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In what is slowly becoming a tradition, I got my hair cut just in time for the new year. It looks similar to before, but just a bit sleeker.

In similar news, I'm planning on getting streaks of color.

The last time I had my hair colored, I chose something yellow and ended up with a dark yellow-brown. Which I mean, was different but also meh :p. This time I am aiming for something warmer, in the reddish brown shades.

Am trying to decide whether to go more subtle (more brown!) just for warmth, or less subtle (more red!) for color. *G*
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...somebody please steal my shoes and run away with them (run very very far away).

Today was my cousin's engagement party, so I put on a dress, borrowed heels from my sister, and went to attend the ceremony plus lunch. It's an elaborate, elegant ceremony, involving lots of shiny dresses, lots of shiny stuff, and lots of the bride-to-be walking around and offering the right shiny stuff to the right people in shiny clothes. Really gorgeous and fun to watch.

It was also a lot of people (some of whom I enjoyed spending time with), and a lot of good food (all of which I agreed with at the time, but some of which is currently disagreeing with me).

Afterwards, I headed to the mall in my heels with my brother to buy my mom's Christmas present. Her bag was getting pretty worn out, so I knew what I was going to get her. It was just a matter of finding the perfect one.

We blitzed through all the shops which carried bags, and we found one that was almost perfect! It would be perfect if it were red, but I am happy with what we found.

Somewhere in between the lunch and the mall though, the shoes started rubbing my toes raw, and my pace went from going "*tok* *tok* *tok*" to "*awkward clomp* *pause* *thwonk* *pause* *big gallumphing blonk*" (Something about the shoes being half a size too big and my walk being really really fast because we needed to head home soon)

Isasauli ko ang sapatos sa kapatid ko pag-uwi. Sa kaniya na lang :-) (I'm giving back the shoes to my sister when I get home. She can have them)

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Monday, November 29th, 2010 12:30 pm
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So I have this strapless top. It has yellow and white flowers on a black background so cute but not too cute. It's loose and flowy, and has a gigantic decorative zipper so nice but not too nice. I've worn it a couple of times, and I really like it.

One problem: it doesn't fit quite right. The zipper sags down the back and the front is a bit strange but you know I just really like the pattern, so I still wear it.

Today I got tired of struggling to zip it up the back, so I decided to put the zipper on the front and just turn the top around after. I zip it up... and for the first time ever the top fits perfectly.

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I passed by the Esplanade, a Sunday market for craftsmen in Melbourne, on my way home from the penguins and [personal profile] juin. Saw a lot of nice things, but the best stall -- the absolute best one, bar none, was a stall near the end which sold various jewelry designed like vintage typewriter keys, scrabble tiles, and vintage mahjong tiles.

The maker assured me that he created the typewriter keys himself -- no vintage typewriters were harmed in the making of the jewelry (awkward joke is ALL MINE)

My left ear says "ctrl", my right ear says "alt", and my ring says "delete". I feel so extremely powerful! Look out world, here I come!

What first caught my eye was the delete ring, which I snatched up with glee and put on my hand, cackling about the power it gave me. And then! And then! I realized that he had a ctrl earring, and that got me to hunting for the "alt" AND NOW I CAN FACE ANY BSOD. ANY AT ALL.

(Talking to [personal profile] rb made me realize that I could also have gotten ctrl+z or basically any other important letter for unix commands. I am a bit sad; if I'd thought of that earlier, I'd have been able to mix and match depending on my mood. Oh well!

But then I didn't have enough money to buy anything else, so!)

Google turned up one hit for him. He doesn't have a website (I asked :-( ), but if you're in Melbourne and you like scrabble/typewriter keys/mahjong, it's well worth it to get your hands on some of the things he's made :D

I saw: cufflinks, rings, earrings. There were also circuitry necklaces, but those were just kinda okay. One ring is $20 AUD, a pair of earrings is also $20 AUD. Not sure about the others.

(I got a discount because of how enthusiastic I was *G* Which was just as well, because I'd calculated that I could spend no more than $35 and still be certain I could get home safe -- I was mentally debating with myself whether I could afford to risk being $5 short, and then he told me he'd give me both for $35 and I was just ASADFGKGHKLKLJLJLK;;;GHH and \o/ and I got them both before he could change his mind)
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I keep getting sucked into coding the entire day! Sans the afternoons when I usually take a break and head out for errands into the summer heat -- I think there may be something wrong with this plan. OTOH I usually go from my room which only has the electric fan to places with aircon, and I avoid the blackouts that way so this plan is somehow accidentally completely okay!

I have 75 tabs open right now, and I really need to cut down, so I'm taking some time tonight to knock things down a bit. Here, have some links:

  • [site community profile] dw_mobile: New official community for the mobile page, headed by [personal profile] dreamatdrew; mobile brainstorming post in [site community profile] dw_biz

  • Animal Reviews blog: Humorous reviews of animals. Science and snark!

