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Thursday, May 15th, 2014 11:06 am
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ummmmmmmm so I'm in SF from May 2 - June 4 :D? I kept meaning to post about it and suddenly oops it's ten days I've been here and apparently I never did say anything

San Francisco :)

Monday, August 19th, 2013 12:53 pm
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Iiiiii will be in the San Francisco area from August 23 to October 8 . Anyone in the area want to meet up at some point?

Last weekend of August work out particularly well for me, but there's plenty of time otherwise!


Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 12:49 am
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I'm basically going to have spotty (ahem *expensive*) internet connection between May 16-25, and then from the 26th to the 31st I may have internet but I'll probably only be taking advantage in the evenings.

Afterwards I'll be back online because YAPC :D

If anyone needs me, email is your best bet <3
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I am excited :D next two months will be filled with a ridiculous amount of travel.

It all starts May 16 when I leave to go through Alaska with family (cruise, lol) for a week, and then a trip to the Canadian Rockies (because mountains, ice, beautiful amazing views, what's not to love :DD).

The amazing thing is that the timing is *perfect*. Two days after my family flies home, YAPC starts. And through sheer luck, that's also when we've scheduled the DW folks gathering this year. My People, man :)

Off to Boston for work/play (if you are local and interested, and haven't signed up for the Boston area hackathon yet, please do :D). I uh, hear tell there are lots of cool folks in Boston <3

Then OSBridge from June 18-21, and then back across the ocean for me :)

I'm excited! Looking forward to seeing people and doing stuff. (Conferences are an amazing jolt in the arm, I wonder if what we'll come up with by then... phew!)

So who's going to YAPC and OSBridge? And who's around in Boston / Portland (maybe Vancouver, depending on the date)?


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 11:04 pm
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Ehehehe. I thought I would be sharing a room with my mom. Turns out I'm sharing with my mom and two aunts. Ehehehe. Ehe. Ehe.

I'm getting very good at accepting being told the obvious. I suspect it's because I take their mind off grandma /o\

Being in SF with my family always leaves me feeling like a helpless kid. IDK IDK. Like I can drive and get around fine back home but I try to volunteer to help out by driving here (or even parking) and I just get roundly ignored.

Maybe for good reason, my instincts are all wrong. No one uses the horn which makes me very dubious that I'm polite enough for these roads. (Not that I use the horn *im*politely but idk idk). Also puzzlingly... okay so it took me a while to figure out that back home you're generally allowed to turn right even on a red light, unless there's a sign saying otherwise. But after careful observation that doesn't seem to be the case here? Anyway what I'm saying is it's a good thing I'm not the one driving here :p

Tomorrow is going to be painful. There's a huge family conference which I'm thankfully exempt from because, ahem, I'm not one of the adults yet. Look, sometimes it gets annoying but I'm not going to complain about it now.

We spent five hours switching hotels earlier today, and popped into four hotels in a wide loop only to end up about a mile down the road from where we started. I'm exhausted and after spending so much time trapped in a car with people who really don't let me get a word in edgewise (after asking me to look things up on the map ;_;), I'm very happy to have separate time.

Tomorrow evening should be excellent though. Attending my cousin's recital someplace in Union Square :) she was pretty good last time I heard her sing, and she's been training since then. Made her promise to give me a couple free tickets to her performances when she gets all famous. This is a reasonable start ;)

Can I manufacture a work emergency? I know some of you thought I was kidding when I said I was going to work while I was here but I was serious about that. Because! Notfamily!time!

ON A FINAL NOTE: Cable television scars... Scares me (thank you autocorrect) but this is not new.

Out of the country!

Thursday, April 19th, 2012 09:42 am
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I'm going to be in Africa with family :) I'm excited! Also overpacked (because oh god autumn how does one dress for weather that's hot and cold?), but mostly excited!

