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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 10:54 pm
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I'm switching my laptop from VMWare to VirtualBox (basically cloning the already working version from my desktop, which has things properly set up for email, etc) -- and ran into issues with networking. And at first I thought it was because I hadn't set up dnsmasq properly, or that it was this old issue with setting up dhcp that I vaguely remembered having to deal with the first time.

But after fixing all that, still nothing. And uh. It turns out the solution was to rename the interfaces from eth0/eth1 to eth4/eth5.

I have no idea what just happened, other than that my computers have decided that it's fun to mess with me.

(I think the main reason I'm leery of sysad stuff is that every time I come back to edit something, I have to basically start from scratch. I should try to figure out how to easily document my actions when I work on the sysadmin side of things, so I can find out what I just did, two months from now.

It's really easy for code, e.g., git status, git stash, but the same trial and error approach I do for code just leads to confusion when I try to remember what I just did when it comes to working on my system...)

(I'm beginning to think that the other reason I find sysadminning so hard is that I only rarely can figure out from the instructions which parameters are arbitrary, and which parameters must be based on values from your system. For instance, in:

VBoxManage dhcpserver add –netname (the internal network name e.g. intnet) –ip <your RFC 1918 address> (e.g. 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x)\
–netmask <your subnet mask> (e.g. –lowerip <your lower IP range> (e.g. –upperip <your upper IP range> (e.g.
  • --netname is arbitrary
  • --ip is sort of arbitrary, but I thought it had to be based off an already assigned ip address
  • -- netmask is always just for my purposes
  • --lowerip/--upperip are arbitrary, but since I was confused about --ip before...

Also in the GUI, there's an adapter IP and the DHCP server IP, and it's not clear whether the --ip is for the former or the latter. It turns out it's the former, but good heavens how do people know? I basically had to plug in reasonable-seeming values and restarting stuff to test, with the only feedback being that it either failed or succeeded, and no way of telling which of the inputs was the reason for the failure, or if it was none of those.

UGH. Not my favorite thing in the world.)

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Here's one of my favorite lines from Dreamwidth's diversity statement.

Focus today is on letterforms and consistency across the entire text, with minimal flourishes or fancy layout. This is the second attempt where I've tried to keep my hand looser, first attempt was more sloppy.

Written using Brause nib 2mm with winsor & newton sepia on a light purple sheet of paper. (I think the purple might not be showing up very well though)

oh man such a geek

Thursday, March 7th, 2013 10:51 pm
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I... I saw someone else reviewing on github and I let out a squee of delight.

*goes hide under the desk*
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I accidentally wiped out my entire dev folder -- we have a bootstrap script, so setting up the repos again is easy, but my unsubmitted patches were another matter.

Unluckily, my dev environment is in a virtual machine, and I excluded that virtual machine from my Time Machine backup (in hind sight, not the smartest decision ever).

Worse still, it may not have been much help in this case because my older sister borrowed my portable hard drive and hadn't returned it, so I haven't been able to back up for ages. A backup plan is good and fine, but a backup plan you didn't actually run is less so!

BUT. Luckily, I occasionally push my MQs (mercurial queues -- where my patches are stored) to my public webserver, so that I can test my code in an environment that's set up closer to production.

The last time I did so was a month ago. And I didn't lose a month's worth of work, because almost everything is short-term and had either already been submitted to zilla for review, or was committed as soon as it was coded. I judge I only lost a couple patches, most of them involving only debug and exploratory work, rather than actual behavior-modifying code.

That left long-term projects (redesigns, etc). BUT and I still cannot believe how lucky this is because seriously if there ever was an afternoon where it would be okay for me to delete all my work locally, this was it, I had just transferred over a copy of my update page redesign work to my public server because I'd been talking over things with [personal profile] foxfirefey and wanted to show my progress to her.

So I lost an afternoon's worth of work on the update page, and I lost a few small things in misc projects, but it could have been so much worse.

This all has led me to re-examine my back-up strategy.
  • my public server is backed up by my webhost for a small fee. I have my personal website on both my laptop and the public server. I need to check how much other things I have on my server which I can back up locally as well

  • my phone and tablet are both backed up to my laptop (I'll need to make sure I sync more often though >_>)

  • my laptop is backed up, but only to one portable hard drive. I am planning to buy a newer non-portable external hard drive (my brother found one my Western Digital: 2TB, USB 3, 6.5k pesos), and Il'l be backing up to both.

