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Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 06:59 pm
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Discovered animefreak.tv. Watching Tiger & Bunny, anime about people with superpowers who fight crime in order to earn points for a reality TV show. Their armor/costumes are emblazoned with various sponsors, and the sponsors actually exist IRL (ustream, Pepsi Next, caught a glimpse of the Amazon logo in another opening).

HERO director: "Do you know who made you a HERO?"
Tiger: *thinks* "Our sponsors!" *dorky main hero smile*

I'm cracking up here. How did I not know of this show until now?

(I'm trying to figure out why I like this so much. I guess because it's like X-Men, but more cynical in acknowledging corporate interests, and a lot funnier :D)

...oh wait, if heroes aren't supposed to show their faces, why are all the female ones not wearing masks? Is there an in-world explanation, or or? (fuuuu don't overthink this)

OMFG did he just get acqui-hired? ...kawawa. Sige na nga, panoorin pa.
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I just watched the Rurouni Kenshin live action drama. SO HAPPY. Every live action adaptation of a beloved anime should be given this level of love and care <3333

SO MUCH LOVE. I would totally watch it over and over again. Now craving the anime (which come to think of it, I never did finish...)

ETA : also, spent the morning baking macarons (somewhat fail at being perfect, and yet good enough to eat so not a fail at all), and then I found a Deovir in SM North Edsa, and got some inks which I'm about to play with. So many good things today.
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I'd been struggling with a block with several issues that had been brought up in the update page. Did a mockup of one solution in GIMP. That turned out uglier than ugly, but it led me to figure out how I *should* solve two of the issues that had been holding me up the most.

Now* to see if this works \o/

* more properly, will do that tomorrow


I met [personal profile] thorfinn for brunch/coffee. I think I had a bit too much coffee (said in the same tones as "I think I had a bit too much to drink"). Then, when we got home, I accidentally kinda sat on Anekin (who is perfectly all right, I mostly sat on the blanket covering him, not on himself) and uh. I blame it on the coffee.


Australia in general seems to have great food. Melbourne in particular has food culture.

I had dinner with [personal profile] juin on Wednesday. Had a lot of catching up to do, so we ended up at her place and talked/watched anime until 2? 3am? We both had a cough; she introduced me to horse piss ammonia-based cough syrup which frightened most of my cough away. Had instant pancake mix the next morning for breakfast; her mom makes great pancakes. [personal profile] juin makes great doodles with golden syrup on pancakes. Nutella, even expired, is kinda okay (we had Nutella). Vegemite is yick (we didn't have Vegemite).

That makes four times in four countries (twice was kinda coincidence, twice was kinda planned). How many years did it take us to meet this often? We should meet at least one more time, and that time it'll be my treat :-)


Ookiku Furikabutte is all springtime of youth and blushing it is all about PASSION and it is AWESOME. (I have a weakness for sports anime that is all springtime of youth and passion and awesome).


Hetalia is very... surreal? Gintama as well. I should try to get my hands on more of those and see what happens.
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There is a guy here, Yoki, who I don't know, but he seems to have met Edward before, and it's the kind of throwaway gag that makes me sure that he's been introduced somehow. Google tells me that he's from the mining arc from the original series, which never showed up in Brotherhood!

Anyway, episode introduces Greed, which was kinda cool. I don't think I ever reached the point in the original anime where he first appeared, so yay new material.

Now if only Brotherhood would stop assuming I am familiar with the original anime... :-)


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 06:09 pm
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Trinity Blood - Episode 1

Vampires have taken over the world! Apocalypse occurred centuries ago! There are Crusniks and Lost Technology and Master Keys! The world is dark and gritty and kinda steam punkish!

I'm rather a sucker for characters who act all dorky, but are secretly cool, like really secretly REALLY COMPETENT AND COOL. See also: Trigun.

Everything is just over the top enough that I can sit back and revel in the over the topness. I think I'll like this.