Africa's far enough that I don't think I could ever go again -- unlike, say most of Asia -- so we're staying a pretty long (but cool. or warm? damnit autumn) ten days. The plan is to be in Capetown for most of the trip, with a side trip to see Victoria Falls, which is apparently *gorgeous* (and is also the reason I had that fail vaccination /o\).



Monday, July 11th, 2011 05:55 pm
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Need to grab my camera and upload pics later, but for now, what is important is:

* home safe, did not miss my flight from Thailand to Manila (by a narrow margin, because I was so sleepy from the first flight, I sat at the wrong gate)

* have caught up to my read page and have half a bajillion tabs open to comment to later; really should have a link to transition to per-day reading if your account type supports it. I had to look it up in the code which not everyone can do...

* will probably nap before any commenting though. The jetlag is bouncing me up and down really hard. (Luckily it didn't hit anywhere close to this hard on the way out to the UK!)

* I love my ipad, but it feels really good to be back at my laptop again *_*
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There's certain questions I want to ask, but there's a huge thread going on in Ravelry right now that makes me feel a bit scared that if I do ask, people will look down on me for not being smart enough or else think I'm being too lazy to dig things up on my own /o\

The problem isn't that I can't figure out what to do, it's that I can see two different ways to do this thing, can think of a reason for having each be better than the other, and a third reason besides that basically means it doesn't matter which one I pick. And if I explain my thought process, maybe I'll come across as overthinking, or if I don't explain maybe I'll come across as under...thinking.

Guh social stuff /o\

So I'm promising myself that I'm going to stay away from the forums (except free pattern testers <3) and switch back to using Ravelry to keep track of my projects and stash. (<33 projects and stash pages)


I just finished a pair of fingerless gloves just in case I need them for the trip :D I am excited because it's cooooooold over there (though I get the impression that it's getting warm, or at least not chilly. But I'd prefer to overpack rather than underpack, assuming I don't break my suitcase trying to stuff everything in...)

I'm just, look okay , I'm completely ridiculous when it comes to cold weather. I LOVE IT and also I end up shivering uncontrollably because I overestimate my capacity to handle the cold. I feel that 25 degrees is nice: slightly chilly but nice, and anything below 23 degrees is for bundling up or hiding under a blanket. So, yeah scarves and vests and sweaters and... stuff. I will look ridiculous /o\ BUT AT LEAST I WILL BE WARM. (I hope)


I've been packed and ready to go for almost a week now. That's kinda amazing because I usually put off packing until the night before any trip :D

But then again I don't usually take trips that are over two weeks long on my own money and with everything planned by me....


SO NERVOUS IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY. Except for how I'm spending a lot of time grinning in anticipation. Four days! Or three plus travel time plus change.


I have withdrawn dollars and have converted some to pounds and my credit card company rushed me a card in the nick of time (who was careless and accidentally lost her credit card the week before she was leaving the country? THAT'S RIGHT). I've done some research (not all, there's still time for that later), and have a tentative plan for what to do with whom where and when ...assuming I didn't forget to get back to some people O_O I wouldn't be surprised if I did. Didn't? Planning is not my strong suit /o\ Neither is not losing things /o\ /o\


I intend to relax and enjoy this trip, treat it like a low-key meet-friends kinda thing rather than a stressful must-see-all-the-sights whirlwind tour. So um. ummmm (if applicable): HI






Geeeeeeh ;_;




I'm promising myself to only buy a couple balls of yarn from each country I'm in rather than trying to single-handedly bring the entire yarn inventory of the UK back home. :-D Since I only have limited luggage space and I'm on a budget, this should be an easy promise to keep.

(until I actually walk into the store. Then all bets are off)


Geez, I'm all ready to go, why can't the weekend be over yet? But also I'm nervous, and I'm kinda glad that there's still three more days to get ready.


