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Thursday, May 15th, 2014 11:06 am
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ummmmmmmm so I'm in SF from May 2 - June 4 :D? I kept meaning to post about it and suddenly oops it's ten days I've been here and apparently I never did say anything

San Francisco :)

Monday, August 19th, 2013 12:53 pm
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Iiiiii will be in the San Francisco area from August 23 to October 8 . Anyone in the area want to meet up at some point?

Last weekend of August work out particularly well for me, but there's plenty of time otherwise!
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I am excited :D next two months will be filled with a ridiculous amount of travel.

It all starts May 16 when I leave to go through Alaska with family (cruise, lol) for a week, and then a trip to the Canadian Rockies (because mountains, ice, beautiful amazing views, what's not to love :DD).

The amazing thing is that the timing is *perfect*. Two days after my family flies home, YAPC starts. And through sheer luck, that's also when we've scheduled the DW folks gathering this year. My People, man :)

Off to Boston for work/play (if you are local and interested, and haven't signed up for the Boston area hackathon yet, please do :D). I uh, hear tell there are lots of cool folks in Boston <3

Then OSBridge from June 18-21, and then back across the ocean for me :)

I'm excited! Looking forward to seeing people and doing stuff. (Conferences are an amazing jolt in the arm, I wonder if what we'll come up with by then... phew!)

So who's going to YAPC and OSBridge? And who's around in Boston / Portland (maybe Vancouver, depending on the date)?


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 11:04 pm
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Ehehehe. I thought I would be sharing a room with my mom. Turns out I'm sharing with my mom and two aunts. Ehehehe. Ehe. Ehe.

I'm getting very good at accepting being told the obvious. I suspect it's because I take their mind off grandma /o\

Being in SF with my family always leaves me feeling like a helpless kid. IDK IDK. Like I can drive and get around fine back home but I try to volunteer to help out by driving here (or even parking) and I just get roundly ignored.

Maybe for good reason, my instincts are all wrong. No one uses the horn which makes me very dubious that I'm polite enough for these roads. (Not that I use the horn *im*politely but idk idk). Also puzzlingly... okay so it took me a while to figure out that back home you're generally allowed to turn right even on a red light, unless there's a sign saying otherwise. But after careful observation that doesn't seem to be the case here? Anyway what I'm saying is it's a good thing I'm not the one driving here :p

Tomorrow is going to be painful. There's a huge family conference which I'm thankfully exempt from because, ahem, I'm not one of the adults yet. Look, sometimes it gets annoying but I'm not going to complain about it now.

We spent five hours switching hotels earlier today, and popped into four hotels in a wide loop only to end up about a mile down the road from where we started. I'm exhausted and after spending so much time trapped in a car with people who really don't let me get a word in edgewise (after asking me to look things up on the map ;_;), I'm very happy to have separate time.

Tomorrow evening should be excellent though. Attending my cousin's recital someplace in Union Square :) she was pretty good last time I heard her sing, and she's been training since then. Made her promise to give me a couple free tickets to her performances when she gets all famous. This is a reasonable start ;)

Can I manufacture a work emergency? I know some of you thought I was kidding when I said I was going to work while I was here but I was serious about that. Because! Notfamily!time!

ON A FINAL NOTE: Cable television scars... Scares me (thank you autocorrect) but this is not new.

Dinner on the 15th

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 02:23 pm
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We're doing dinner on the 15th; feel free to join us. Please comment so we can keep a head count *G*

* July 15, Thursday, 7:30
* Cafe Zitouna, at 1201 Sutter
* The neighborhood is Tendernob; the 19 Polk bus stops in front of it, which connects to Civic Center Bart. The 2 Clement and 3 Jackson also run by it, and those stop at (maybe) Montgomery Bart.

More travel plans

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 12:38 am
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* getting on my flight Tuesday morning my time, so I'll be out of office starting then, with occasional bouts of the internet. Will be bringing my main laptop instead of the netbook, because I'm not sure about internet access (though I'm pretty sure I'll have it for at least some of the days there :D)

(though -- ew -- I just downloaded Coconut Battery and apparently my poor abused battery is at 30% capacity. I think that's only enough for about an hour of regular use. Will need to buy a new battery at some point during my trip)

* going to go on a quick commit run on Monday. I don't think there are any urgent bugs that require attention, so I'll be concentrating on committing rather than writing patches of my own

* speaking of patches of my own, mmm, jQuery

* still waiting to hear back from family in the USA before I can figure out how to handle the California portion (will reply to comments as soon as they respond!).

* I packed yesterday :D I've never finished packing so early. I've never started packing so early, either! Trying to figure out whether my suitcase is too large, and whether I'll need some warmer clothes. It's most definitely not too small, hah.

* I have also discovered that you can (most likely) bring bamboo circulars on the plane. Will confirm at the checkin counter, and of course, will bring books. These bamboo circulars are cheap though, and the knitting it's on is uncomplicated, so worst case I can just take the needles out of the work and throw them away.

(It would make me sad and my hands itch, but well)

* will withdraw money from the bank on Monday! Have asked for smaller bills so um. Hopefully I don't get stuck with all hundreds.

* I still can't place how much a dollar is worth. Or five dollars. Or twenty. Or a hundred. Absolute converted value is easy, but how much would you need for, say, lunch or dinner?
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I have decided that I need to see penguins before I leave ([personal profile] juin introduced me to the idea and we looked up tours on train on the way home I may have fallen in ♥ with the penguins really really hard). So this weekend, I am heading to Philips Island to see waddly fuzzy adorable OMG penguins.


The update page feels SO CLOSE. How close is close? SO CLOSE. (I accidentally introduced a new bug in the latest version I have up for pre-preview. Oops)


Went to see Robin Hood and afterwards got kidnapped and dragged off to [personal profile] juin's place again. Currently eating prawn crackers which are really really good. I can't stop.

ETA And now we have out Pringles. Mmmm.


My email inbox is scary. I think I shall spend some time clearing it.


Still working out the USA thing. *rueful* Maybe I should have figured out feasible areas before deciding I need to meet everyone? See, that would have been smart.


Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 01:49 am
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Leaving in less than twenty-four hours to head home. The trip itself will take more than a day (13 hours to HK, 12 hour layover in HK, and then three more hours to home).

Last minute packing and making sure I haven't left my passport/toiletries/important stuff (like INCRIMINATING PHOTOS) anywhere. I'll come online if/when I can <3

I love it here, but I miss home. Can I take San Francisco home in my pocket? Or Burlingame, if San Francisco is a bit too much to ask.

(Really good thing about going home: when I'm online, I'll (probably) actually be online, instead of being logged in, but just taking a peek at things in between bathing and combing my hair and eating breakfast and getting ready to go out and washing up from going out and eating dinner and brushing my teeth and hopping downstairs to curl up in bed. I shall miss here so much.)

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007 08:23 am
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I'm an addict. An internet addict. 5min. until I have to go, and I want to pop upstairs and go online for *just* a minute. That's where it starts, doesn't it?

Well, it's 30 minutes, and not five, so HI FOLKS (and BYE).