I keep forgetting to eat meals >_< Good thing I have Doritos right here beside me.

M. I have plane tickets, as well as lodgings for London but not yet finalized anything else. Must get on that!

N. I just realized that I have what amounts to a 24-hour layover in the Thailand airport on the way home? Unless that's an hour and a half, not 25-and-a-half hours O_o I guess I should have paid more attention to that part of the trip.

O. I need sleep so I will good night ♥

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Monday, April 18th, 2011 01:31 am
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Went swimming today with my cousin. Oddly, I didn't feel tired at the pool, and my muscles weren't aching. But once I got out, I couldn't walk without wobbling. And for the next few hour (until I dragged myself up out of bed for dinner *G*) I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Have forgotten how good that feels :)

So now my cousin and I are thinking of doing dance classes. Got some vouchers for three days unlimited so we're taking a sampler plate approach: a bit of everything (so: hiphop, zumba (?), pole, belly... what in the world is belly hiphop? *puzzled*)

I'm curious, also excited, also I know that I'd be mortified to do any of this on my own, which is why it's great that I'm egging on my cousin and my cousin is egging me on.

I don't expect to be good at anything, but hopefully this should be fun! (If nothing else even if I'm the worst dancer in the class, my cousin is approximately as bad so we can be the worst together)
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- Wondering what it would take to make a simple iPhone client to catch up to my reading list with ReadItLater integration ([personal profile] exor674 has the Android client well in hand so I'm not going there!)

It took me a week and a half to download 4.33 GB... and then the download failed and now it says it'll take me another 15 days to start from scratch D:

+ update page, chugga chugga chugga

+ a surprise, but I don't want to say anything about it until it's ready (more chugga chugga chugga)

+ getting the dog groomed, so he no longer looks like a rat with a mop on its head :-)

- dog's vet called reminding us that their vaccinations need to be renewed, but I don't feel comfortable with this guy because he doesn't seem to know how to handle the dogs properly...

+ dropped by Zentea again, tried out their almond milk tea (mmm). The naicha is still better, but this is good 'nuff

+ lots of mangoes and singkamas. SUMMER IS HERE

- perhaps too many mangoes; mom bought two kaing (big baskets) worth, at 60-80 pieces in each... :D

+ but this means that we can have mango float / refrigerator cake (layers of mango slices + cream + graham crackers, leave in the refrigerator for a couple hours so that the cream soaks into the graham, serve cold)

+ getting to sit down and talk with someone local who loves knitting, who is close to my age!

- only because she's moving to another country for a couple years and needs to sell off her current yarn stash

+ (from the perspective of my stash) buying said yarn stash off her hands
- (from the perspective of my wallet) buying said yarn stash off her hands

+ she's lending me all her knitting books while she's away! (needs someone to keep them who'll take care of them since they're too heavy for her to lug everything across an ocean)

+ she also recced the Fully Booked in Fort which has a full shelf worth of knitting / crochet / sewing books *_*

- having to leave behind some of said books because of budget

- having to drive at night on EDSA

+ overcoming my fear of driving at night

+ overcoming my fear of driving on EDSA (main thoroughfare)

+ remembering to gas up the car yesterday so I don't have to deal with it today

+ making plans to meet up with friends for merienda or lunch (some time in the future)

+ family stuff

- other family stuff

I believe that all leaves me ahead by a couple thousand ;-)
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So my brother went to the beach for a long weekend with friends, and I forgot until my mom called me up frantically to see if I could get in contact with him before a hypothetical tsunami from the all-too-real Japan earthquake hit.

I checked Google Maps and the particular island he's on is way to the south, and is hidden behind a couple bigger landmasses to the east, which calmed me down a lot.

We finally managed to grab ahold of him through one of our friends. He's more annoyed than anything at our calls. I can sympathize! And hope that annoyance is the most that he'll have to worry about on his vacation *phew*

There's all this other stuff going on in the world and me -- well on a deeply personal level, I'm just really really glad that my brother didn't pick a more exposed beach.

ETA: Because I just realized some people have been worrying about me: My family and I (except for my brother) are on the west coast, and totally safe from. I hope that you and yours and everyone else you know is the same ♥

Paring down

Saturday, February 26th, 2011 03:48 pm
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I couldn't sleep last night, so I took Tabula Rasa Plain and pared it down the bare essentials -- used the wizard to remove all the modules, colored the content in shades of gray with some orange highlights, and made unobtrusive any controls and non-content-related links.

It's not written for sharing because it's here to satisfy some very personal quirks*, and so I can't be bothered to test it in other browsers.

* I need gray and no-distractions this week like I need food (but, all my food this week needs to have some red. It just is the way it is!)
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We decided to push forward with cleaning up our stuff. As usual, it's only my mom, my sister, and I who are cleaning. My dad and brother are not doing anything about it. *makes faces at them* Sometimes I wish they would take more responsibility for home stuff. They live here, too! But whatever.

