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I've recently started doing more crochet to do more color-based / character-based stuff (e.g., a BB-8 toy and beanie), but you can tell that knitting was my first love, because of the long tails everywhere.

Similarly, I've not yet gone over to the poi side, but I've at least started playing with it a little bit, and you can tell that I started with hoops because I have yet to convince my body that the thing at the end of my arms is going to be floppy if I suddenly try to reverse direction.
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Every time I get invited to something (assuming it's not completely spam), I say yes.

So far, I've attended a couple tech events which were okay.

I've started hooping, which has led me to discovering a group of people within that community who a) are interested in coding for fun b) are interested in the arduino c) know a local(!!!!) supplier for arduino/raspberry pi/suchlike. I'm terrified of hacking on electronics btw, but perhaps starting to inch towards interest with this group of people.

I've hooped in public, even. In front of strangers.

I've learned that a.) hooping will bruise and b.) how to bruise just a bit less.

I've been included in an ad for TV(??), among a group of ~ 20 strangers. (v. brief, anonymous crowd shot)

I've signed up for calligraphy classes for pointed nibs (ooops).

I'm considering doing a 30-day challenge. I considered 100-day, but I've upcoming travel which will interfere. Buuuut man. This saying yes is paying off

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Monday, April 8th, 2013 03:23 pm
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Yay youtube! Maybe there are hooping videos there.

...apparently hula hooping is supposed to be sexy. Ugh.

Focusing too much on sex just ruins everything, doesn't it?

I hate everything right now :/

More hooping today!

Sunday, April 7th, 2013 11:17 pm
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I've learned more techniques in hooping, other than the basic hoop around and around and around the body, plus I'm no longer dropping the hoop (and catching it against my shin/ankle) as much, so I'm much less bruised :D

Spent Saturday afternoon hooping with enthusiasts. So many things that they made look easy were hard, but so much fuuuun. I think I've found something I can love: simple enough to do for someone without grace or physical strength, but with enough depth that it's possible to just keep learning more and more tricks even after picking up the basics.

The fact that the people I met seem to be a pretty laid-back bunch is okay too. Nooooo shaming or strong focus on exercise leading to weight loss or anything that I'm trying to avoid from home. I mean yeah it's moving around and some people will lose weight by doing it, but that gets a nod as a side effect. Meanwhile most of the focus is on the actual mechanics of movement and how fascinating it is. I am enjoying it a lot.

Now I just need to find a clear space at home where I won't break things, and I'm all set for practice ;-)

Having the hoop twirl around your waist is reasonably easy and unlikely to break anything. It's things like the hoop moving around your hands, and passing it around, that's hard. Like this!

Now that guy is good so it looks easy, but the weight distribution of the hoop is awkward when just held. I lack the wrist / arm / bicep(!!!) strength to look anywhere near that good *rueful*. but I'll get there :DDDDD Somewhere there. In the approximate area of.

And have fun trying :)