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The census taker came by earlier this week, and I managed to discreetly ask to note down my religion as "none", instead of the assumed Roman Catholic. The census taker gave me this weird look, and asked to make sure she hadn't misheard, but otherwise noted it down with no protest.

I'm still culturally catholic, but I'd like to approach religion on my own terms, not just as something I was raised with, and don't believe in.

I feel good about having a tiny official note somewhere, saying that I'm not catholic. I don't think proud is appropriate for how I feel, because it's much less in-your-face than that. But: relaxed; not misrepresenting myself; not misrepresented. Yeah :)

(My mom would be disappointed if she knew that thirteen years of catholic education just managed to drive me away from religion, but I've always known/she's always suspected. The only thing that's changed is maybe I'm contributing to statistics which says that not everyone in the Philippines is Catholic -- and I know it is possible for good catholics to not agree with everything the Church says, but that's not where I am.

Also, we have Muslims, and we have many religious minorities, but somehow everyone seems to still believe that the Philippines is still 98% Catholic. I guess one person subtracted from the list is a tiny thing, but I no longer want to be miscounted through my own apathy.)

Same old

Monday, October 12th, 2009 02:45 pm
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The reproductive health bill in the Philippines has just been shot down by Congress. Wish I could say I was shocked or disappointed, but I'm not -- just frustrated.

It pains me to look around, and see things that are taken as basic facts of life in other countries get repeatedly shot down here because "no good Catholic would ever want that". I am not religious, but I would still like to believe that I have a place in my country, somehow. (But sometimes it feels that maybe that's wrong).