I'm slightly anxious about customs. A friend of mine was telling me about how she was pulled aside while entering another country ( not England ) for a very pointed interview, because she was travelling alone while single, female, and holding a Philippine passport. (oh hi there)

I mean I'm almost certain that I'll have no issues -- there are so many other people going through customs every day, there's very little chance they'll have time for me, you know? Plus totally different country altogether, and also going to a different country is a privilege not a right so if necessary they do have the authority to turn anyone away blah blah blah it's not like anyone is guaranteed to be able to enter any other country: I'm not unique in that. It's just. I'm anxious.

What if I look suspicious? or say the wrong thing? or give the wrong impression? and get kicked out before I so much as even set foot outside the airport? What if I'm shifty-eyed or too I dunno. SUSPICIOUS. Whatever. eh. It's not going to happen (most likely!). I'm still anxious.

And there are the other things, but I like to pretend that they don't exist as considerations because if I think about them my head will explode I'll be so nervous I'll start looking more worthy of suspicion.


INSTEAD I will think about the other side! and getting past paperwork and bureaucracy! and being somewhere cold! and meeting friends! people! other friends! and concentrate on not losing my passport or my visa or my money or my credit cards or my clothes!

Just, stuff.


Suitcase is really heavy now, but a lot of that is stuff that I'll be giving folks when I get to the other side. I should be able to free up space and weight for the trip home :D


I love flying. I mean literally just everything about it, even the long lines at the airport and the ridiculously tight seats in the economy section. (It helps that I have really short legs). Just something about the whole process that I love *_* I go really hyper the day before a flight, and just before the flight too. Though thankfully not so much on the actual plane (other than grinning like an idiot and peering out the window even though I've seen similar things many other times before *G*). If I were as hyper on the plane as I am in the airport, they'd have probably kicked me out an emergency exit a long time ago >_>


I have one knitting project in my carry-on (an unstarted Noro scarf), half of another in my luggage (half-finished Clapotis), an iPad, a phone, Jim Hines' Goblin series (which I haven't started yet or even read any reviews about, but going off of his fairy tale princess series I think I'll like it).

I'm considering whether to bring along C. Valente's Palimpsest novel. On the one hand I do have plenty of ebooks so I shouldn't need to bring so many physical books. On the other, I have that ten-hour layover in Bangkok, and I don't remember if they have wall sockets for passengers to plug in there.

One weekend + one day + one travel day left...
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A few things, in random order:

A. Have been immersed in code to the point where I don't want to drag my thought-process out of it into English.

B. Am I even speaking English now? *thinks* yeah I guess I am

C. Basically, anything that doesn't end with a semi-colon isn't making much sense to me

D. I owe comments, like a lot of them. Like seriously a lot. I will try to catch up soon

E. I kinda love people. JUST SAYING.

F. I also kinda hate all paperwork. And bills. But mostly hate the bills because of the paperwork

G. My internet keeps going down o_o Good thing I have code to keep me company...

H. Hello iTunes-U! (When I can connect to you anyway)

I. Owe a commit run <3 Some good patches in there

J. Planning a trip is stressful. And fun. Also stressful. I owe comments about this as well <---- I will get back to you soon!

K. Like I guess most everyone else on Ravelry, I've started a Clapotis. Sock yarn, in a very pastel rainbow. Trying to decide whether that makes it good or bad.

L. I keep forgetting to eat meals >_< Good thing I have Doritos right here beside me.

M. I have plane tickets, as well as lodgings for London but not yet finalized anything else. Must get on that!

N. I just realized that I have what amounts to a 24-hour layover in the Thailand airport on the way home? Unless that's an hour and a half, not 25-and-a-half hours O_o I guess I should have paid more attention to that part of the trip.

O. I need sleep so I will good night ♥

Germany probably off

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 11:53 pm
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Germany is most likely off. For various reasons let's not get into (partly it's my incompetence, partly it's that the entire process feels designed to trip up anyone trying to go through it, exacerbated by how the people in the call center entered the wrong information for my application), my appointment today didn't even get started; I have a new appointment for June 1.

