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I was talking to [ profile] pauamma, and I mentioned that I tend to be more comfortable writing English, but speaking Filipino. He asked me if that was common -- I realized that I have no idea! So:

Filipino or English? Which do you use when... (a poll) )

Domain name poll!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 01:31 pm
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[Poll #1165041]

My original plan was to get one year of shared hosting at Dreamhost ($9.95 a month which includes domain name, and a lot of nifty things all ready and conveniently set up). But then further conversations with Abby led me to start eying a VPS (Dreamhost offers a plan, invite-only, which adds another $15.95 per month.)

Then I talked to [ profile] ciaran_h, and now I'm leaning towards taking a couple of months at Linode, the cheapest plan has $19.95 a month but I have to pay a bit extra for a domain name, since the plan doesn't come with that, so I may end up doing Linode + GoDaddy. Um, unless I choose to do a name, but I somewhat prefer the simplicity of a .com domain.

(Oh, but Dreamhost also offers domain name. I can try there as well ^_^ I just need to figure out what the difference between the two is, if any)

Linode seems to have less convenient things set up for you, but you have root access, so more flexibility, and I find that exciting. But assuming I decide that a VPS is more than I need, Dreamhost would let me drop the VPS bit, and move back to shared hosting.

At this point, though, I may just decide to take Linode, so that I'll have more options if I ever choose to use them. It's not like I'm doing anything important with that money, anyway, and the freedom it would give me to play is tantalizing.