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Note, so you can decide if you'd like to skip ahead: I'm going to be talking about exercise in this entry. I'm not going to be talking about weight or food or anything similar, just exercise, and I don't see this becoming a regular feature in this journal.

Okay, so when I was in university, I got hooked on an MMO. It was pretty bad! I'd play a minimum of four hours a day (probably reached six hours even most weekdays). I'd start playing as soon as I got home and stop a bit after midnight. I was very happy when finals week came along, because the lack of classes meant I could come home earlier and play more :D.

I kept up my grades and stuff like that by finishing as much as I could while I was at school and then fitting in the rest whenever I had to regen. Occasionally, when I was feeling very responsible, I'd go to places where I'd definitely need to regen, so that I'd have lots of time to do my homework. And, one semester where I arranged my schedule to make sure I would be able to go online during non-peak times so the lag wouldn't be so bad :D :D :D

Now! Unlike a lot of people who played to hang out with friends, or who played to get a good level or a good build or good armor, mostly I played so I could count numbers while killing stuff. It wasn't strategic: I wasn't crunching the numbers to get good stats, or trying to figure out how I'd need to allocate stats/resources for armor in order to get the optimal build. I just wanted to do stuff, and count stuff while doing stuff.


At some point, I wanted to stop but couldn't. So I stopped this way: I got a Powerbook, which OS didn't support MMO client. And that was that.

Fast forward years and years to two months ago: I was catching up with a friend of mine, and he brought up WoW (which was not the MMO I'd been obsessed with btw!). He also mentioned that he was trying a "9000 exercise points in 30 days" self-program to challenge himself (1 point = 1 rep of any exercise = 100m run/walk/jog). And I realized how much I missed counting stuff while doing stuff in order to reach stuff.

Two weeks ago, I was at my grandpa's condo, and I realized that summer was over and I hadn't gone swimming. I had my swimsuit with me, it felt like a waste not to try out the water... I set myself a goal of 30 lengths of the pool (it was a small pool!), and to my complete surprise, I managed to reach that goal. By the end, I even kinda looked like I was swimming *G* (I don't know proper stroke or style or whatever it's called, but I can happily splash along in the water)

And at the end of that day (okay, the next morning. I was very contentedly exhausted and too sleepy to think that evening), I decided that I wanted to do something that involved counting towards something concrete.

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I'm taking part in the March Suggestions Hackathonthat [personal profile] yvi suggested. I plan to do five bugs from suggestions this month.

I've been off to a really slow start; here's what I have so far:

  1. Default View/Default filters should be default when adding from hover menu (patch submitted)

  2. Warning for Bad Markup (patch submitted)

(I'll update this entry as I do more)


Thursday, December 24th, 2009 10:37 am
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I'm planning to have my inbox cleared out before 2010 rolls around; got the idea from my network page I think it's doable; the numbers aren't that bad (double-digits, not triple-digits!). It's just that some of these emails need me to sit down and give them all my focus for me to be able to do what they ask.
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Follow up to my previous entry on separating my identities

I am:

* transferring all my tech-related mailing lists to the email address under my real name, so that if I feel inclined to delurk, I can do so freely, and without feeling conflicted

* relaxing the separation between identities a bit. I still deliberately avoid linking afuna to my real name, so that the connection is not easily googleable, but I'm also not going to worry too much if I slip up occasionally

* for now, keeping all my Dreamwidth and greasemonkey-related development on afuna, and all other development under my real name. There are some considerations re: opportunities and etc that may make me change my mind, but this seems best until I've made a final decision

I've decided against setting up yet another pseudonym which I would have linked to my real name, but just barely (I used to half-seriously think about setting up another layer of pseudonym to put all my RL accounts under and not hide the link between that pseudonym and my RL identity at all. And that way, I could have my public-facing nick, behind which would be my RL identity, and serving as a buffer against anyone inadvertently poking through multiple layers of identity*, then anything under "afuna" would be doubly separated and very far and away**. I only gave up that idea because names are hard

* I do not think anyone actually cares, but there is the process of making casual connections, etc...