  • my virtual machines images are still not backed up, but most of what is in there either comes with the OS or is just testing data / sessions

  • instead of storing my dev folder in the virtual machine, where it can't be backed up, and accessing it via sshfs from my mac for editing, I have turned it the other way around. Now I have my dev folder on my mac, where it will be backed up, and I have mounted it as a shared folder in the virtual machine. My server runs a tiny bit slower now, alas, but it's still faster than if I had to contend with a network bottleneck, and I can live with that for the added security of being able to back up

  • perhaps I should back up a few essential but non-sensitive files to Dropbox?

In entirely more pleasant news, I have finished a shawl for my maternal grandmother, and am now looking at making a vest for my paternal grandfather. I'm not sure what makes a good vest pattern though; I have never done one, and I'm overwhelmed by the options on Ravelry!

(If I could narrow it down to all vests that open in the middle so you can put them on easily, rather than pulling them over your head, that would be a good start)

Also I am sending a friend of mine a hat! :DD :DD :DD

I have been working diligently, and I have finally cut down my projects to just three in progress: a pair of gloves where the second glove, barely started, is much looser in gauge than the first which is stumping me; a hat I ran out of yarn for, so I'm waiting for new ones from my LYS; the Grounded scarf which is perfect for mindless comfort knitting, so I'm saving it up for when I need something like that. Oh, and a half-finished top which I started when I was new to knitting and which is finished up to just below my breasts. I think I'll undo everything I have; I don't have the rest of the pattern because the person who was helping me is no longer at my LYS, and the tension is very uneven besides. I am only holding on to it for nostalgia *_*

Ooh and another project will be added to that list, as soon as I figure out a patten for my grandpa's vest.

I think that my knitting projects are multiplying. (help)
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[personal profile] exor674 is working on an Android client and has posted a poll for Android users who are interested in a Dreamwidth client.

Let her know what you want!
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[community profile] 3_good_things_a_day makes me so happy :) The basic idea: a mod posts three good things that happened to them that day. You comment with your own list of three, and then feel free to reply to anyone else's comment.

It doesn't need to be something you've done (though you can mention those too). It doesn't even need to be big: my last comment included "the sound of rain". It just has to be something that is good *g*

It's also pretty low pressure; I've refrained from commenting when my day was particularly blah. I've also did leave a comment once on a really blah day when the effort of thinking of those three things helped.

S'all good.

[community profile] sauce is another community which makes me happy. You share something with the community that's awesomesauce, and well, that's basically it. I haven't posted yet, but a lot of the things in there have had me grinning for days (or else ended up stuck in my head ._. also for days ._.)
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I don't get flak about losing control over my English when it's late at night. (I mean, I can still talk and stuff, but I have to channel it into specific contexts, otherwise I start speak handwavium

And it feels great to not have that be an issue :))
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I have decided that I need to see penguins before I leave ([personal profile] juin introduced me to the idea and we looked up tours on train on the way home I may have fallen in ♥ with the penguins really really hard). So this weekend, I am heading to Philips Island to see waddly fuzzy adorable OMG penguins.


The update page feels SO CLOSE. How close is close? SO CLOSE. (I accidentally introduced a new bug in the latest version I have up for pre-preview. Oops)


Went to see Robin Hood and afterwards got kidnapped and dragged off to [personal profile] juin's place again. Currently eating prawn crackers which are really really good. I can't stop.

ETA And now we have out Pringles. Mmmm.


My email inbox is scary. I think I shall spend some time clearing it.


Still working out the USA thing. *rueful* Maybe I should have figured out feasible areas before deciding I need to meet everyone? See, that would have been smart.
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I'd been struggling with a block with several issues that had been brought up in the update page. Did a mockup of one solution in GIMP. That turned out uglier than ugly, but it led me to figure out how I *should* solve two of the issues that had been holding me up the most.

Now* to see if this works \o/

* more properly, will do that tomorrow


I met [personal profile] thorfinn for brunch/coffee. I think I had a bit too much coffee (said in the same tones as "I think I had a bit too much to drink"). Then, when we got home, I accidentally kinda sat on Anekin (who is perfectly all right, I mostly sat on the blanket covering him, not on himself) and uh. I blame it on the coffee.