We need to clean up about half a dozen areas, and decided to start with all the junk in the upstairs sala. We have a lot of I got to sixty before giving up. My sister went on and counted out (approximately) 138. That's probably three-fourths gigantic tupperware boxes, with the rest being slightly smaller cardboard boxes, or huge plastic sacks of... whatever. A lot of it is documents, which are going to be the hardest to sort through.

this is what we're up against )

Everyone in this family hoards, and it reaches a level of ridiculous that's just... um. Okay so today, among other things, I threw out a roll of calendars from 1969; receipts dating back to 1992; old newspapers; boxes that just contained empty boxes and plastic bags;

However, it's not all junk. We dug up a box of pictures, including some of my oldest sister at a Trek convention :D My oldest sister, my Atsi, introduced me and my older brother to sci-fi. She was also the one who sent us a steady supply, shipping back VHS tapes (ahahah :D) with recordings of ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:VOY. These days I could probably just hit up a torrent site, but back then there was no other way for me to see these shows. (A few years after my Atsi passed away, they showed a Filipino-dubbed version of DS9 on a local channel. I didn't follow it though. By then, I had seen many of the episodes in English).

By my Ditsi's calculations, If we each do one box a day, that's seven boxes a week each, or twenty-one boxes total, and we can be done in seven weeks (give or take half a week) -- just in time for my birthday ;-). I half expect us to fizzle out the way we usually do but OTOH we are better organized than we have ever been. Perhaps this time we will make it! *fistpump*

Or perhaps not. I went for it and did seven boxes today though. But that's low-hanging fruit :D We still have a couple more boxes of easy stuff (toys for example go directly in the donate pile), so I want to build up as much momentum as we can on those.

The hard boxes are going to be the stuff with my Atsi's and my Shoti's (little brother) stuff :( We have put off processing these boxes for years each, and thinking of opening those up and choosing what to keep and throwing away the rest is enough to cut into my jubilation.


ANYWAY, besides organizing the epic cleanup of our house, I am trying to organize my work habits. To that end I have bought office supplies (I love office supplies :D). Three whiteboards to supplement the two I already have, white board markers, and (the whiteboard having been so cheap that it didn't come with a frame or a ledge to put the markers on) blu tack to stick the whiteboards and the pens to the walls :D

I love this blu tack stuff. srsly.


Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 01:58 pm
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Oh maaan. This day is just not my right hand's day.

Moment of panic when I woke up and had shooting pains up my hand as soon as I moved my thumb. Went away after a few minutes, so it looks like maybe I just slept on my hand or slept in a wrong position or something.

Then while burning incense for Chinese New Year, I managed to flick ash all over my fingers. I haven't done that since I was a clumsy fifteen-year-old! I thought I was over those days but I guess not :x

And then I thoughtlessly opened the steamer where the siomai and dumplings were being heated, and scalded two fingers on my right hand in the cloud of steam.

Maybe my right hand got out of the wrong side of the bed! Or crossed a black cat. Or walked under a ladder. Eh.

I am glad I didn't volunteer to help with the "money" burning this year. Given the way my luck has been going, I would probably have singed a finger, or set my hair on fire or something. It's not money as in peso/dollar/whatever currency, BTW, but paper with the appropriate design folded into the appropriate shapes.

I wouldn't remember the first two incidents except for this third one. (What's that about things coming in threes? Oh right, superstition). I am really grateful for this burn ointment my mom has. I don't know what it is, but it's pearlescent, smells like menthol once applied, reduces the heat and swelling of any minor burn to a pleasant cool numbness, and it comes in a small jam jar.

...okay that last one is because we put it there for ease of use. I don't actually know what the original container looks like.

It occurs to me that some things I use strictly western medicine, some things I use strictly chinese medicine, some things it doesn't matter.

For stomach aches (and their messier cousins), sore throats, burns, menstrual issues, muscle aches*, I only trust the chinese medicine my mom uses.

* If Hirudoid counts as chinese medicine

For headaches, fever, colds, I rely on western medicine.

Less mundane stuff is probably western medicine, but I'd consult with my mom first just in case she knows something I don't.

My fingers feel okay when they're still, but they start tingling once I start typing, so I will lie low today. From experience, the ointment will have everything fine by tomorrow; I won't even have blisters to show for my lack of attention ;-)

home safe!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 01:49 pm
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I will be catching up on stuff that happened while I was away, but first I need to go to the hospital to visit my grandpa.

Nothing to panic about: it's $minor_thing that was caught early and he's just in for observation so it doesn't blow up into $major_thing, but I shall go and show him some of the pictures I took. Make kuwento there before I come back and try to type up stuff here.