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I run my dev environment (ubuntu) in a VM on my laptop, because that makes things a lot easier for me. Unfortunately

cmd+alt+fn + f1 through f6 = virtual terminal mode

(I don't need the full gnome mode, and the terminal I get to by logging in via the GUI login is weird. It seems to be bigger than my actual window size and all output is way past the lower edge of my screen, so when I type, I can't see what I'm typing, and after I run a command, I have to hit enter approximately half a gajillion times before I can find my output.)

apt-get install console-data
dpkg-reconfigure console-data

(installing and configuring console-data has let me set the terminal keyboard to dvorak, rather than qwerty. It's not a big deal; I usually just ssh into my dev environment using the Terminal application, but it's been a minor annoyance, that now is fixed yay :D)
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Leopard is pretty. Lots of tiny touches that are shiny.

I've only been playing with it for a few minutes. Here's what I've noticed, compared to my old PowerBook G4 (running Tiger, with only about half the memory :p)

I came into my room, saw the box on my bed. It's much tinier than the PowerBook box, which is still at the foot of my bed. I didn't want to touch it yet! So I went to the bathroom and washed my hands to make sure that I wouldn't dirty anything.

Opened the box. Errr, even the styrofoam packaging is pretty (with a neat regular pattern of circles, and "MacBook" branding). The first thing I saw was my new laptop, wrapped in this cloth which made me pause and feel nervous for a moment. So much care given to her to make sure she arrives in mint condition! I don't want to ever dirty or scratch her! Even if it is unavoidable.

Lifted her out of the box; below her was a compact much smaller box containing the manual and the two Leopard installation disks. Poked through those a bit, and only then did I notice the plugs (adaptor + duckhead, extension cord with uglyhead; bighead).

Unwrapped her! Carefully! I didn't want to tear the sticker but I was impatient to get at her, so I tore it in the end. I don't care. SHE'S PRETTY. SO WHITE. HOW?

(As a side note: I'm going to miss the cool metallic smoothness of my PowerBook. I used to stroke my hands over it while thinking. The MacBook is glossy on the outside and somewhat textured matte on the inside. Altogether a different tactile experience).

I opened up the shell, and there was a protective layer between the screen and the keyboard. ASDFGHKJLK; I felt like such a dork, I know I know, but I didn't want to remove it. Looked at the manual for battery calibration instructions. Didn't find any; assuming that it's not necessary for some reason?

Played with the plugs a bit, swapped out duckhead for uglyhead, plugged her in. I have wanted the magnetic plug for so long, ever since the time I accidentally tripped over my PowerBook's power cord, sending her crashing to the floor, and damaging one corner so badly that it couldn't be repaired (I still used her, but there was a gigantic *hole* for her front-left corner). Battery indicator says that she had about three bars battery. And and and battery button is so white, it blends right into the bottom of the battery case, unlike the button on the bottom of the PowerBook which is a separate shade of (still-stylish *cough*) gray.

I went down briefly for dinner, but I was so excited that I couldn't stay downstairs long. Only stayed long enough to keep my dad company, but even then, I rushed upstairs before he was done with his fruits. Still so excited!

Went browsing through the manual a bit more. Found no surprises. Turned her on...

Leopard video *grin* With the words in different languages in space and all that. Pretty, but I wasn't opening the laptop to see that, so I didn't pay much attention. Then it was on to setting up. First language, then location, then keyboard input I was a bit awkward because I'm not used to typing in QWERTY. I wish that keyboard input and location had been switched around. But I was pretty glad that it came so relatively early in the setup process, because only one or two screens were awkward for me to get through.

I think that at some point it automatically registered the laptop for me, which is great! Then a bunch of stuff and features, such as MobileMe registration, which I skipped, and finally it was time to set up the root administrator account.

There was a screen where you can take a picture of yourself to associate with your account. I thought that quite cute. I'm still not used to having a webcam on my laptop, but I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with it *grin*.

Remembering old lessons, I made a new user account to use as my primary day-to-day account (but first I opened up Terminal and SSHed to my server so that I could poke people over IRC for a moment). And that's where I am now!

Lots of stuff that I'm still getting used to, including the feeling of the keys. Someone warned me that the MacBook's keys don't feel that responsive, but they respond about the same as my old PowerBook's. However, the trackpad button doesn't feel as responsive or as "click"-y as my PowerBook's. I have to press down and double-check on the screen to see whether a click happened.

Luckily, this is easily solved by opening up System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse, and enabling "Clicking" for the trackpad. I enabled dragging as well, for good measure. Saw what looks like a neat new feature, of tapping with two fingers to right click and enabled that as well!

I didn't think there was anything you could change with system dropdown menus, but apparently there is. It looks like they have rounded corners. I think this is kind of neat, actually ;-) (And I just noticed that menubar menus also have rounded bottom corners. Top ones can't be rounded for obvious reasons)

So far, the only applications I've opened have been Safari, to type in this entry; Terminal, to SSH so I can chat; and System Preferences, so I can reset some settings, including the beep sound.

Having to set up my preferences again is somewhat frustrating, as things that I am accustomed to working a certain way no longer do, and I have to remember that it's because I'd edited a setting somewhere. Same as when I was transitioning to Firefox3, it's the little things that I took for granted that I feel the most now.