** and that is simpler than my original plan of having a more plausible real-name-type-name behind "afuna" to serve as yet another buffer (Jane Doe! Mary Smith! Candy Fifth Avenue. YOU KNOW). I never actually got around to it, because a bunch of my schoolmates dug out my online identity (And hi you know who you are o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/)
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I started a thing! I pledged to patch 30 bugs in November. Here's what I have so far:

100% ( 30 / 30 ) -- 2 planned


  1. Bug 117 - "Why Dreamwidth?" (user testimonials)
  2. Bug 1706 - Snakes & Boxes layout

  1. Bug 2023 - Sort Base Layouts by Layout Name
  2. Bug 1492 - modify manage/subscriptions/comments.bml to also include entry, not just comment thread
  3. Bug 2034 - in comment form, comment browser button is styled and shouldn't be
  4. Bug 1183 - Tags module on Tags page ignores tags limit
  5. Bug 1690 - Support for <dc:creator>
  6. Bug 157 - XML-RPC doesn't work correctly in LJ - please fix it in Dreamwidth!
  7. Bug 2043 - featured layouts for November
  8. Bug 1411 - fix checking of whether or not comments are disabled on local entry for xpost
  9. Bug 2033 - autoclose unclosed <cut> tag in xposted entries before xpost footer is added
  10. Bug 1781 - Add clearing element to Tabula Rasa
  11. Bug 496 - Set up the RTE to use cross-site user tags
  12. Bug 1871 - append ?s2id/style=mine, etc, to the URLs for different views (/read, /network, etc)
  13. Bug 2084 - speed up user tag rendering in RTE, by caching once it has been looked up once
  14. Bug 2089 - some backend optimization for nonexistent styles being memcached
  15. Bug 378 - Dynamic inbox count for menus
  16. Bug 2099 - Inconsistent spacing between comment links on site scheme comment pages

  17. Bug 2066 - When previewing a theme for your current layout, user layer is applied
  18. Bug 1802 - Get (a tiny bit of) crossposting info on entryprops.bml
  19. Bug 2090 - News module widget should respect cuts
  20. Bug 843 - URLs in entry subject lines force subject lines to appear as text, not entry hyperlinks
  21. Bug 1575 - Usability improvement for Next/Prev navigation
  22. Bug 2013 - Link directly to the feed url of syndicated accounts, from the OPML file
  23. Bug 2111 - tweak the logic for the ?show=(accounttype) parameter to the tools/opml
  24. Bug 2104 - new sysban type: spamreport (for those who abuse the "report as spam" button)
  25. Bug 2001 - s2id for everyone, for styles with all public layers
  26. Bug 491 - respect the option to not save colors when adding someone to your circle
  27. Bug 1336 - add dropdown for journaltype filter on network page
  28. Bug 1677 - Remember the option for "Disable Auto-Formatting"
  29. Bug 1879 - reason for comment when editing
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Man, I'm kinda envious of the people who have the discipline to get things done under a tight schedule. So I have set a goal for myself of 30 patches* by November 30. If the goal limits me so that I end up churning out crappy/buggy patches, I'll drop it (so that [staff profile] mark doesn't come after me /o\), but assuming all goes well, should be fun!

(So far, I have done eight. But I think I forgot October had a 31st day, so yesterday was still October, and the first seven don't count? UMMMM. CRAP.)

*patches == final patches as opposed to bugs, meaning that if I get "review-"ed, redo my patch and submit a new one, that only counts as one. But if it comes up to November 30, and I still have a bunch of bugs with unreviewed patches, those still count :-)

ETA: Tracking entry
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[personal profile] zvi pointed out an interesting community: [community profile] intro_to_cs.

The community is for people following along a series of lectures from MIT (all information freely available online). And it uses Python, which I have been meaning to pick up.

No programming experience necessary.

I am nervous because it's been a while since I did anything even remotely resembling the rigors of academics. Classes! Study! Lectures! Commitments! Stuff! But I am excited, too.
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I am going to challenge myself to use no emoticons for one week (<3s excluded, because <3s are not emoticons, they are A WAY OF LIFE).

one last hurrah )

I am imagining the next seven days without emoticons. My fingers itch already.