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(I meant to signal boost this earlier, but it got buried in my tabs. Luckily the deadline has been extended from September 30 to October 3 <3)

ephemere, is taking pre-orders for a calligraphy poembook:

calligraphy poembook

Kandila will be a little book rendered completely, from the title page to the very last leaf, in calligraphy. It will feature three of my (rather long!) bilingual love poems to my country, the Philippines, rendered in different calligraphic styles, as well as a few pages of baybayin calligraphy and "Mia playing around with letters" calligraphy art. I estimate the approximate length at fifty to sixty calligraphed pages. Each book will be signed.

A .pdf of the entire book will be available for free online. Please note that there will be parts of this book rendered in Filipino, but the translation will not be calligraphed; instead it will be available as a printed sheet accompanying the book, and will also be freely viewable online.

Kandila will be sent out by mid-November. All funds raised will go toward supporting me in the wake of my being terminated from my job, which I lost due to my unwillingness to remain silent about my marginalized identity and beliefs.Details here.

Please support her & signal boost if you can!

In case you don't know her, [personal profile] ephemere is smart, eloquent, writes painfully insightful essays, right now is having a lot of things thrown at her, and she does gorgeous calligraphy, no seriously, absolutely gorgeous :) There are more samples up in her journal.

I love the way her mind works -- hangang-hanga ako sa kaniya (I admire her a great deal).

I'm usually a bit too literal-minded to appreciate art, but these just make me sit down and appreciate. ♥

I love this entry

Saturday, February 26th, 2011 04:03 pm
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First three paragraphs of Great Expectations, annotated.

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I picked up Ghost by John Ringo today. I'd never heard about it before; it's not a book to walk into unprepared.

You know how you can sometimes run into something so completely ridiculous and over the the top that you think it can't possibly be real, and you turn to Google to find someone who shares your pain? I did that and I have now been introduced to OH JOHN RINGO NO.

Best review I've ever read, about the worst series I've ever run into :D

ETA: I think that review is the only thing that could have induced me to give John Ringo another try. Ghost is a horribly traumatic first run-in with any writer!

Identifying Clutter

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Via [community profile] bitesizedcleaning, I have found again the link to the article on clutter I have been looking for:

Nine Tips to Identify Clutter

Also worth following from that article, Do you hoard your new underwear? (Or: Spend out!)
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This entry suits my mood very much today.

Via [community profile] metaquotes, A Recording Engineering Approach To Zen.
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I paid the (one-time thankfully) $5 fee, and have submitted the Copy Link Text Chrome extension to the gallery. Happy to have received some stars \o/

I've also created a git-hub repository for the extension.

I've been trying to spend some of my free time doing open source stuff that's not DW, so I can see what's out there (maybe introduce some things back into here, maybe not!).

So far, it's been fun. My biggest, er, thing, is that I apologize a lot. I'm trying to turn that around into thanks, so instead of saying, "I'm sorry I got my extension idea from a similar Firefox extension", I'm trying to say, "I loved that extension, I think it's fantastic, thank you for it! (In homage thereof I have written one for Chrome too *g*)"

Or, instead of saying, "Sorry for grabbing your lovely icon from the icon set you're offering for free", I'm forcing myself to see that "Gorgeous icon set, great icon that fits my needs exactly, thank you :DD" is the more appropriate response.

And instead of saying, "Hey, I noticed this issue, and I wrote a patch; the github documentation says to use forks for this, I don't know if it's right or if I seem rude. I'm sorry for even bringing it up x_x", I have a message which basically goes, "Hi, I loved $extension. There's just one little thing that makes it less than perfect, and it's $issue_I_ran_into. *contributes patch upstream*"


Anyway, it's ridiculously hard to not apologize all the time. Ridiculously ridiculously hard! But I'm trying to turn it around, because while it feels inappropriate not to apologize (it really really does), it feels even more inappropriate to apologize. Before, I'd have just decided it was not worth the risk of offending someone by being awkward, and just backed away without ever having said anything. Now, I'm forcing myself to acknowledge that hey these people shared these things for a reason, and the polite thing to do is to use them ;-) (And give back too)

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[community profile] 3_good_things_a_day makes me so happy :) The basic idea: a mod posts three good things that happened to them that day. You comment with your own list of three, and then feel free to reply to anyone else's comment.

