Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 01:58 pm
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Oh maaan. This day is just not my right hand's day.

Moment of panic when I woke up and had shooting pains up my hand as soon as I moved my thumb. Went away after a few minutes, so it looks like maybe I just slept on my hand or slept in a wrong position or something.

Then while burning incense for Chinese New Year, I managed to flick ash all over my fingers. I haven't done that since I was a clumsy fifteen-year-old! I thought I was over those days but I guess not :x

And then I thoughtlessly opened the steamer where the siomai and dumplings were being heated, and scalded two fingers on my right hand in the cloud of steam.

Maybe my right hand got out of the wrong side of the bed! Or crossed a black cat. Or walked under a ladder. Eh.

I am glad I didn't volunteer to help with the "money" burning this year. Given the way my luck has been going, I would probably have singed a finger, or set my hair on fire or something. It's not money as in peso/dollar/whatever currency, BTW, but paper with the appropriate design folded into the appropriate shapes.

I wouldn't remember the first two incidents except for this third one. (What's that about things coming in threes? Oh right, superstition). I am really grateful for this burn ointment my mom has. I don't know what it is, but it's pearlescent, smells like menthol once applied, reduces the heat and swelling of any minor burn to a pleasant cool numbness, and it comes in a small jam jar.

...okay that last one is because we put it there for ease of use. I don't actually know what the original container looks like.

It occurs to me that some things I use strictly western medicine, some things I use strictly chinese medicine, some things it doesn't matter.

For stomach aches (and their messier cousins), sore throats, burns, menstrual issues, muscle aches*, I only trust the chinese medicine my mom uses.

* If Hirudoid counts as chinese medicine

For headaches, fever, colds, I rely on western medicine.

Less mundane stuff is probably western medicine, but I'd consult with my mom first just in case she knows something I don't.

My fingers feel okay when they're still, but they start tingling once I start typing, so I will lie low today. From experience, the ointment will have everything fine by tomorrow; I won't even have blisters to show for my lack of attention ;-)
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Today is the fifteenth day of the seventh month according to the Chinese lunar calendar (which. I somehow think of today as being both August 24 and July 15, despite the fact that the seventh month in the Chinese calendar is not July)

July is the Ghost Month, and that sounds weirder in English than in Chinese, where it just sound pretty matter-of-fact.

I hate this day. Commemorating the dead is boring when you don't have any personal involvement. It's painful when you do. So, I hate this day :)

Ghost month, or month of the spirits: it's the month when it is believed that the spirits are closer and more active than any other month. It does not do to plan any new changes for this time of the year, especially not those that involve lots of construction or noise which could... arouse the anger of the spirits? I'm not a believer, and am barely superstitious (about this at least) but I do try to at least keep myself safer and in more stable situations than otherwise to appease my mom.

cut for personal stuff )

I guess it's a lot like the way some people are just a tad more careful of their surroundings when it's Friday the thirteenth, but this one lasts a whole month, and it involves an alay in the middle which is an, ughhhh. A day when you get together and burn incense and stuff to commemorate the dead?

(I'm frustrated with this post right now, because I can't think of the proper words for what I mean to say; it feels like the closest equivalents in english emphasize the wrong things, make serious and ritualistic the things that just need to be done, and glosses over the things that are important, so I end up distorting what I actually want to say.

So frustrating!)