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So last week, I was relaxed and doing almost nothing at work.

This week, I've been to the client site every day so far, and again tomorrow, trying to get done deployment and assorted emergency bugfixes before I leave (incidentally, my last day of work comes just before the Holy Week four-day weekend).

This does not feel like a good plan! I feel like by all rights I should be doing nothing by now, because my successor would be doing everything while I oversee to make sure that he knows what he's doing. But uhhhh at least I left behind as detailed instructions as I thought polite. And some docs. And a couple of rambly emails spelling out some of the less obvious project structure (the messier parts which I'd inherited, eeek). And I sat down with my teammate and walked him through some of the more complicated stuff (including some messy bits which... I coded. eek) And so. Well. I did what I could, and I hope that things stay well as I leave.

BECAUSE I AM STARTING MY NEW JOB WITH DREAMWIDTH OH YES I AM. And I'm pretty stoked (Even if right now I'm too focused on my current job to really start planning for my new one).

I thought I was all ready to start the day after I left my old job, but I'm grateful for [staff profile] mark's and [staff profile] denise's advice to took the weekend off, because after the rush of putting out the last minute fires of this week, I'm looking forward to some brief downtime before bouncing back to full capacity.

Plans for the weekend include fixing up [personal profile] fu -- at least an icon *G*
Plans for next month? Many :)
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  • Got triggered in a horrible (and horribly embarrassing) way last night, so I hopped offline while I was still able, then took the night off for my sanity

  • On the good side, I managed to catch [personal profile] aveleh, [personal profile] pauamma, and [personal profile] idonotlikepeas online. It's been rare that I've been able to touch base with all three in the same evening

  • Timezones, and timezone differences suck! I am looking forward to starting on Dreamwidth officially. I'll be able to adjust my time to align with other people's peak times, if I need to, instead of trying to steal an hour of their time just before they head to bed, or staying up an extra three hours past midnight when I should be asleep because there is still dayjob the next day (it is embarrassingly obvious where my priorities lie *G*)

  • I have a lingering cold and a lingering aching shoulder. I consider this ample excuse for the next thing:

  • I left my bag with all my important things at home this morning. No cellphone, no wallet, no hard drive, no earphones, no key to my work locker (which contains my laptop), no house keys. It is scary how much of my life is in that one small black bag!

    I managed to borrow a spare set of keys, though, so at least I managed to set up my work laptop.

  • PS. I'm not really fuzzy-minded enough from the cold to actually be able to blame it for this

  • So far, QA has not found any big issues with my latest (last!) project. Since there's nothing I need to code for work, I've been spending my afternoons picking up tiny DW bugs. I feel less guilty picking up tiny bugs than more involved ones when I'm at my dayjob -- even now that there's really nothing else for me to do here. I can drop them any time in case I need to fix something for dayjob :-) (again, it is embarrassingly obvious where my priorities lie. But there is literally nothing for me to do, unless QA finds a bug, so I refuse to feel guilt)

  • Coding is therapeutic

  • So is going through [site community profile] dw_news and basking in the DW love in the comments.

  • Last night was a kickboxing night. I love kickboxing nights, especially when my trainer tells me that my punches are took weak, giving me permission to go wild. (He asked for it)

  • This evening, I plan to try out the track at Ultra, where I have never been. It should be fun *g* And I need to do something to work off my frustration at myself for what has been a really scatterbrained day.

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I have two patches on my dev laptop, ready for commit, but I can't because QA doesn't want to test those areas yet, not until Friday/Monday at least. I'd need to ask for permission to set up a new branch, so I can't save it there.

So. Two patches representing a week's worth of work that I don't want to repeat, and now I'm feeling that ominous creepy feeling up the back of my neck, like "there's no backup. Something may go wrong. Ack. Ack. Ack"

So. I have the patches stored in two separate files on my hard drive so I don't need to worry about anything overwriting. I've also stored them on my external just in case. And then uh. They're in a local mercurial repo in case I accidentally... snip the middle off one of the patches or something.

Bah, svn.

Work stuff

Thursday, February 4th, 2010 09:30 pm
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We're chasing a soft deadline at work; I thought we wouldn't make it, but somehow we managed to finish the bulk of it a day early, meaning that we still have tomorrow to do a couple of minor tweaks before handing it over to QA for testing. They'll undoubtedly turn up more issues, but at least the huge architectural things are finally done, so we're only going to go for bugfixes. (Then, we have another couple of weeks, this time chasing a hard deadline, but maybe I can gather up the energy to take this weekend to do the stuff I need to do).

I'm feeling mildly optimistic (optimistic enough that I'm not afraid to jinx things by posting this entry -- maybe that will jinx things instead?). Early night tonight, light day tomorrow, and then maybe I'll be able to schedule stuff around my dentist appointment on Saturday?
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I've spent the afternoon tracing a legacy data issue, which was preventing any changes on older records from being saved. It turns out that having a null value for an optlock in the database, causes a org.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException; I also saw javax.persistence.EntityNotFoundException in the logs.