That leaves me in a bind. The visa process is going to take either 10-12 working days, or 10-12 calendar days. That means at best I have a week's leeway, and at worst I have one day to get my passport back, with no way to make concrete plans in between now and then because I may or may not have a visa in the end.

I don't think I can relax until this is over :( I need to sleep on it, but as of tonight I've talked myself into making this a UK-only trip, and scheduling a different Schengen-countries-only trip (time and money willing!)

See, if I'm not going to have to save up for the Germany leg, I'll have enough money to choose one or two more places around the UK, and in hindsight it makes sense to not stress about getting two visas each on two trips, and I'd only need to deal with one currency at a time (everything in the UK uses pounds sterling right? Will research that).

That is, instead of doing London + Germany this trip, and Wales + France to a second trip, why not do London + Wales this trip and Germany + France + ??? the next? Makes sense right?

Also it'd give me time to be a good traveller and pick up usable bits and pieces of the languages of my eventual destination Schengen-area-countries :) Trying to decide whether I'm sour-graping and giving up too early, or bowing to practicality. MAYBE BOTH.

My apologies to everyone who I have made tentative plans with that just fell through ♥ So so so sorry for all the fuss and effort!

eek, eek

Monday, May 16th, 2011 12:13 pm
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I don't dare talk about Germany right now. I have an appointment at the embassy for Wednesday morning and I'm nervous and flaily.

One reason is that I just found out that the the credit card company rejected my application after two months (they rejected it faster than that, but there was no notification of failure, and the lookup tool on their website didn't work, so I only found out when I stopped being patient and called them up).

Anyway, so I submitted much the same kind of documentation to the credit card company as I am about to to the German embassy. If the credit card company doesn't think my application is okay, then will the German embassy? I lucked out at the UK embassy, because they have laxer rules if you've been to certain other countries (which I had). There was no indication of that at the German embassy though.

(I'm also grumpy because the visa application requires you to, among other things, present them my bank account records and credit card records for the past six months which I feel is none of their business, but if I don't play along I can't get in? But it just feels annoying and creepy, and it makes me so grumpy :()

URGH. So anyway, not talking about it, I will post / comment / reply to messages about plans once I know one way or another. CROSSING FINGERS.
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I guess this is for real? I've just reserved an apartment in London from June 22-29.

Next up is getting my Germany visa :)

But anyone interested in meeting up in either Germany or London* **?

([personal profile] yvi will you be around those dates, or will I manage to miss you somehow? D:)
([personal profile] dani_the_girl I owe you a comment!)

* comparing a country to a city isn't fair, but I have figured out lodgings in England while I'm still trying to figure out lodgings in Germany, if I can even get my visa in time *G*

* Also I say London... but I'm trying to figure out day trips outside and stuff**

** I am not precisely the most organized person around, in case that wasn't obvious

Cambodia day 1

Saturday, January 15th, 2011 10:23 pm
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Notes written throughout the day, when I remember to do so

My brother accidentally knocked my phone out of my hands, and it fell to the floor *hard*. It has done that before with no damage, but this time, the backlight was broken. At first, it was as if there was no backlight, and then it was as if there was too much backlight, and it was washing the screen out.

 I was just about to give up on it, when my sister jokingly suggested i thwack the back of the phone to fix the backlight. I did, twice, and voila. :D phone all fixed now.  

At the Ho Chi Minh airport (stop over to Siem Reap), someone walked over and asked me whether it was all right to bring knitting on the plane. Hers was all in her luggage, but maybe what i told her will help next time!

Siem Reap airport is gorgeous, looks more like a spa than an airport. :)

It is apparently less hot here than the Philippines. I don't go out in the sun back home so i don't really know though *g*

Passed a tuktuk on the way to the hotel. It is like a tricycle and a jeepney rolled into one. Or maybe a tricycle and calesa and now I think of it as a horseless calesa the way a car used to be a horseless carriage. Also, lots of bicycles here. Dad is amazed there are so many alateris trees. I can say and eat alateris, I just can't spell it!