It doesn't need to be something you've done (though you can mention those too). It doesn't even need to be big: my last comment included "the sound of rain". It just has to be something that is good *g*

It's also pretty low pressure; I've refrained from commenting when my day was particularly blah. I've also did leave a comment once on a really blah day when the effort of thinking of those three things helped.

S'all good.

[community profile] sauce is another community which makes me happy. You share something with the community that's awesomesauce, and well, that's basically it. I haven't posted yet, but a lot of the things in there have had me grinning for days (or else ended up stuck in my head ._. also for days ._.)

Another link

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 06:24 pm
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This was supposed to go in the previous entry, but then I realized that the entry was locked. It's public now, though, so! *g*

From [community profile] doesanyoneelse:

Does anyone else enjoy odd flavor pairings?

I've commented with my own sweet-savory combination: french fries + soft serve ice cream. There's a bunch of other interesting combinations* mentioned there as well!


Also, I spent a chunk of today cleaning out the freezer. We are horrible at keeping it clean. The frozen foods that were a month over the "best by" date we still judged okay. The frozen raspberries and blueberries that had a best by date of six months ago, I turned into a shake. The restaurant leftovers from the beginning of July, the can of yeast that expired three years ago, the jar of plum sauce that expired five years ago? I threw away.

And on one of the magnets on the outside, I saw a tiny wasp's nest O_o We are horrible horrible horrible at noticing these things.


Things that give me hope: the government started celebrating the end of Ramadan as a national holiday. First year they started, a bunch of people were all like "O_o why is Ramadan a national holiday? Isn't it only relevant for Muslims down south?"

And this year, at least among people I know, it's a lot more matter of fact: "Oh, September 10? End of Ramadan? K."


I wish to learn colorwork, so I picked up the Maze beanie pattern (requires Ravelry account). Researched fair isle knitting, studied the video over at, tried to figure out what this "wrapping" thing was for the yarn you're carrying is all about (and how I might be able to do it! I haven't seen any instructions for my chosen technique -- continental with both strands held on the left hand)... and about two stitches into the color part of the pattern, I realized that you only need to carry one strand of yarn per row for this pattern. Dur.

I shall figure out fair isle one of these days, I swear! (Or well, any kind of stranded color knitting that works in the round ;-))


I spent some time last night queuing up Ravelry patterns. So many adorable hats :D I found a beanie with pi on it, and an illusion Linux scarf. And also so many pretty shawl patterns *___* Oh to have the time to do them all.


I am trying to figure out Christmas knitting. I want to give something to at least one person in my family, but who, and what? Hm. (Also want to send things to people overseas. Not all for Christmas, either -- some of my closest friends don't celebrate Christmas for one thing!)


While chatting with [personal profile] aveleh, I said, "I finished a lace scarf!" What I meant to actually type was "I found a Linux scarf!". Hey, correct every other word isn't so bad!


I meant to type something else here, but I've forgotten what :D


Saturday, September 4th, 2010 01:46 pm
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From [personal profile] zarhooie :
Friending Frenzy, a friending meme. I haven't commented yet, but I've added a couple of interesting people who I've been meaning to subscribe to for ages now *G*
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(I'll let the title and the video speak for themselves)
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Have been fighting Opera, trying to make it understand that I need the tab and enter keys for autocomplete. Lots of googling later, finally realized that I could ignore all the talk of trying to bind to the keypress event or whatever, and instead use the existing hooks to set a "just completed" flag, after an item has been selected. Then, if the form gets submitted by the enter key, or if we leave the text box, check whether we'd just completed something.

It sounds horribly complicated, but it's only three tiny chunks of code (or it was, after I got rid of all the other more complicated, but unnecessary, approaches \o/)

Really useful article about jquery ui widgets:
* Understanding jQuery UI widgets: A tutorial was crucial to my understanding of events in jQuery.

Also, jsFiddle is awesome. It's a combination of pastebin and an active dev environment. I talk about it a bit in the [community profile] javascript community, but really it's much better than I can make it sound *g*

(A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to Google Playground. This is like that, but even niftier if you just want to play with JS and JS frameworks, not Google's APIs).
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I keep getting sucked into coding the entire day! Sans the afternoons when I usually take a break and head out for errands into the summer heat -- I think there may be something wrong with this plan. OTOH I usually go from my room which only has the electric fan to places with aircon, and I avoid the blackouts that way so this plan is somehow accidentally completely okay!