Funny, this is the reverse of what most other people have run into -- most other people getting the EntityNotFoundException were doing so because they had an invalid id, and the fix for them was to make their id NULL.

In hindsight, it was to be expected. Would it be better behavior to instead handle this case more gracefully (treat null as a 0, instead of an exception)? I can't make up my mind. It would have made things easier for me, but it does seem rather an edge case, made possible only because we'd migrated old data into the system.
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Whoo! I took five of my nine remaining leaves, and so this is my last day of work for this year.


Half the office is already gone, left for their respective provinces and hometowns. I am one of a very few left, ahahhahahahaha.

(Christmas is a huge thing here, pretty much, so most everyone is gone for at least a week -- maybe two :-))
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The thing I hate most about drinking is that I can hear my heartbeat, but I can't hear my breathing. That freaks me out!

Anyway, company christmas party today. Theme party so I put on my best (worst) 80s attire. Bad hair, bad clothes, and (briefly) an awkward rubik's cube costume. Wheeeee. OH, and I danced. Whatever.

I asked for water, I got vodka sprite -- twice x_x

I think I am tipsy. TIPSY. Tipsy.

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Follow up to my previous entry on separating my identities

I am:

* transferring all my tech-related mailing lists to the email address under my real name, so that if I feel inclined to delurk, I can do so freely, and without feeling conflicted

* relaxing the separation between identities a bit. I still deliberately avoid linking afuna to my real name, so that the connection is not easily googleable, but I'm also not going to worry too much if I slip up occasionally

* for now, keeping all my Dreamwidth and greasemonkey-related development on afuna, and all other development under my real name. There are some considerations re: opportunities and etc that may make me change my mind, but this seems best until I've made a final decision

I've decided against setting up yet another pseudonym which I would have linked to my real name, but just barely (I used to half-seriously think about setting up another layer of pseudonym to put all my RL accounts under and not hide the link between that pseudonym and my RL identity at all. And that way, I could have my public-facing nick, behind which would be my RL identity, and serving as a buffer against anyone inadvertently poking through multiple layers of identity*, then anything under "afuna" would be doubly separated and very far and away**. I only gave up that idea because names are hard

* I do not think anyone actually cares, but there is the process of making casual connections, etc...

** and that is simpler than my original plan of having a more plausible real-name-type-name behind "afuna" to serve as yet another buffer (Jane Doe! Mary Smith! Candy Fifth Avenue. YOU KNOW). I never actually got around to it, because a bunch of my schoolmates dug out my online identity (And hi you know who you are o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/)

Zero bugs!

Friday, November 20th, 2009 11:26 am
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We are down to zero bugs filed in the issue tracker for my current project. The last bug, I closed by dint of poking at it, saying, "hey I can't reproduce", and getting the bug reporter to agree that yep, it wasn't happening any more.

I love it when that happens.

Unholy lovechild

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 05:44 pm
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These past two days, I have been working on a bug that was supposed to be straightforward, and it was! But in testing, I kept getting unexpected results for specific cases, so I poked further, and then just a bit more, and then a whole lot further, until I basically dug myself into a sick gnarly mess of J2EE and Spring MVC.

Turns out that that particular bug actually was straightforward. Problem was, it was interacting with a JavaScript bug which would also have been fairly straightforward on its own. But the two together? Mad hijinks.

Anyway, I've finally managed to commit and have sent those two off to QA (woohoo \o/ And I have never worked with QA before, so I hope that I gave them enough information to go on!)


Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 01:31 am
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  • I am falling behind on a lot of correspondence; I need to set aside a day to respond to comments and bugmail and email

  • OTOH, my work inbox is completely empty, whoo!

  • watched the first lecture for [community profile] intro_to_cs. The segment where he was generating syntax errors reminds me of the first day in CS 101 where our take home group assignment was to take a simple Java program, and find as many ways as we could to make the compiler complain

    ... that was awesome fun

  • Also, the blackboards in that video are really, really, nifty

  • Learning about Spring MVC for work. Slightly less fun, but I shall sort it out. (I may soon treat myself to learning jQuery from the very basics, which I also need to study, to break up the meh of enterprise Java)

  • Reworked three patches, uploaded one new one, have one last one almost ready (just need Pau to comment on one bit)

  • Tomorrow shall be a reviewing day, I think. I meant to make it part of today, but it's getting late

  • Ran out of my current yarn stripe; switched back to white for my pouch bag. I am on the final stretch, I think!

  • Need to make time to go to the one yarn shop I've found that sells non-acrylic yarn. I have found some acrylic yarns that are easier on my fingers, but I do miss the feeling of cotton (and I may get something else -- not sure what, but I want to treat myself to trying out a texture I have not tried before)

  • Coding is patterns; knitting is patterns. They play around in the same area of my brain :-)

  • I thought the whitepages were my connection's fault, but no they aren't? I guess that makes sense

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I usually try to separate "afuna" from my real life identity, and it works, but I'm beginning to find it limiting. It's literally stopping me from doing a few things I want to do, either because I'm lazy, or I can't decide which identity to do things under.

