Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 12:27 am
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So I'll be in Australia for the first two weeks of May. I'll be with family from April 30 to May 6, they'll be heading home first, leaving me in Melbourne.

I'll be staying with [personal profile] rb for about a week following that :D Anyone in the Melbourne area want to meet up? I'll be working during that week, but I'll have the weekend/evenings/etc -- I'll have just come off a week being a tourist with my family, so I'll be all touristed out and don't need to be introduced to any of the local tourist spots. I'm hoping for something kinda low-key, just hanging out or going out or whatever.

And do I know anyone in Sydney? *g* I can't remember! Though I can't guarantee I'll be able to meet up with anyone in Sydney, since my family will expect me to hang out with them.

(Man, we need to figure out the itinerary before we go, don't we? I have no idea what we're going to do; I suspect it's four days Sydney, three days Melbourne, and my sister wants to do something from

This is going to be our least planned holiday ever. It's either going to be awesome, or awful *G*)
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[personal profile] zvi pointed out an interesting community: [community profile] intro_to_cs.

The community is for people following along a series of lectures from MIT (all information freely available online). And it uses Python, which I have been meaning to pick up.

No programming experience necessary.

I am nervous because it's been a while since I did anything even remotely resembling the rigors of academics. Classes! Study! Lectures! Commitments! Stuff! But I am excited, too.
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I am going to challenge myself to use no emoticons for one week (<3s excluded, because <3s are not emoticons, they are A WAY OF LIFE).

one last hurrah )

I am imagining the next seven days without emoticons. My fingers itch already.
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I find myself utterly in love with the creativity of people who can use CSS. Because, hey, I'm happy with black on white and everything in outline form and utterly utilitarian myself, but that doesn't make for gorgeous. (My heart flutters every time I see someone take a Core 2 style, and make it really pretty, because that's what they're there for.

My heart also bounces with glee whenever someone mentions that it's easier to customize styles here than they are used to, because that's what all we did was for. Seriously, ba-dump-thump.)

Styles still not done, though. On my list, once I'm no longer focused on open-beta-blockers and the styles usability bugs being reported to us, is, in no particular order:

  • sticky entry module

  • custom text module

  • hooks to let layout authors easily insert custom modules

  • segment and arrange the wizard properly (subheaders, etc)

  • pulling in information that's already available to us in other places, to be accessible using S2 (la la la la)

The one thing that I'm finding out is how easy it is to manipulate the S2 backend. Perhaps too easy. I find myself wondering whether my methods are hackish/messy and will cause problems down the line later on.

(I'm already trying to stop myself from trying to redo the grouping stuff as hashes with lots of automagic rather than arrays. Imagine being able to do property string{} module_customtext_group { grouptype= "module" }; and have it pick up the title/name/opts automatically instead of having to do a set module_customtext_group... Feel like I missed my chance on that one, now I have to do the grouping manually all the time. Bleeeeeh. (but it works, I'm happy with it))

But before that, business statistics, which I am working with, with [personal profile] pauamma. We've got some kind of framework hashed out, now just need to figure out how to do the selects for data collection (I say "just", but since that's the entire point of what we're doing... hah!).

The biggest problem with the SQL is that we're basically going to go through all the user accounts for data, e.g, account types. How to do this without bringing the DB to its knees? Suspect I shall need to talk to friendly neighborhood database administrator soon-ish.

Stuff like -- group by looks the easiest syntax-wise, but has to load everything in the database in one go, and that probably won't be pretty. bin/maint/ splits users into blocks, and iterates over each of the rows a block at a time. Or could you combine the two, split into blocks, and groupby within that block? Ponder, ponder, beard-stroke, etc. (Thinking out loud, will wander over to IRC and try to find a good time to talk at some point).

It's April 20. I'm so excited. Also, feeling the lack of time. (I do wish it was faster to get into the zone, though. I usually sleep Saturdays away, which leaves only part of Sunday to do code, and there's so much to do. Grr)
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I've been thinking about this a bit, and I will be moving my main posting to DW, but continue lurking here to read my friends page. Ironically, I've started reading my friends page here more regularly, since I got my Dreamwidth account. Something about being so happy over there carries over to being more sociable over here, too.

I will continue archiving my Twitter entries on my LJ, but I will not be posting them to DW. I will also cross-post from DW to LJ, assuming I don't forget -- may be a slight lag between when I post there versus here, because I end up too lazy to open a second update window, but entries with substance length will make their way here eventually.

There will be a crossposter tool soon! Which will be awesome, and will make crossposting much easier, and give me no excuse not to post entries to here.

PS. feature for the day: Tags on Month page!

Implemented a couple of weeks ago, but got overlooked among all the other style system changse.