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I passed by the Esplanade, a Sunday market for craftsmen in Melbourne, on my way home from the penguins and [personal profile] juin. Saw a lot of nice things, but the best stall -- the absolute best one, bar none, was a stall near the end which sold various jewelry designed like vintage typewriter keys, scrabble tiles, and vintage mahjong tiles.

The maker assured me that he created the typewriter keys himself -- no vintage typewriters were harmed in the making of the jewelry (awkward joke is ALL MINE)

My left ear says "ctrl", my right ear says "alt", and my ring says "delete". I feel so extremely powerful! Look out world, here I come!

What first caught my eye was the delete ring, which I snatched up with glee and put on my hand, cackling about the power it gave me. And then! And then! I realized that he had a ctrl earring, and that got me to hunting for the "alt" AND NOW I CAN FACE ANY BSOD. ANY AT ALL.

(Talking to [personal profile] rb made me realize that I could also have gotten ctrl+z or basically any other important letter for unix commands. I am a bit sad; if I'd thought of that earlier, I'd have been able to mix and match depending on my mood. Oh well!

But then I didn't have enough money to buy anything else, so!)

Google turned up one hit for him. He doesn't have a website (I asked :-( ), but if you're in Melbourne and you like scrabble/typewriter keys/mahjong, it's well worth it to get your hands on some of the things he's made :D

I saw: cufflinks, rings, earrings. There were also circuitry necklaces, but those were just kinda okay. One ring is $20 AUD, a pair of earrings is also $20 AUD. Not sure about the others.

(I got a discount because of how enthusiastic I was *G* Which was just as well, because I'd calculated that I could spend no more than $35 and still be certain I could get home safe -- I was mentally debating with myself whether I could afford to risk being $5 short, and then he told me he'd give me both for $35 and I was just ASADFGKGHKLKLJLJLK;;;GHH and \o/ and I got them both before he could change his mind)
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Agh! I had a dream last night that I was so disoriented about dates, I thought that today was Monday so I packed up my bags and went straight to the airport, skipping out on the Philip Island penguins. And then I regretted it for the rest of my life D:

I am awake now, and it is still Saturday. There is still time!

Dear dream-self:

I win!

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I have decided that I need to see penguins before I leave ([personal profile] juin introduced me to the idea and we looked up tours on train on the way home I may have fallen in ♥ with the penguins really really hard). So this weekend, I am heading to Philips Island to see waddly fuzzy adorable OMG penguins.


The update page feels SO CLOSE. How close is close? SO CLOSE. (I accidentally introduced a new bug in the latest version I have up for pre-preview. Oops)


Went to see Robin Hood and afterwards got kidnapped and dragged off to [personal profile] juin's place again. Currently eating prawn crackers which are really really good. I can't stop.

ETA And now we have out Pringles. Mmmm.


My email inbox is scary. I think I shall spend some time clearing it.


Still working out the USA thing. *rueful* Maybe I should have figured out feasible areas before deciding I need to meet everyone? See, that would have been smart.
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I'd been struggling with a block with several issues that had been brought up in the update page. Did a mockup of one solution in GIMP. That turned out uglier than ugly, but it led me to figure out how I *should* solve two of the issues that had been holding me up the most.

Now* to see if this works \o/

* more properly, will do that tomorrow


I met [personal profile] thorfinn for brunch/coffee. I think I had a bit too much coffee (said in the same tones as "I think I had a bit too much to drink"). Then, when we got home, I accidentally kinda sat on Anekin (who is perfectly all right, I mostly sat on the blanket covering him, not on himself) and uh. I blame it on the coffee.


Australia in general seems to have great food. Melbourne in particular has food culture.

I had dinner with [personal profile] juin on Wednesday. Had a lot of catching up to do, so we ended up at her place and talked/watched anime until 2? 3am? We both had a cough; she introduced me to horse piss ammonia-based cough syrup which frightened most of my cough away. Had instant pancake mix the next morning for breakfast; her mom makes great pancakes. [personal profile] juin makes great doodles with golden syrup on pancakes. Nutella, even expired, is kinda okay (we had Nutella). Vegemite is yick (we didn't have Vegemite).

That makes four times in four countries (twice was kinda coincidence, twice was kinda planned). How many years did it take us to meet this often? We should meet at least one more time, and that time it'll be my treat :-)


Ookiku Furikabutte is all springtime of youth and blushing it is all about PASSION and it is AWESOME. (I have a weakness for sports anime that is all springtime of youth and passion and awesome).


Hetalia is very... surreal? Gintama as well. I should try to get my hands on more of those and see what happens.

Another side

Monday, May 10th, 2010 11:11 pm
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I've been thinking a lot about how Australia is different from the Philippines in ways that I could not imagine before I actually started staying here. As a tourist, of course I noticed things like how clean the cities were, how green the cities were, how nice various things are, but living in [personal profile] rb's house for the past three days has opened up an entirely different perspective.