Australia in general seems to have great food. Melbourne in particular has food culture.

I had dinner with [personal profile] juin on Wednesday. Had a lot of catching up to do, so we ended up at her place and talked/watched anime until 2? 3am? We both had a cough; she introduced me to horse piss ammonia-based cough syrup which frightened most of my cough away. Had instant pancake mix the next morning for breakfast; her mom makes great pancakes. [personal profile] juin makes great doodles with golden syrup on pancakes. Nutella, even expired, is kinda okay (we had Nutella). Vegemite is yick (we didn't have Vegemite).

That makes four times in four countries (twice was kinda coincidence, twice was kinda planned). How many years did it take us to meet this often? We should meet at least one more time, and that time it'll be my treat :-)


Ookiku Furikabutte is all springtime of youth and blushing it is all about PASSION and it is AWESOME. (I have a weakness for sports anime that is all springtime of youth and passion and awesome).


Hetalia is very... surreal? Gintama as well. I should try to get my hands on more of those and see what happens.
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I keep getting sucked into coding the entire day! Sans the afternoons when I usually take a break and head out for errands into the summer heat -- I think there may be something wrong with this plan. OTOH I usually go from my room which only has the electric fan to places with aircon, and I avoid the blackouts that way so this plan is somehow accidentally completely okay!

I have 75 tabs open right now, and I really need to cut down, so I'm taking some time tonight to knock things down a bit. Here, have some links:

  • [site community profile] dw_mobile: New official community for the mobile page, headed by [personal profile] dreamatdrew; mobile brainstorming post in [site community profile] dw_biz

  • Animal Reviews blog: Humorous reviews of animals. Science and snark!

  • Dreamwidth swag, eeeeeeh! I am plotting :-)

  • jQuery Widgets tutorial - I've been doing a lot of jQuery lately. jQuery is seriously *gorgeous* as far as frameworks go. I love it. Hmm, I just realized I'm not doing a proper widget though, but that can wait until later. I'm still pretty happy with the shape of my code

  • chocolate ice cubes, via [community profile] omnomnom

  • Typewriter sound effects for the mac. Not going to grab the application, but that brings up memories of our typing class in high school, where we learned to touch type, occasionally blindfolded, on actual typewriters. Mine broke during final exams -- one moment I'm typing away, the next, ball bearings are flying everywhere. I may or may not have learned to type in Dvorak to wipe away the memories of that class from my mind.

  • jQuery developer guide - some good medium-level tips. These do assume you're familiar with basic jQuery concepts.

  • Information on packaging Perl modules; was useful to background information which helped me in figuring out how to install GTop (asdfghhjklklk;;lgh) in Ubuntu 9.10: Hints for Distributors from the Perl Foundation, Debian Perl Packaging Policy. Long story short, there are three main places for packages to put perl modules. For personal installations, you'll want to be using "site" (not "perl", or "vendor". I think that "vendor" is the default of some packaging tools), and that most of the issues I've run into when installing are because the installer tool or the perl module metadata assumes that you're wanting to install into the vendor location

  • Knitted hanging planter! Nifty intersection of [community profile] gardening and [community profile] knitting *g*

  • Keratosis pilaris a fairly common skin condition(?). I apparently have keratosis pilaris alba, (just rough bumps, less scary-looking than the picture). I used to try to "fix" it, but gave up when lotions had no visible effect.

    Apparently there are whole lines of products that can be used against this. Most are marketed as anti-acne, but may help with this as well. Whole lines. I am excited!

  • Filipino version of the Voltes V theme song (with english translations). Went to karaoke a couple of days ago, to Chicago (near Metrowalk), which has a pretty big selection of non-English songs. The big winner for me were the lyrics to the Voltes V theme song (Filipino version -- which is not a translation of either the Japanese or the English theme songs). Voltes V against kidnappers, carnappers, dognappers, snatchers, hold-uppers --- ahhahahhahahah. So much a sign of the times, yes

In other news, working on Dreamwidth has been very agreeable to me. I've come to think of my days as ten half-days, not as five whole days. That gives me a lot of flexibility, and means I have my afternoons free go take care of business for offices that are only open during the daytime (or else to take a siesta. Mmm siesta).