We are at Raffles. Um wow. This is the most gorgeous hotel i have ever been in, bar none. Usually I don't care as long as the bed is comfortable, but this is just blowing me away. There are a lot of tiny details that they got right, which I only noticed now thay every other hotel has gotten wrong.

Have so far eaten in three restaurants. The first was a snack at a random hole in the wall where they were out of everything, which was a shame because deer barbecue cambodia style from their menu sounded good but their yang chow fried rice was okay and their duck with crispy skin was really really good so that gave us enough energy to keep going through the afternoon.  

We dropped by the national museum but it was late in the afternoon and we decided we didn't have enough time to give it justice so we skipped the paying area. 

Stopped at le grande cafe in the old market area, where we had fantastic ice cream -- profiterole (vanilla ice cream wrapped in a pastry bun topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup), and a Paradise sundae (banana, lime, strawberry sorbet topped with whipped cream and strawberry syrup) -- a light and refreshing counterpoint to the chocolatey goodness of the profiteroles. 

Shopped a bit after that. Got some earrings and silk scarves :D I love these scarves, just wish  I had more opportunities to wear them. 

And then dinner at Amok: banana heart salad, spring rolls (deliciously vegetabley), tumeric chicken (mild for curry which suited me perfectly), pork kebabs (cute! And delicious!), beef luk lok (small cubes of beef, just that perfect balance between tender and chewy with a slightly sweet pepper sauce), and fish amok (fish in coconut gata, a bit bland beside everything else and the only disappointment of the day) . Each dish had two tiny mounds of fragrant jasmine rice, and this rice was really really good. I could eat it forever. 

It is surprising to be in a place where things are cheaper than back home. I fact, i am sure this is a first. Every other country I have been to was more expensive than the Philippines -- even Thailand! I am not sure how I feel about this. Let's start with "strange"

Finally back at home base. Was all cranky because the free hotel wifi blocks all but the most poplar sites, but have worked around it by using OpenDNS.  mwahaha. :) 

Tomorrow is Angkor Wat, and more food.


Friday, January 14th, 2011 09:41 pm
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Packing for a hot weather country is a lot less stressful than packing for a cold weather country. Probably because the Philippines has hot weather, so I just pick clothes that I would normally wear :D

Whenever I go to a temperate or a cold country, I have to prepare my packing at least a week in advance, because I may not have enough tops / sweaters / jackets / shoes / socks / scarves / gloves / whatever. And then there's the stress of figuring out where all my old sweaters / thick tops / scarves / thermal etc have ended up (somehow about a third of them always manage to get lost, no matter how carefully I packed them last time). This time, it took me barely thirty minutes to pull stuff out of my closet, roll them up, and toss them into my suitcase.

(Ridiculous confession: half a week before packing for any overseas trip, I wear all my crappiest clothes, so that I will be sure to have all my better clothes clean and dry and ready to go *g*)


Oh man, I am loving tech right now <3

Used to be that I'd have to spend a lot of time going over my library, to decide which books to bring (definitely not the second book, but should I bring trilogies, or standalones? If I bring trilogies there's the risk that I'll hate it from the first book so I'll be bringing along three books that I don't want to read, but if I bring standalones maybe I'll finish them too quickly. Maybe I should bring one trilogy and two standalones. And maybe I should start on the first book of the trilogy right now, so I can tell whether the series agrees with me...) I mean it's a pleasant way to spend time, but sometimes I don't have time to spend! At least, not until I'm on vacation *g*

Now, I have approximately a gajillion books loaded up on my iPad and phone, and I don't need to worry about additional weight when I add an additional book. I am still bringing along two paperbacks (Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, and some standalone by Garth Nix), in case I run out of battery, or I'm in a situation where I won't want to bring out a gadget.