I want to join a couple of local user groups, but I have been putting it off because I can't decide whether doing so is work (so RL identity) or play ("afuna") to use. I also want to follow along workmates on twitter and whatever, but no way am I using my current twitter account for that. (And once invites are less scarce, I want to get a wave invite under my RL name, just so that I can connect to workmates as well). And occasionally I wish that I had my code under my RL name, just because it would be nifty on my resume :-) But I don't want to create any more linkage than I already have, because a lot has managed to creep in over the years.

I've set up email accounts under my RL identity, but I have very little activity under them because I'm so busy doing other good stuff to maintain... that kinda hurts my resume I guess? I strongly suspect it does.

So. It's too much work to keep up separate identities, but it's too much risk to combine the two, and I'm back where I started (unable to act on a few of my interests until I decide which of the two I'd rather have them under).

enterprise java

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 04:01 pm
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I am discovering, to my absolute horror that enterprise Java is a lot like myself: often has a point, but unable to get there without going on long rambling tangents; requires a lot of structure to hold itself together; loves, loves, loves to scatter and repeat itself everywhere.

I am reading tutorials on how to set up and use JPA. Sooooo many things that need to be set up before you can even test whether you can, say, connect to a database. And at that, all the articles make it a point to emphasize how wow, the new API makes life so much easier and better more convenient and faster than before (perhaps I shall one day see the difference, the way I did when I was being frustrated by maven's complexity, and then had to use ant briefly, which made me realize what all the fuss about maven was about)

I definitely cannot mistake what I am doing as anything other than work. Which is not a bad thing! I have plenty of toys to play with on my off time :)

Less frustrating, more flexible, more lightweight, more exciting, more practical, toys.
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Oops. I misread the clock. It is not 8:44 and I am going to be super early for work; it is 9:44, and I am going to be super late.

(PS. There is no DST here. But I have noticed that a bunch of people have been bouncing about an hour relative to me)
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Staring at my performance evaluation now. It's an attachment. I'm vaguely queasy about opening it.... /o\
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So I just discovered that putting on earphones without actually turning anything on manages to cut out enough of the background noise that I can concentrate better, but still lets in enough sound that people can catch my attention if they need to (but they don't, unless they really need to, because I have earphones on so they must respect that).

I like this!


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 07:52 pm
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Mmm I was hoping to be able to go home early today, but work emergency dictates that is not to be! The project isn't even mine, heheheheh. I just got pulled in, in an advisory capacity at the last minute (and you have no idea how much that amuses me).

Good thing I have half a sandwich left over from lunch; do not think I could go on without it. I wonder if I have time to run downstairs for a donut. Hummmm.

Ah well, back to the meeting room to advise people. I'm mildly flaily, but oy, not letting them know that.
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Felt a sudden jolt of panic when I thought I'd accidentally sent email about a security issue for $dayjob to the public mailing list. But no, I just looked again, and I'd sent it to the right people after all.

Knees weak -- still shaking from the adrenaline rush, but I'm also feeling really lighthearted right now.


Settling into a pattern

Thursday, July 9th, 2009 12:24 am
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Life has settled into a pattern: work in the mornings and afternoons, gym thrice a week in the evenings, daily IRC chats/email conversations with the ones I love. Work itself is a bit less settled; lots of changes that will affect me personally. Will see how it settles down.

Not much time for reading, but occasionally I drag out a paperback for the treadmill. Have finished a couple of books that way, and I actually seem to run longer with books than with music -- pacing of the book balances out against the rhythm of my running. Evenings, when it gets late and I force myself off the computer, I try to find a little spare time to go through Programming Perl (makes me happy, so happy ^_^)

As for DW, when I'm tired or when I know I am working with a limited timeframe, I go on a commit run. It's more bite-sized; don't need to worry about getting into, or regret having to break out of a coding zone. When I have more time or energy available to invest for that evening, I code.

Weekends are for planning/hopefully starting on a new big project if I finished whatever I picked up the week before.

So far it's been working out well. My days are falling into a pleasant rhythm; I rather like it. (Have a few things I need to do; just need to gather the focus/energy to give them the love and attention they deserve)
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I've been bringing my work laptop home this past entire week, and now that it's Friday, all I want to do is go home, get some proper rest, and do Dreamwidth stuff.

So I was fighting with myself, trying to decide whether I wanted to bring my laptop home again this weekend and I actually started this entry intending to ask you guys to help me decide. But ... man. No! I don't care! I won't!

I won't get anything done anyway, and it'll just be there making me feel guilty.

SO I AM HAVING FUN THIS WEEKEND GUYS. (For values of fun which involve lying curled up with my laptop doing code stuff/ chat. Which is to say, very much ;-))