(Is the Jessica Lange thing going to go well? I hope so. I'm also a fan of characters who grow in a series, and it is very rarely that you get a girl doing so :-))

Honey and Clover - Episode 1

There is a dorm! With thin walls!* And boys. And um, stuff. I dunno.

It looks like it'll be kinda standard Japanese high school anime sweet and funny but I'm really twitchy at the whole Hagu thing (is Morita just fundamentally unable to explain what he's doing before pushing a girl around and reducing her to tears? But I guess that's part of his rascally charm?

It's not so much Morita that bothers me so much as it's... Hagu is eighteen, not twelve or ten or eight years old, but eighteen, and she can't do anything but be cute and/or cry, which I know is meant to be cute and adorable, but it is just so bor;juaflkasjfcva -- 'scuse me I fell asleep on my keyboard. I dunno. I'll try a few more episodes to see if the series is for me)

* oh, but thin walls. There has to be a storyline that takes advantage of that, eh?

Blood+ - Episodes 1 & 2

There's um. Flashbacks With blood. And then mystery! And also fighting, and blood. Secret weapon thing. More flashbacks. More blood.

Knife guy is fundamentally unable to say anything that isn't Serious and Portentous and Dramatic -- it would take much less time to say something rather than force himself his blood on her in the middle of a fight. But blah blah blah, dramatic tension, okay.

The girl is okay. The redhead guy is okay. As long as I'm not expected to believe that knife guy is okay, then knife guy is okay, too.

Little brother is cute *pets* We'll probably never see him again after these preliminary episodes *sad* Please say we'll continue to see long-haired girl who's main character girl's friend :-)?

Unfortunate names

Friday, June 12th, 2009 10:35 am
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I'm watching Soul Eater this fine Saturday Friday* morning, gradually waking up. New character was introduced! "Buttadaki Joe, aka BJ", and the name has me in hysterics for all the wrong reasons.

* Thanks [personal profile] ursamajor! Also, we have no work today because it's June 12, Independence Day.

Nara and Kyoto

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 10:18 pm
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At a temple in Nara. The expressions and details on the bronze demons guarding the gate are absolutely amazing.

Mmm, temple springs. Cold and sweet.

Hm. Stayed in deer park a while (though I can't quite call it deer park in my mind. Already means something else)
There is too much time while sitting on a bus to think.

Ahahaha I just bought the slamdunk boxset. I actually just meant to buy a couple of the volumes at the end to fill out my deluxe version collection, but then I unwittingly stumbled upon the boxset corner, saw a plastic-wrapped collection of all 31 regular volumes, and my control deserted me. SD is my One True Manga. There has never been one like that for me before, and there may never yet again, but see that is perfectly all right.


Need to convert money the next time we have the chance, though, and need to stop buying things for myself.

I honestly had no intention to buy any manga before we left the Philippines. And now I have, ummm, 37 (i was filling out holes in my eyeshield collection as well; I think that I have conpleted that up to the latest, unless 28 is not the latest tankoubon).

Hm. Gold-plated temples are not my thing, but the garden is really pretty.

There are many places where you can make wishes. I am not entirely certain what I want to wish for.

Wow, the bullet train is pretty amazing. We were still walking down the length of the train when it started moving, and it was smooth. Not one jostle or bump; did not feel myself lose balance at all. It's like a roomier, slightly noisier, version of an airplane. It is going to take us less than half the time to from kyoto to nagoya than it would have taken us if we'd gone on the luggage-laden bus.

The problem with 100 yen is that it is a coin, so it does not seem worth much. Even 500 yen feels disposable, and it really is not ahaha.

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Thursday, June 28th, 2007 11:07 pm
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When I am this tired, I am very ticklish and cannot bear to be touched lightly, but I really really really really really really crave hugs.


I shall need to get a copy of chapter 238 of Eyeshield soon and read. Not going to say anything since not everyone has caught up, but I really want the next chapter(s). When is the next tank coming out? I'm behind a couple of volumes :/