About a week ago, I spent some time putting together several knit kits, and tossed them onto an empty shelf by my bed. I noted down the names of the patterns on the outside of the bag, and saved the patterns on ReadItLater (yay Ravelry).

Then a couple days ago, I picked out one (Grounded by [personal profile] damned_colonial), and started it on a pair of bamboo needles. I got as far as one repeat of the pattern (for later reference), before making myself stop so I would have something left to do *g*

I like it: the pattern is easy to memorize, so I don't need to consult a chart or instructions. And since it's a scarf, the gauge isn't important. I thought about making a hat or sock, but I was worried about what I'd do if it turned out my needles were the wrong size, and I had no other needles on hand.

I meant to zoom through the review queue, but I got held up trying to finish the Atom API Publishing Protocol patch, and setting it up on my 'hack for public testing. Unfortunately, it's not working on my 'hack, though it's working on my local dev env, so I feel like I should have gone with the queue instead. Frustrating!

(Y'all will still be here when I get back, though, right?)
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Heading out to Cambodia/Vietnam for five days *g* I meant to research language, but somehow ended up researching food instead.

I'm in the middle of packing up clothes, and wrapping up time critical items. I will regret the lack of language knowledge soon enough *rueful*.

(From my research, it sounds like it will be similar to the Philippines in some respects, and very different in others which I mean. I DUNNO. I feel like I may be able to luck out with Chinese in some areas, though)

I will be busy during the day, but will be coming online at night. (I suspect I'll be tired from all the walking, so not going to be around much, but)

I will have more luck with the language (and similar luck with food *_*) in Hong Kong, where I'm visiting briefly at the end of this month. Mom needs to do some errands for my grandpa, and needs someone to accompany her, so I volunteered / was volunteered.

Quite happily! There's a fantastic restaurant over there called Jade Garden, plus the other fantastic restaurant which I forgot the name of but which has yummy goose, and we're definitely dropping by both of those.

Bonus: the hotel is within walking distance of the yarn store I made my mom tell me about. It's the same yarn store where my mom bought the cashmere yarn that I used for my grandpa's scarf. Not that I intend on splurging on cashmere on my own, but they carry other, more interesting stuff, too, like a bamboo mix which is bright and glossy and really lovely.

I have never been there, but I have dispatched my mom and brother (who was the designated helper last time my mom ended up in Hong Kong) to that store. That time, I didn't have much money, and I could only get them to understand as far as "nothing acrylic!"

This time, I will be there personally. And I will have money to spare :-)

-- lots more stuff about Hong Kong than about Cambodia or Vietnam because I have been to HK, but never been to either Cambodia or Vietnam. I'm excited to go to all these places!

Flying home today!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 08:09 am
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Total time will be 23 hours and some change. I have plenty of things to occupy me on the way home :D

(I had to take out some of my books from the luggage because otherwise I'd have been overweight, so they're with me now)

A few quick things

Monday, July 12th, 2010 10:42 pm
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I am heading to bed early, so I won't be late for my flight, so I can't respond to everyone individually. I will eventually do so, just not tonight *G*

* thank you to everyone who commented re: money/dinner costs/budgeting!

* alternating heat and cold helped my shoulder (the heat was especially yummy) and so did the ibuprofen (I think! I hope. I'm packing some extra just in case I need it on the flight *G*)

* much love and kisses. Closing the laptop now to conserve battery; next time I'm online, I'll probably (most likely maybe) will be already in the USA ;-)

Dinner on the 15th

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 02:23 pm
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We're doing dinner on the 15th; feel free to join us. Please comment so we can keep a head count *G*

* July 15, Thursday, 7:30
* Cafe Zitouna, at 1201 Sutter
* The neighborhood is Tendernob; the 19 Polk bus stops in front of it, which connects to Civic Center Bart. The 2 Clement and 3 Jackson also run by it, and those stop at (maybe) Montgomery Bart.