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It used to be that the Chrome Extension Gallery would update every few hours, but they must have changed something because now the stats only update every few days.

Ever since my stats stopped updating regularly, my obsession over my extension has started to fade. It just seems so... pointless to be so obsessed. I used to refresh it every hour just to get that feeling of glee of hey some new folks are using my stuff! And now it doesn't matter if I don't check it for a couple of days, because the stats only unfreeze at the end of the week anyway.


Oh well, I'll just have to throw my energy into more things that people can use (like stuff I'm coding now! Which, I should work on! Which I am ahaha :-))


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 02:18 am
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Just finished watching the paintball episode of Community. That was kinda epic *______*

I love this series so much, and I feel completely happy right now. Good night all <3

(ilu abed <3)


In other excellent news, my Copy Link Text Chrome extension has 267 users :D And judging by stars, most of them are pretty happy with it.

I may or may not have refreshed that page constantly these past couple of weeks, to keep track of the numbers increasing. *whistles innocently*
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Someone requested that I translate my "Copy Link Text" extension to Russian, and even kindly provided me some text to use! Unfortunately, it was anonymous, so I cannot respond to them to say thanks or ask my question (in case you wander by here, btw, thank you!)

Text provided is: "Копировать текст ссылки"

What I'm unsure about is whether that text is appropriate for both the context menu item (a command/action), and for the extension name (a noun?). I use the same text for both in the English, but I don't know any Russian, so I can't tell if it's appropriate in both senses in there as well.

Translation engines help with meaning but not context, so unfortunately it's not something I can check on my own *rueful*

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I paid the (one-time thankfully) $5 fee, and have submitted the Copy Link Text Chrome extension to the gallery. Happy to have received some stars \o/

I've also created a git-hub repository for the extension.

I've been trying to spend some of my free time doing open source stuff that's not DW, so I can see what's out there (maybe introduce some things back into here, maybe not!).

So far, it's been fun. My biggest, er, thing, is that I apologize a lot. I'm trying to turn that around into thanks, so instead of saying, "I'm sorry I got my extension idea from a similar Firefox extension", I'm trying to say, "I loved that extension, I think it's fantastic, thank you for it! (In homage thereof I have written one for Chrome too *g*)"

Or, instead of saying, "Sorry for grabbing your lovely icon from the icon set you're offering for free", I'm forcing myself to see that "Gorgeous icon set, great icon that fits my needs exactly, thank you :DD" is the more appropriate response.

And instead of saying, "Hey, I noticed this issue, and I wrote a patch; the github documentation says to use forks for this, I don't know if it's right or if I seem rude. I'm sorry for even bringing it up x_x", I have a message which basically goes, "Hi, I loved $extension. There's just one little thing that makes it less than perfect, and it's $issue_I_ran_into. *contributes patch upstream*"


Anyway, it's ridiculously hard to not apologize all the time. Ridiculously ridiculously hard! But I'm trying to turn it around, because while it feels inappropriate not to apologize (it really really does), it feels even more inappropriate to apologize. Before, I'd have just decided it was not worth the risk of offending someone by being awkward, and just backed away without ever having said anything. Now, I'm forcing myself to acknowledge that hey these people shared these things for a reason, and the polite thing to do is to use them ;-) (And give back too)