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So it turns out that when I'm nervous, I end up organizing stuff. When I'm really nervous, and happen to have supplies on hand, I end up doing something like this:

needles )

Since I posted pics of my needles, I guess I should post some of my stash too! Or rather my stash containers :D I found these really nifty boxes: six partitions (removable partitions), each partition just about wide enough for two balls of yarn, about high enough for two layers of yarn, and coincidentally at the perfect size to be able to squeeze four such boxes under my bed (eight if I stack them two high, but I haven't needed to go past four yet...)

The hardware store is surprisingly good for finding useful stuff that can be adapted to crafts. So are bookstores/office supply stores.

Anyway, box/stash pics:
stash )

ETA: I just stumbled across the abuntant yarn blog via one of the Ravelry forums. Lots of good techniques I'm bookmarking for later.

BUT but look at their very first entry. So many boxes of yarn *_*