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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 10:54 pm
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I'm switching my laptop from VMWare to VirtualBox (basically cloning the already working version from my desktop, which has things properly set up for email, etc) -- and ran into issues with networking. And at first I thought it was because I hadn't set up dnsmasq properly, or that it was this old issue with setting up dhcp that I vaguely remembered having to deal with the first time.

But after fixing all that, still nothing. And uh. It turns out the solution was to rename the interfaces from eth0/eth1 to eth4/eth5.

I have no idea what just happened, other than that my computers have decided that it's fun to mess with me.

(I think the main reason I'm leery of sysad stuff is that every time I come back to edit something, I have to basically start from scratch. I should try to figure out how to easily document my actions when I work on the sysadmin side of things, so I can find out what I just did, two months from now.

It's really easy for code, e.g., git status, git stash, but the same trial and error approach I do for code just leads to confusion when I try to remember what I just did when it comes to working on my system...)

(I'm beginning to think that the other reason I find sysadminning so hard is that I only rarely can figure out from the instructions which parameters are arbitrary, and which parameters must be based on values from your system. For instance, in:

VBoxManage dhcpserver add –netname (the internal network name e.g. intnet) –ip <your RFC 1918 address> (e.g. 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x)\
–netmask <your subnet mask> (e.g. –lowerip <your lower IP range> (e.g. –upperip <your upper IP range> (e.g.
  • --netname is arbitrary
  • --ip is sort of arbitrary, but I thought it had to be based off an already assigned ip address
  • -- netmask is always just for my purposes
  • --lowerip/--upperip are arbitrary, but since I was confused about --ip before...

Also in the GUI, there's an adapter IP and the DHCP server IP, and it's not clear whether the --ip is for the former or the latter. It turns out it's the former, but good heavens how do people know? I basically had to plug in reasonable-seeming values and restarting stuff to test, with the only feedback being that it either failed or succeeded, and no way of telling which of the inputs was the reason for the failure, or if it was none of those.

UGH. Not my favorite thing in the world.)

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Hmm, apparently I need to check Meralco's website for when the (thus-far) daily rolling blackout is about to hit my area, so I can schedule a break or non-internet-reliant work stuff then.

I shouldn't be offline for more than an hour or two, but if it's going to happen every day, then I'd better figure out something to do with that time!
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Okay, here's one thing that bothers me: occasionally, I stop being able to connect to my brother's computer on our home network. Let's call this computer "brother".

So I'll still see "brother" under the Shared section of the Finder sidebar, but double-clicking on it gives me a "Connection failed", and clicking "Connect as" on the upper right either has no visible effect, or gives a pop-up with the text "The server “brother” may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again."

In Console (Applications > Utilities > Terminal), there's this error message in the system log:
SharePointBrowser::handleOpenCallBack returned 64

Judicious googling tells me that indicates the remote server is down, which is not true! My laptop just thinks it is. No amount of flushing dnscache (whether by doing dscacheutil -flushcache, or killall -HUP mDNSResolver) could fix it. It's also not a network setup issue, because I've been able to connect to this computer before and if I restart, etc, I'll be able to connect to it again.

I just spent the evening digging into this, because it frustrates me so, and I think I've finally got some solutions that work well enough that I want to share (also note them down so I can find them when I next need them!):

three things that worked for me under the cut )

And there! I haven't managed to google up *any* solution to this kind of issue (except for advice to restart, but again that's not always feasible), so I've tried to put down everything that I could, and maybe it can help someone else in the future.

Future self, if this happens to you again, please remember to look at this entry.
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Need to write an entry for [site community profile] dw_styles, but I can never quite get the time. Schedule for this week, before next news post?
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Started from these instructions, but some modules try to install files into /usr/lib, which causes an error about being unable bto overwrite. I ran into this while trying to install a later version of Net::OpenID::Server/Net::OpenID::Consumer, in particular.

One solution is to force the install, but I don't know what other effect that could have.

The better solution is in this comment with similar but slightly different series of steps, from debian-administration.org.

(Note: in case it wasn't clear -- I had to figure it out through trial and error -- the rules.MakeMaker.noxs you're editing is the one in ~/.dh-make-perl)

So far so good; about to try it out.

ETA: Works!
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Spent about half an hour going through the different options, trying to figure out how to get a live human being. Eventually I won through (wooohoo!). And now, in case I wake up tomorrow having forgotten, the cheat code is:

up up down down left right left right b a start

1 - (HSBC, not HSBC Banking)
2 - (credit card, not loan applications or whatever)
# - (don't input credit card number)
4 - (other card services -- which didn't have any indication that there would be a person on the line!)
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Investigated all four issues while I was logged in to LJ and as both logged in and logged out of Photobucket.

four different issues with inserting images via RTE: diagnostic work, error messages, all that dull stuff )

More context in the headers themselves. Urgh, I'm too lazy to dig around PB to figure out what's going on (not even sure I can? Dig around, I mean. Also figure out what's going on)

'Kay, I think at this point, I need to update the RT ticket about being unable to paste images using photobucket, and possibly file another one about the "OK" button's appearance being delayed, and another one about the "please type image url" popup. And then uh. Possibly IC where necessary, but tomorrow. Think I need to stop work on this particular issue for today. Need a night's rest before I can whip this into shape to make coherent ICs, reports, etc. Here's to hoping I don't forget :P

Also, must remember to find out whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem (more to the point, if not everyone is experiencing this problem, then why?)
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Whenever I'm stuck for something to say, I use the word "thing" or "dead" to fill it in so I can move on. Occasionally, I almost submit the form without fixing the filler words, and am only stopped by the realization that no, "thing" is not helpful, and also it's not really "dead".
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Saw it recced here, and I'm excited! It's coming out in September, by which time I'll be in China. I hope I'll still be able to find it there (or at least manage to find it when I get home around Christmas :))


Thursday, June 28th, 2007 01:44 pm
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Note to self:

Body needs more than an hour and a half of sleep a night. Moreover, no longer (as) young (as before). Cannot live on less than three hours a night every night for half a week straight.

(Events past midnight regularly send adrenaline rushing through my veins, but I pay the next morning :D)

set mode=CRASH

Note to self:
Edit grease, fix arrays.
Edit grease, fix autocomplete,
New grease, i.&t.
Help T_T.

I have big plans for tonight. First step: curl up in bed. Everything follows :)

Global I2s are excellent.

(I keep nodding off to sleep and then waking up when certain keywords run through my head :D (I promise I shall stop spazzing out over support soon, at least in entries (I seriously hope tomorrow will be a more coherent day (is it period inside or period outside? The inconsistency is bugging me.).).))


[livejournal.com profile] murklins, I have an idea bouncing in my head and need to talk code <3 But do not let me do it tonight, for the sake of my sanity, please! But remind me if you remember? And if you don't, I'll pounce on you if I do remember.


Hard drive still dead. Still haven't recovered from when I lost all my data two months ago, so this latest failure didn't hit me as hard. I hope I can get a new one (covered under warranty).

--- 3:37pm ---
Took a nap! Reenergized!
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Meh, my real name has become linked to my LJ just as I enter the job market. I've managed to get the links taken down (thank you, both of you, for listening to my request so quickly *hugs*), but I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of my online life being mixed with my offline life.

I'm also too lazy to check to see which entries, if any, contain incriminating (read: embarrassing) evidence. Therefore, I'm going to change all my friends-only entries to private, and all my public entries to friends-only.

I really dislike having to do this, but it's about time I listen to my inner paranoiac.

Note to self:
Set up a friends-only banner/entry, or whatever it is other people do in these circumstances.