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It seems every conversation I've had these past two days has gone like this:

A: How are you guys? Were you guys flooded?
B: We weren't / We were just a bit / We were, but it's now at least only knee-high so we can begin cleaning up. You? How are you guys?
A: Our area was flooded, but our house wasn't luckily.
*exchange of good wishes*

OR like this:

B: Wow, the sky is dark. Heard another storm is coming...
A: Yeah. I'm worried (flood / wind / garbage / government / relief efforts )
B: Yeah. (flood / wind / garbage / government / relief efforts )

There is another storm coming (there are three storms coming, and the winds from the first are strong enough that it's being called a super typhoon). I'm worried, but hopeful that my worry is unfounded. But then, I keep going back to being worried.

As well, the part of my brain that is not busy worrying finds it inappropriately hilarious that talking about the weather is such a serious thing right now.

I have been pitching in with the relief efforts to stave off my feelings of frustrated helplessness. Spent Monday and Tuesday at Ateneo, but from all reports, and from my own experience, Ateneo has gathered plenty of willing hands, while other places are not so lucky, so I'm heading to Pioneer tonight along with a couple of officemates; and maybe I can do stuff there.

And with regard to helping out, I'm trying to figure out how to explain this, and I keep rewriting this section, because it doesn't come out right, but here I go:

Right now, I feel like my family has been lucky that I got through the typhoon virtually unscathed. And then I also look around, and see that's not the case for everyone, and then I look around more, and I see that there are places I can help so I try to. And it's not because I'm a good person, or magis (men and women for others), or being god's hand, or whatever it is I'm supposed to be feeling; it's because someone needs help -- lots of people need help, and my hands are as good as anyone to get that help to them... somehow.

I dunno. It's a very strange time I find myself in right now.
afuna: Cat under a blanket. Text: "Cats are just little people with Fur and Fangs" (Default)
My mom's room, on the second floor of the house, just got flooded. I am not sure how bad it is; just that some of the papers are damaged. But I don't know which (whether it's for work, or whether it was personal papers).

The ironic thing is that my room, which was usually the first to flood, just recently got fixed so it's nice and safe and dry. (Though, maybe that is not so ironic. Maybe the fact that my room didn't flood meant that the water had nowhere to go but my mom's room, making things much worse than usual. Yeesh).

Right now I'm at my grandpa's place; need to wait for the rains to subside before I can go home and help or... whatever.

Ugh! Stupid monsoon rains!