I have 75 tabs open right now, and I really need to cut down, so I'm taking some time tonight to knock things down a bit. Here, have some links:

  • [site community profile] dw_mobile: New official community for the mobile page, headed by [personal profile] dreamatdrew; mobile brainstorming post in [site community profile] dw_biz

  • Animal Reviews blog: Humorous reviews of animals. Science and snark!

  • Dreamwidth swag, eeeeeeh! I am plotting :-)

  • jQuery Widgets tutorial - I've been doing a lot of jQuery lately. jQuery is seriously *gorgeous* as far as frameworks go. I love it. Hmm, I just realized I'm not doing a proper widget though, but that can wait until later. I'm still pretty happy with the shape of my code

  • chocolate ice cubes, via [community profile] omnomnom

  • Typewriter sound effects for the mac. Not going to grab the application, but that brings up memories of our typing class in high school, where we learned to touch type, occasionally blindfolded, on actual typewriters. Mine broke during final exams -- one moment I'm typing away, the next, ball bearings are flying everywhere. I may or may not have learned to type in Dvorak to wipe away the memories of that class from my mind.

  • jQuery developer guide - some good medium-level tips. These do assume you're familiar with basic jQuery concepts.

  • Information on packaging Perl modules; was useful to background information which helped me in figuring out how to install GTop (asdfghhjklklk;;lgh) in Ubuntu 9.10: Hints for Distributors from the Perl Foundation, Debian Perl Packaging Policy. Long story short, there are three main places for packages to put perl modules. For personal installations, you'll want to be using "site" (not "perl", or "vendor". I think that "vendor" is the default of some packaging tools), and that most of the issues I've run into when installing are because the installer tool or the perl module metadata assumes that you're wanting to install into the vendor location

  • Knitted hanging planter! Nifty intersection of [community profile] gardening and [community profile] knitting *g*

  • Keratosis pilaris a fairly common skin condition(?). I apparently have keratosis pilaris alba, (just rough bumps, less scary-looking than the picture). I used to try to "fix" it, but gave up when lotions had no visible effect.

    Apparently there are whole lines of products that can be used against this. Most are marketed as anti-acne, but may help with this as well. Whole lines. I am excited!

  • Filipino version of the Voltes V theme song (with english translations). Went to karaoke a couple of days ago, to Chicago (near Metrowalk), which has a pretty big selection of non-English songs. The big winner for me were the lyrics to the Voltes V theme song (Filipino version -- which is not a translation of either the Japanese or the English theme songs). Voltes V against kidnappers, carnappers, dognappers, snatchers, hold-uppers --- ahhahahhahahah. So much a sign of the times, yes

In other news, working on Dreamwidth has been very agreeable to me. I've come to think of my days as ten half-days, not as five whole days. That gives me a lot of flexibility, and means I have my afternoons free go take care of business for offices that are only open during the daytime (or else to take a siesta. Mmm siesta).

NTS: Take driving exam, get driver's license

It's been a bit odd because I feel that I have a lot of free time even though I've been working a lot, but I've tallied up hours roughly and everything seems right. It's just that the two-to-four extra hours I'd spend on DW stuff after my dayjob is now free time? Plus, I no longer have a one-hour commute (two hours both ways) eating up my time. Will take some getting used to.

I've been playing with Charlie (our minischnauz) a lot. I think he likes my being home about as much as I do *g*

Other things -- my fingernails are now black, my toenails are pearly white, and I somehow ended up in Divisoria (cheap clothes *G*) and came away with five pairs of shorts, two summer dresses, and a skirt. I have never had a summer dress before *G* (Used to think I wasn't girly enough to try these, but they feel great in the summer heat, and they look pretty too *G*)


Friday, March 19th, 2010 06:50 pm
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Some useful places to start if you want to find out about jQuery:

7 Amazing Presentation Slides to Teach you How to Code with jQuery

15 Resources To Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch

And if you don't want to bother with setting up an HTML testbed (I know I was too lazy to!), a quick way to get started playing while going through the slides is the jQuery section of the Google Code Playground.