Terminal is much much better. It has tabs! Translucent background with decent default opacity! Found settings to set the option key as meta (same as before) and to send ctrl+H for the delete key (one up on before?). Also restarted it so it would recognize the unobtrusive "Pop" beep instead of the jarring default beep alert, and I'm almost all set. I just need to remember what I did to enable pageup and pagedown in screen, and then I'm all set.

Hmm, kay, taking back my excitement about Terminal tabs. It looks like cmd+1, cmd+2 switches between windows not tabs within windows. Thank goodness for cmd+}, but....

I cannot wait to get my old laptop back home so I can start transferring settings. It's currently in the car which I'd meant to take on the way home, so that I could work on stuff. However, there was a change of plans, and I ended up being in another car and coming home earlier, so the laptop is still wandering the streets, wandering the streets, wandering the streets my poor laptop...
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I decided this evening, over dinner, to get a new laptop to replace my aging PowerBook G4. (Three years and two months! She's dinged, keyboard is a mess, HD's been replaced a few times, but has held up surprisingly well given how much I (ab)use her ).

I was originally planning to borrow money from my parents and pay it back over the next year or so. I approached my mom with that idea, and I was actually beginning to budget everything in my head (if I pay 10k pesos a month, every month, I'd be done in about half a year. But then that would leave me little money for daily expenses, so maybe I could pay 5k, but that would mean I'd be paying them back for more than year. So maybe if I alternate between 5k and 10k, or do 7k a month...), and suddenly my grandfather, who had been watching the conversation with interest, asked me how much it would be (I estimated around 60k-80k), and then he offered to pay for it.

I was speechless. Went wide-eyed. Said thank you. Almost died. OH MY GOD.

I've given up my desire for the MacBook Air (though it's pretty, and better in all respects than my current machine, I can't justify the leap in the price, considering I'm not actually paying for the laptop myself. And I wouldn't be able to afford the leap in the price, if I were paying for the laptop myself).

It looks like I'm getting the high-end MacBook ;-)

I need a name! And and and and to catch up with the changes between Tiger and Leopard, as I've been ignoring all Leopard related news since I was stuck with Tiger.

And, and and, oh god I'll miss my PowerBook (I call her "macaroni". I'm tempted to name the soon-to-be laptop "cheese". Maybe they'll be good friends!)

I need to decide whether to buy now, or whether to wait until July/August/September, which is when the rumors say that an upgrade will come out. I'll regret it if something comes out in July or August, but September is too far away, and really even September is not a sure thing...

Broken charger

Sunday, January 6th, 2008 03:14 am
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The insulation of the charger of my laptop just melted, I think, and it made this strange crackling noise and flickered with ominous green sparks when I jiggled the wire. I have the work laptop, so I'll still be able to come online, somewhat, but I don't want to do too much non-work-related stuff on there so we'll see.

I hope I can get a new charger soon. It is a good thing I saw the problem before I went to bed D:
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Picture of my desktop (when I'm just relaxing for the night):

brief explanation )

Now that I've shown off my own slightly messy workspace, I'm sort of curious as to what yours are like!

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In one ear...

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 01:20 am
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ARGH. I've been having problems with the sound on my laptop lately -- only the right side works. I thought at first that it was a problem with the earphones, because I've had problems with my old earphones before. But I didn't suspect a thing even when it didn't work with my newer earphones or my headphones. I blamed it on my laptop's sound port instead and resigned myself to having crappy sound until I could buy a new laptop (years from now). turns out that my sound balance was set to the extreme right.

I've had this problem for almost two weeks!

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Sunday, July 1st, 2007 02:06 am
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Been switching from computer to computer, according to whichever is available for me to use. Meaning I've been logging in and out and in and out and in and out again in IRC, Gmail, LJ. I don't even bother to log in to any other sites/messaging services these days. Too much trouble when I'm only going to be moving again before I can actually talk to anyone.

On the good side of things, I've managed to get my laptop in semi-working order -- lost everything, heh, but at least the OS boots up and I do have something to use when all the other computers are in use. Plus, I don't have to log out and log in all the time. Good bonus :)

However, I'm still working on the old hard drive, which means that I don't dare do anything which would be lost if the hard drive died on me permanently. Heh.

What it actually indicates is that I need a better backup policy. But before I can focus on backing up currently nonexistent data, I have to take care of real life stuff first (like birthdays! *streeeess*)

Oi, double birthday celebrations suck because things have to be good for both celebrants.
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Damnit. I think my hard drive just failed. That's the second one in two months.
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I've been bouncing from computer to computer all day, taking whichever is free at the moment. The problem is I tried to install Safari 3 beta. I saw the warnings but thought that worst case, I wouldn't be able to use Safari. I didn't realize it would cause my entire computer to be unresponsive!

The last time I had a computer that unresponsive, I was on a ten year old computer with crappy RAM and a rusted hard drive.

It's taken me two days, but things are a bit better. Things still are not as responsive as they used to be, but at least I can click on tabs and switch between applications without having to wait literally minutes in between.

I found instructions to rollback to Safari 2, so I tried it out. Problem was that the system was so unresponsive, I couldn't run the instructions at all. Finally, I decided to repair Disk Permissions first (that took almost 14 hours. It's normally over in less than ten minutes). That fixed the system enough that I could actually click through folders.

There was a scary moment when it wouldn't recognize either of my two accounts as admin users. Thought I'd permanently b0rked up the system. Restarting fixed that -- thank goodness!

Still cleaning up stuff. Hopefully I figure out what's still broken, because a couple of my favorite programs are still limping.