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My 'net connection has been erratic the past couple of months: it would slow down and lose packets, but a restart of the modem generally fixed it. However, this last couple weeks it's been terrible! Ping response times reaching over 2000ms when it's normally just 200ms; lots of packets being dropped on the floor (I got 70% once on a not-so-painful day...);

* many calls to our DSL provider
* them fixing something on their end, which helped a tiny bit
* getting an AVR for the modem
* telling the DSL provider that no we are not interested in upgrading because no it's not a bandwidth issue: the connection is okay when it works, it's just that it plain didn't work a lot of the time
* rewiring the phone line twice
* the DSL provider coming in this morning to tweak the last rewiring of the phone line (which had managed to kill our phone connection, not just the DSL -- no dial tone!)

I think we finally have it. Things are actually loading! the modem isn't dying! going to load media-heavy sites doesn't feel like I'm pulling teeth! it's like I'm connected again >.o I am crossing my fingers and hoping that my posting this doesn't jinx everything, but yes. More like this please.

If it stays stable, I want to upgrade our plan. It's a bit overdue for an upgrade anyway :) but it has to stay stable otherwise, ano kami, tanga (what are we, stupid)?

Anyway, I was studying their plans and right now they have: 1mbps, 3mbps, 5mbps up from 1mbps, 2mbps, 3mbps. :D We don't need the 5mbps, but I kinda want to up us to at least the middle plan (would appreciate people not telling me what you can get in your country; I really can't get much better here >_>)

DSL provider seems determined to pull defeat from the jaws of victory though; the worker who came in this morning fixed things, and then left without telling us he'd fixed things. *facepalm*
afuna: Cat under a blanket. Text: "Cats are just little people with Fur and Fangs" (Default)
Oh man, I just heard about the twenty-four hour readathon on April 9, 2011 and I got all excited because it sounded like an awesome idea.

And then I looked at the start times and realized that because it's synchronized across the globe, instead of being able to do it the whole of Saturday, I'd have to start Saturday evening my time and end Sunday evening, so I can't participate. Sad.

Curses, synchronized schedules. *fistshake*

(It's not the first time that I've had to bow away from something interesting because of timezones and synchronized scheduling, and it most certainly is not going to be the last)