For example, replace the OnLoad function there with this:
sample code )
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[community profile] 100_women (100 Female Characters, A Fic Challenge) -- I figure a couple of you might be interested in participating :-)

(no subject)

Friday, March 5th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Gorgeously painful poem about the value of daughters as a literary trope.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 02:24 pm
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Oh goodness, how did I not know about

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Whoo! Remember the graph I showed you guys a while back? [ profile] foxfirefey just released the source ^____^

Note: I think you need to be at least fairly technical and have Python on your system to use it.


Friday, February 29th, 2008 04:40 pm
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I just found an alternative to Greasemonkey, called Chickenfoot. I think... it may abstract away some of the more technical language, and it is less sandboxed than Greasemonkey. So basically, more like an extension than a script. If that is true, I wonder how they stop malicious websites or scripts from gaining access? I'm curious; must set aside time (I don't actually have) to play.

out with friends

Saturday, January 12th, 2008 11:05 pm
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Went out with friends to Shangri-La Plaza today, and watched National Treasure. It was pretty good. What I liked most about it is... (cut for spoiler) )

I liked it; it was interesting.

Speaking of things that I like because they're interesting, check out this gorgeous take on the Cinderella story (not a fairy tale; not for kids. Warning, contains sex. I would babble on about it, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Also, words fail me). I've linked to part ten, as it links back to parts one through nine, so do take care not to scroll down that page until you've read the first parts. Originally found via the wonderful [ profile] keilexandra.


I was late to the movie because I accidentally left my wallet at the office last night and had to drop by there first to search for it. Found it in my jacket pocket, untouched. After the movie, I handed out boxes of chocolate truffles (my pasalubong from Hong Kong!). Some milk, some dark, some white, some hazelnut. I hope you guys enjoy them ^_^

Discovered an easter egg for the mall -- a set of out of the way restrooms. No lines! Woohoo!

I felt ravenous after the movie, so I suggested dinner (Pho Hoa; Vietnamese noodle place. Never eaten there before. Flank+brisket+tendon noodle soup is quite good.) Kinarir ni [ profile] habeo ang hoisin sauce ;) Kinarir ko naman ang bean sprouts at basil. Wanted to have some mango crepe, which apparently was infused with pandan, but I was too full after the noodles.

Dinner conversation revolved around various languages, including English in the Philippines, PHP, Java, Lisp, Erlang. A few quick dips into load balancing (which sadly I know little about), and the rules governing domain names and valid email addresses rounded out the small talk nicely.

[ profile] jan247 had to leave early! Sad! But okay, we understand. Some things are more important than friends ;p And then it was just me, [ profile] habeo and [ profile] iruka11. Headed to PowerBooks, right next door to the restaurant. There was a sale! Everything was at least 20% off, so I bought four books: silly book about being a Filipino (You know you're a Filipino if...), The King of Attolia and The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner (I've read The Thief, set in the same universe, and liked it, so this seemed a good gamble), and then bought Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley.

I just remembered that someone may have recommended that last book to me last year (before it was published), though that wasn't in my mind when I picked it up from the shelf. Hmm. Aha, found it.

I love the smell of books, the feeling of covers under my fingertips (matte, glossy, smooth, rough, everything), the fonts and colors as they sit there on the shelf. I have a hard time keeping my fingers and my eyes away from them. I tend to get dizzy when walking past shelves of books, especially long ones, because I'll be trying to walk forward to get to the next set while my eyes (and occasionally fingers) are still trying to read everything behind me.

I'm still revelling in the feeling of having money in my pocket. This is the first major thing I've bought for myself since I started earning*. I mean I've bought books before, but I didn't have to pay for them or anything.... It feels good to own my books completely utterly entirely.

*lunch and treating my family to dinner do not count!

Had on a blouse that was cut lower than I usually wear. The deep V has an amazing slimming effect, but it meant that I had to take care that I didn't accidentally flash anyone when I crouched down to get at the books on the lower shelves. I also had on my sister's sandals so I could walk tall (the things I will do for more height ;-)), and I keep forgetting how much I like the crisp click-clacking of hard heels against tiles. So nice. Tried not to be too obvious that I was enjoying walking so much, but so nice.
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Guys (a.k.a [ profile] habeo, [ profile] iruka11, and others), I think you'll find this blog for learning Japanese interesting. It's described as a site for intermediate/advanced readers, which intimidated me at first, but I've looked at the entries and they're within our abilities (for the most part *G*). More importantly, it's interesting!

There are some tidbits of information, some riddles... I'm only halfway through the existing entries, but I'm having fun. :)