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Oh man I have the best friends ever. I've been feeling kind of down, and then, all today:

  • Received a bunch of hugs in response to my last entry (and I was trying really hard not to whine, okay? And then you all are awesome and now I don't feel like whining <333)

  • Friend of mine pinged me about DevFestW, where I got to meet some great folks. Oh, also got cupcakes and swag:

    (Why is there an android plushie? I don't know! There is one though I shall call it George.

  • Same friend chatted with me about knitting(!), yarn(!), crochet(!), calligraphy(!), hula hooping(?!). Have plans to meet up again at some point and do craft and chat (vs tech and chat which was today)

    UMMM. I might have bought a gigantic orange hula hoop before I went home. I just might have. Maybe.

    I may also have tried and failed horribly? :D :D Unless the hoop is supposed to just fall to the floor multiple times in which case I rock it.

    ETA: As of 1 am, I have figured out how to keep the hoop up briefly :D (but I think my shins may be bruised from the hoop hitting it as it went down)

  • Got a surprise!package! in the mail. Gorgeous bright makeup, and the scent of the lip balm thing is so nice and I put it on and I felt brighter and (GASP) perky:

I am so spoiled, you all are awesome <333

Finished the vest!

Saturday, May 14th, 2011 12:25 am
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I finished seaming together the vest for my grandpa today (SHINING MOMENT OF HAPPINESS)

And then I realized that I forgot to block the pieces before doing the edgings and the seaming. (OH CRAP)

I am hoping that it will still be okay. It's a bit, er, oddly misshapen when it just hangs loosely or when I put it on, but the flaws aren't as noticeable when I get my dad (who is similar to my grandpa in build) to model it.

Next vest I make I'm making for myself though. Then I can try it on and play with it and experiment and take accurate measurements and try it on all throughout and stuff >_>

Overall, though, I'm really happy. Even when it was just endless rows of stockinette, I was too busy enjoying the softness of the yarn to get bored. And now it's a garment! And the fabric hangs heavily and yet pleasingly from my hand! And it drapes! And it's super soft! And super warm!

I think I foresee more tops in the future :) I wasn't bored through any of it at all: the plain parts were soothing and suitable for mindless knitting, the shaping parts came at regular enough intervals to be interesting, but not so often that I couldn't have my bouts of mindless knitting, and it's just. I mean, it's just I mean it's a piece of clothing that I made from scratch, and it's like *flail* magic. Ridiculous woolly magic.

Now to improve my finishing skills :D

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Friday, May 6th, 2011 11:23 pm
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Went dancing again today!

Today was hiphop abs, zumba, and ballroom. As usual, I still suck at moving around. And as usual, that just makes the whole experience that much more awesome.

We were supposed to do street dance, but it got rescheduled so I missed it. Sad.

This is the sweatiest I've ever been :D Hopefully I haven't stiffened up by tomorrow, because I want to try the Saturday classes again.

At the end of the class, as I was changing clothes and preparing to head out, someone offered to buy my hat off my head, because she'd been looking for something like that for ages.

I am tempted to sell it to her! I feel like it would look gorgeous on her. I just don't know if it's okay/how much to offer *G*

(I am really charmed by the fact that she was so enthusiastic about it ahahahha. She's a teenager though so, man, I'm not going to ask for much or anything. But still, really charmed. And fighting the urge to go "no I can't sell it because I'm no good at this DON'T YOU SEE)


Sunday, February 13th, 2011 01:33 am
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Looks like I'm getting a patch into Mercurial :)

Ta, patch is in stable
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OMG OMG OMG. So my mom is encouraging me to make a shawl for my grandma, for me to finish in time for her yearly mother's day visit. She doesn't see grandma so much, because of our being in different countries and all, so she really tries to make these visits count.

Anyway, mom wants the shawl to be in cashmere because it's warm and really really light, and on our recent trip to Hong Kong, she went and bought the yarn for me *_* I wanted to save up the experience a bit because I can't afford to work with cashmere unless it's my mom paying, but with the deadline coming up, I knew I'd need to start soon and tonight I took it out and chose a pattern (hello Travelling Woman ♥ And, BTW, the paid PDF is worth all the money and the hassle).