NTS: Take driving exam, get driver's license

It's been a bit odd because I feel that I have a lot of free time even though I've been working a lot, but I've tallied up hours roughly and everything seems right. It's just that the two-to-four extra hours I'd spend on DW stuff after my dayjob is now free time? Plus, I no longer have a one-hour commute (two hours both ways) eating up my time. Will take some getting used to.

I've been playing with Charlie (our minischnauz) a lot. I think he likes my being home about as much as I do *g*

Other things -- my fingernails are now black, my toenails are pearly white, and I somehow ended up in Divisoria (cheap clothes *G*) and came away with five pairs of shorts, two summer dresses, and a skirt. I have never had a summer dress before *G* (Used to think I wasn't girly enough to try these, but they feel great in the summer heat, and they look pretty too *G*)
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Just tried to set up a wildcard DNS on Snow Leopard according to these instructions:


But I couldn't get it to work, and I think even if it did, it doesn't do what I need it to anyway.

Basically, I'm running Ubuntu in a VM in Snow Leopard, so I can have a local 'hack environment. It works, but I need to add an entry in my hosts file for each new test user I create (inconvenient, but a minor annoyance). The bigger problem is that every time I put my laptop to sleep, the internal IP changes when it wakes up, so I need to edit the hosts file again (sometimes I forget to, and I end up staring at a blank screen, wondering if I've borked my dev env :-()

Anyway, no big loss with not being able to set up wildcard DNS. From what I understand now, setting up my own DNS server would have fixed the first problem (which I only need to deal with occasionally) but not the second (which I have to deal with every time I start up my server).

I don't want to just set up the wildcard DNS under my website (afunamatata.com) because I wanted it to work when I'm not connected to the internet, and it still doesn't solve the second problem with the shifting IP address, so I'd need to open up the browser, log on, and edit the IP address online (then wait for the DNS cache to flush?) before any work session. UGH.

I can always access my VM under its .local address, but I can't find a way to redirect all *.dream.fu traffic to .local. All the solutions I've thought of so far seem worse than the original problem! So I guess it's put up and just deal with editing my hosts file all the time.

If I can't think of a better way, I wonder if I could just set up a script which looks up the current IP address of my hosts file, and then use sed or awk to replace the IP address in my hosts file (parse the output of traceroute? dig, nslookup, host don't work).

Soooo right now I don't think I know enough to do what I want, or to even know if it's possible to do what I want, but I think I know enough by now to confirm that the above won't do what I need it to, so okay.

Ah an now the obvious answer for #2 hits me: set Ubuntu to use a static IP, so that the IP address stays constant, even after going to sleep/waking up (Not so obvious bits: finding out what the IP address of the router is, since it's something VMWare set, not something I did, but I found it using the route command on Ubuntu).

I don't know if I did it right. I thought I'd set this to a static IP before, but I guess I did something wrong (I don't remember doing it this way, either *g*). Hopefully I've got it figured out this time.
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I ran into this issue while updating my database on my dev environment:

Failed to read auto-increment value from storage engine

That happened when I was trying to insert something new into logproplist. When I checked logproplist, I saw that the propid had skipped from 31 to 255, for the latest property (community moderator thing). information_schema.AUTO_INCREMENT had 256 as its value. Now I have no idea what that means, or why it happened, but it was causing me trouble.

I deleted all references to the property in logprop2, deleted the property itself in logproplist, reset the auto increment for logproplist, and then reran the database update command. First two steps may have been unnecessary; I did them before I managed to google up the reset fix.

(In the process, I think I figured out that ALTER_TABLE modifies the information_schema somehow).

As far as I can tell, it's not something that everyone is going to go through (that is, it appears to be a bug in my MySQL server version, triggered by some funky other stuff), so I'm not posting in [site community profile] dw_dev to spread the word/fix. Just here in my journal so I don't forget :-)
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I'm taking part in the March Suggestions Hackathonthat [personal profile] yvi suggested. I plan to do five bugs from suggestions this month.

I've been off to a really slow start; here's what I have so far:

  1. Default View/Default filters should be default when adding from hover menu (patch submitted)

  2. Warning for Bad Markup (patch submitted)

(I'll update this entry as I do more)
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But more signal boost wouldn't hurt!

[personal profile] liv is hosting a giant non-fandom-centered friending meme.

(I'm about to add my name, and start subscribing to people *g*)


I don't have a formal access/subscription policy.