  • Dreamwidth swag, eeeeeeh! I am plotting :-)

  • jQuery Widgets tutorial - I've been doing a lot of jQuery lately. jQuery is seriously *gorgeous* as far as frameworks go. I love it. Hmm, I just realized I'm not doing a proper widget though, but that can wait until later. I'm still pretty happy with the shape of my code

  • chocolate ice cubes, via [community profile] omnomnom

  • Typewriter sound effects for the mac. Not going to grab the application, but that brings up memories of our typing class in high school, where we learned to touch type, occasionally blindfolded, on actual typewriters. Mine broke during final exams -- one moment I'm typing away, the next, ball bearings are flying everywhere. I may or may not have learned to type in Dvorak to wipe away the memories of that class from my mind.

  • jQuery developer guide - some good medium-level tips. These do assume you're familiar with basic jQuery concepts.

  • Information on packaging Perl modules; was useful to background information which helped me in figuring out how to install GTop (asdfghhjklklk;;lgh) in Ubuntu 9.10: Hints for Distributors from the Perl Foundation, Debian Perl Packaging Policy. Long story short, there are three main places for packages to put perl modules. For personal installations, you'll want to be using "site" (not "perl", or "vendor". I think that "vendor" is the default of some packaging tools), and that most of the issues I've run into when installing are because the installer tool or the perl module metadata assumes that you're wanting to install into the vendor location

  • Knitted hanging planter! Nifty intersection of [community profile] gardening and [community profile] knitting *g*

  • Keratosis pilaris a fairly common skin condition(?). I apparently have keratosis pilaris alba, (just rough bumps, less scary-looking than the picture). I used to try to "fix" it, but gave up when lotions had no visible effect.

    Apparently there are whole lines of products that can be used against this. Most are marketed as anti-acne, but may help with this as well. Whole lines. I am excited!

  • Filipino version of the Voltes V theme song (with english translations). Went to karaoke a couple of days ago, to Chicago (near Metrowalk), which has a pretty big selection of non-English songs. The big winner for me were the lyrics to the Voltes V theme song (Filipino version -- which is not a translation of either the Japanese or the English theme songs). Voltes V against kidnappers, carnappers, dognappers, snatchers, hold-uppers --- ahhahahhahahah. So much a sign of the times, yes

In other news, working on Dreamwidth has been very agreeable to me. I've come to think of my days as ten half-days, not as five whole days. That gives me a lot of flexibility, and means I have my afternoons free go take care of business for offices that are only open during the daytime (or else to take a siesta. Mmm siesta).

NTS: Take driving exam, get driver's license

It's been a bit odd because I feel that I have a lot of free time even though I've been working a lot, but I've tallied up hours roughly and everything seems right. It's just that the two-to-four extra hours I'd spend on DW stuff after my dayjob is now free time? Plus, I no longer have a one-hour commute (two hours both ways) eating up my time. Will take some getting used to.

I've been playing with Charlie (our minischnauz) a lot. I think he likes my being home about as much as I do *g*

Other things -- my fingernails are now black, my toenails are pearly white, and I somehow ended up in Divisoria (cheap clothes *G*) and came away with five pairs of shorts, two summer dresses, and a skirt. I have never had a summer dress before *G* (Used to think I wasn't girly enough to try these, but they feel great in the summer heat, and they look pretty too *G*)


Friday, August 14th, 2009 12:41 am
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I'm allowing myself one big purchase a month. July's was treating my family to dinner (which is actually this Sunday, but I'd set aside the money for it last month). Family here is defined as: immediate family, grandpa on my dad's side, one family of cousins+aunt.

August's is a new pair of shoes!

Shoe on foot on chair:
brown sneaker on my foot, propped up against a stack of chairs

Shoe on foot on magazine on counter:
brown sneaker on my foot, propped up on the kitchen counter

Shoes on basin:
brown sneakers propped up against a basin

Brown sneakers; wibbled between the brown and the red, but the brown looks all-around nicer, and matches up with almost anything, which is good because I'm going to be wearing it every day/with everything. It's slightly less casual than my rubber shoes, which I've had to use because I haven't had anything to replace them with (until now ^_^), and which I can now reserve purely for gym/running.

Yayyy I have new shoes!

(Next month I want RAM, and the month after that maybe I can buy feminine sandals :p)
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Ah, I love that song.

Bought some nail polish during lunch break. Plan to paint my nails later ^__^ I don't really like much makeup (makes me break out, hah), tends to be crazy expensive (at least, the kinds that don't make me break out... as much), and I don't ever use it all up.

But nail polish seems like it could be safe. Also, I just found some brands sell tiny vials, which are very inexpensive: 10 pesos each for the smallest size (that's approximately 20 cents, converted to USD ;-)). So there's plenty of opportunity for experimentation, and if I don't use it all up, well I'm only wasting a little money/little polish.

I wanted a light blue, or some fresh-looking green, or a deep maroon, but most of this brand is various shades of red/pink/weird-garish-glitter.

So I got: black (eggplant color?), super black (why didn't they just call the black "eggplant" and this "black"?), super white, platinum, and love (light pink shade. I'm not sure what I think about love as a light pink shade *doubtful*)

Will play later!