This yarn -- it is so soft and light, it feels almost weightless in my hands. It is like knitting kitten whiskers, or soft fluffy clouds. Unicorn manes! Puppy paws! The soft down on a baby's cheek! Soft and tender hopes and dreams! I know I sound ridiculous, but somehow when I touch this yarn I don't really care *_*

A bit more about the pattern: I'd been looking for something that would showcase the softness of the cashmere without overworking the yarn. So no cables (though I guess I see those more in scarves than shawls!), and nothing too lacey, because I want to retain the plush feel of solid knit sections.

The pattern didn't leap out at me until my mom pointed it out to me, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. It has a nice broad swatch of stockinette at the top which will just be ultra soft and warm when my grandma lays it against her shoulders , and it ends with a nice broad swatch of lacey border which makes the shawl interesting in a pattern which is not too delicate, not too structured. I am excited, and I hope this pairing of yarn and pattern will work as well as I want it to.


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 02:18 am
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Just finished watching the paintball episode of Community. That was kinda epic *______*

I love this series so much, and I feel completely happy right now. Good night all <3

(ilu abed <3)


In other excellent news, my Copy Link Text Chrome extension has 267 users :D And judging by stars, most of them are pretty happy with it.

I may or may not have refreshed that page constantly these past couple of weeks, to keep track of the numbers increasing. *whistles innocently*
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I passed by the Esplanade, a Sunday market for craftsmen in Melbourne, on my way home from the penguins and [personal profile] juin. Saw a lot of nice things, but the best stall -- the absolute best one, bar none, was a stall near the end which sold various jewelry designed like vintage typewriter keys, scrabble tiles, and vintage mahjong tiles.

The maker assured me that he created the typewriter keys himself -- no vintage typewriters were harmed in the making of the jewelry (awkward joke is ALL MINE)

My left ear says "ctrl", my right ear says "alt", and my ring says "delete". I feel so extremely powerful! Look out world, here I come!

What first caught my eye was the delete ring, which I snatched up with glee and put on my hand, cackling about the power it gave me. And then! And then! I realized that he had a ctrl earring, and that got me to hunting for the "alt" AND NOW I CAN FACE ANY BSOD. ANY AT ALL.

(Talking to [personal profile] rb made me realize that I could also have gotten ctrl+z or basically any other important letter for unix commands. I am a bit sad; if I'd thought of that earlier, I'd have been able to mix and match depending on my mood. Oh well!

But then I didn't have enough money to buy anything else, so!)

Google turned up one hit for him. He doesn't have a website (I asked :-( ), but if you're in Melbourne and you like scrabble/typewriter keys/mahjong, it's well worth it to get your hands on some of the things he's made :D

I saw: cufflinks, rings, earrings. There were also circuitry necklaces, but those were just kinda okay. One ring is $20 AUD, a pair of earrings is also $20 AUD. Not sure about the others.

(I got a discount because of how enthusiastic I was *G* Which was just as well, because I'd calculated that I could spend no more than $35 and still be certain I could get home safe -- I was mentally debating with myself whether I could afford to risk being $5 short, and then he told me he'd give me both for $35 and I was just ASADFGKGHKLKLJLJLK;;;GHH and \o/ and I got them both before he could change his mind)

Bursting with GLEE

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 11:46 am
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Dreamwidth has full journal search for paid users and communities!


I have been sitting on this news all day, excited but trying not to let anything slip before the big announcement. Made it without any leaks! And now it's starting to sink in.

Suddenly, I can feel everything shift in my head, as I realize that I can get rid of some of the more tedious categorizing and bookmarking and tagging workarounds, because I can just run a search. This is only the beginning. OH MY GOD.
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Dreamwidth just went into closed beta. It is an amazing thing to wake up to (and an amazing project to be part of).

Shivering with shivers of GLEE.