I don't post much locked: mostly boring work stuff, and that only because I don't want a googleable link from my (soon-to-be-former) workplace to my journal. Since it doesn't make much difference to what you'll see, I tend to give access pretty randomly (depending on whether I remember to or not). I do tend to reciprocate access.
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Passed by National Bookstore in Podium on the way home from work, and managed to snag a couple of cheap books (of the bargain/sale kind): three Redwall books (which I haven't read, but I might as well give it a try at the price), and one crochet book.

First time I tried to crochet a couple of months ago, I think I was using a too-small hook for my yarn, because my wrist started aching horribly when I tried to push the hook through the loop. IT's much better now; of course I'm trying this with a cotton yarn, instead of the stiffer acrylics, so that might have also made a difference.

I'm finding crochet very hard, though. I keep missing loops or something? My chains inexplicably keep shrinking as I go on.

Got a little bit (a very little bit) of commit work done, but I was mostly distracted by setting up a local dev installation. No more lag, when trying to do dev work! No more twiddling my thumbs while waiting for my changes to be sent remotely! No more having to give up a productive coding session because my connection has suddenly decided to slow down or my router has gone wonky! At least, that is the general idea. I am excited, and I think that the couple of days I've spent on this will pay off :)
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When I first did renames, I didn't have the concept of a rename token object -- I had the shop item, and then I was doing a bunch of stuff directly in DW::Rename. At some point, I rethought, and encapsulated some of that logic into a new class DW::RenameToken, and I had to do a lot of tweaks to what I had already done to accommodate it.

I'm so *absolutely grateful* that [personal profile] szabgab did such a job towards making existing tests usable, because that put tests in mind when I first started doing the renames module, and I felt obliged to take the time to wrote a few simple tests.

Now the tests are failing, and in all the ways that point out to me where my old assumptions no longer bear weight under the new/tweaked code. They have paid for themselves many times over.

Now how do we convince others to write more of these things? :-)
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Spent Saturday doing stuff, and Sunday alternating between hanging out with family and coding up rename tokens.

Rename tokens are so close, I can almost taste them (they taste vaguely nutty but kinda nice. DON'T TASTE THEM THOUGH I'm not sure they like that). I had this crazy idea to try to get them ready by the time [staff profile] mark finishes what he's working on now, but I don't think I'll make it.

The relevant patches combined are well over 2000 lines now ahahahahaha. Though a lot of that is splitting up the DW::Shop::Item::Account into a base class for all items and account-specific logic. And also a lot of that is documentation and white space (POD *__*). I think that what I've done so far is going to make it much easier to add gift certificates and similar to the system -- that is, tokens that a user will need to use, rather than be delivered at a set time (unlike paid time and vgifts).

I've had a lot of fun playing with Template Toolkit (♥ [personal profile] exor674), now I just need to finish implementing options for when someone renames, and go over things one more time make sure that I don't allow people to use tokens they shouldn't be able to, and go over things a couple more times to make sure I did implement everything that's necessary...

I really should reverse my weekend, and make Saturday my coding day and reserve Sunday for family. Though that removes Saturday as my errand day. Hmm, anyway.
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Started from these instructions, but some modules try to install files into /usr/lib, which causes an error about being unable bto overwrite. I ran into this while trying to install a later version of Net::OpenID::Server/Net::OpenID::Consumer, in particular.

One solution is to force the install, but I don't know what other effect that could have.

The better solution is in this comment with similar but slightly different series of steps, from debian-administration.org.

(Note: in case it wasn't clear -- I had to figure it out through trial and error -- the rules.MakeMaker.noxs you're editing is the one in ~/.dh-make-perl)

So far so good; about to try it out.

ETA: Works!
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Bah, the issues with interests are slowly driving me to distraction. Two requests about interests within hours of each other! I feel that those two... three? issues have been going on long enough, so I spent the afternoon digging into interests code.

No progress on any of the issues, unfortunately, and I'm left feeling that there are, indeed, ghosts in the interests code. Without a reliable method of replication, I can't even tell whether it's memcache or actual stored values that are the problem.

I have the feeling that when we figure out what's wrong, it will be a FLASH OF SUDDEN INSIGHT HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED IT. But today, I'm well and truly stumped past the point of unproductivity.

*shakes fist*

Will get you, yet.