This is split off from my previous entry because the mood is entirely different. Three things make an entry, yeah?

convenience matters; small easings can have a disproportionately large effect )

first world problems from the other side )

half-formed idea: how the guarantee of quality is what separates a developed country from the developing )
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I remember the days (back in the Philippines so long ago how has it been a week already?) when I craved the cold -- anything to escape from the summer heat. That was obviously before I stepped out of a shower (a hot shower even!) into a blast of unforgiving cold air. BRRRR! I... had not realized that when people talk about teeth chattering, it is not (always) an exaggeration. I am impressed by anyone who can take their daily showers in the mornings or the evenings. I've been waiting until just about noon to get properly scrubbed and dressed, when the cold is a bit less biting *g*

Anekin, [personal profile] rb's cat (and they are both gorgeous \o/) has been kind enough to let me pet him even when my hands are chillingly cold. I find myself wishing I had hand socks; just realized that that would um, probably be gloves. Yes.

Besides the cold, I seem to have picked up a cold. I was okay in Sydney, but started noticing some slight sniffles once I was in Melbourne (I suspect a combination of the dry colder air and walking past a lot of theaters with smokers hanging out outside irritated my throat). I sound sick -- I sniffle pathetically, and I keep descending into sudden fits of coughing -- but I don't feel sick at all, which is good. I do feel horrible though because [personal profile] rb has been sniffly /o\ Though like me, she appears to not be feeling sick, and I hope that lasts /o\ (Strepsils work, by the way! Until I start laughing, then I start coughing again. Trying not to laugh means I don't laugh -- but I still cough, oops!)

We have had ice cream with sprinkles \o/ It is great \o/ I will forever have space and time for ice cream. The best flavor was definitely the cookies and cream, which [personal profile] rb bought because she couldn't find any cookie dough ice cream. Oddly enough, it tastes like a combination of cookies and cream and cookie dough flavor from back home. I LOVE IT. She's taught me a neat trick: put the bowl into the freezer for at least half an hour before having ice cream; that prevents the ice cream from melting too fast. Will try that at home if I can remember.

I've started working again (hello [site community profile] changelog and bugzilla, missed me? *G*), and have settled into a routine of settling someplace in [personal profile] rb's room, where there is neither Ricky nor cat nor PCA, and typing away on my laptop. Occasionally we talk. It's all very relaxed and homey, and so far [personal profile] rb hasn't kicked me out of her house yet, ahaha. (We have decided it's a silly fear that we both share, that one of us may not like the other, but that doesn't make it any less real!)

Spent some time setting up my environment; found out (via "man ssh" and "man ssh_config") that you can select a different identity file (ssh -i, or IdentityFile), for a specific connection, which is useful for letting me continue to do commits, without having to actually give my netbook all of my laptop's privileges permanently. And [personal profile] rb's 'net connection is even a bit faster than mine is back home, so now I've managed to set up my dev environment properly, and can SSH into my server and tweak files over SSH painlessly. It is awesome.

Other things that are awesome and I'm still getting used to: being able to drink straight from the tap (!!!), and integration with technology (well, with Google anyway). So I asked [personal profile] rb whether there were any yarn stores nearby. She laughed -- not unkindly -- and pointed me to my good friend Google. "yarn store melbourne" gave me a link to maps containing about a dozen, and I'm currently whoa really seriously? yes seriously! I'm excited by both the number of yarn stores, and by how convenient it was to actually get a list of them all, on a map even!

Occasionally, when realizing that things like these are possible -- no, that things like these are easy, I feel incredibly provincial. Ehehehe.

Tomorrow I go meet [personal profile] juin :D I hope I don't forget to bring the stuff that I brought over. I should go dig around in my suitcase just in case there's something there I need. Hmmm.

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Saturday, May 8th, 2010 03:29 pm
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I am safely ensconced at [personal profile] rb's place, and have met Anekin (her cat). I've been catching up to email and my reading page, but I'm a bit (a lot) behind -- hit the skip=1000 limit, and I was only back to May 1 or thereabouts.

Still have some 20-30 emails/comment threads to reply to, and 146 tabs open in my browser (up from two when I started). Triaging! Actual entry will follow at some point

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 09:50 pm
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Sydney is gorgeous, vacation has been pretty low-key and meandering / relaxing. I have free internet from the lobby at the hotel, but I am only skimming my email, not responding to anything until I am officially back online (unless it is really important. So far, because of how awesome everyone is -- ♥ and everyone is so awesome -- I have not needed to)

I have been walking a lot. I have also been eating a lot. Tired in a good way, full from dinner, in a good way, and too sleepy to stay online much longer. ♥ all.

PS. I am reading Gordon Korman's I Want to Go Home ^_^

ETA: My attempt to stay off the internet is failing, even though it's beginning to look like my definition of "stay off the internet" is "to be online less than an hour a day"...


Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 12:27 am
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So I'll be in Australia for the first two weeks of May. I'll be with family from April 30 to May 6, they'll be heading home first, leaving me in Melbourne.

I'll be staying with [personal profile] rb for about a week following that :D Anyone in the Melbourne area want to meet up? I'll be working during that week, but I'll have the weekend/evenings/etc -- I'll have just come off a week being a tourist with my family, so I'll be all touristed out and don't need to be introduced to any of the local tourist spots. I'm hoping for something kinda low-key, just hanging out or going out or whatever.

And do I know anyone in Sydney? *g* I can't remember! Though I can't guarantee I'll be able to meet up with anyone in Sydney, since my family will expect me to hang out with them.

(Man, we need to figure out the itinerary before we go, don't we? I have no idea what we're going to do; I suspect it's four days Sydney, three days Melbourne, and my sister wants to do something from

This is going to be our least planned holiday ever. It's either going to be awesome, or awful *G*)