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Guys (a.k.a [ profile] habeo, [ profile] iruka11, and others), I think you'll find this blog for learning Japanese interesting. It's described as a site for intermediate/advanced readers, which intimidated me at first, but I've looked at the entries and they're within our abilities (for the most part *G*). More importantly, it's interesting!

There are some tidbits of information, some riddles... I'm only halfway through the existing entries, but I'm having fun. :)
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Kokoro scan kokoro scan suru kokoro

Trailer for a game for the Nintendo DS. I cannot tell what it does, except maybe use the voice to determine how you are feeling?

(Why does it zoom in on the guy's nipples in the beginning, and then his crotch near the end?)

Missing piece

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 12:36 pm
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This request? is driving me mad. Because I figured out what's wrong, and I think there's a possible solution, but I don't know why I thought the problem was with the Japanese language layer.

See, process happened something like this: Check support board just before heading out for work, discover easy-looking request, check that it's not the user's customizations, figure out which layer the problem text/setting is coming from, temporarily switch layouts to confirm, and then IC with preliminary diagnosis. (Eight minutes! Not bad, since I was brushing my hair and my teeth and throwing on clothes and grabbing breakfast while waiting for the relevant pages to load :))

My problem is that the only reason I figured out what had happened so quickly was that an image flashed through my mind of someone saying something about pluralization in language layers, or maybe pluralization in Japanese. And I cannot figure out who, where, what, why. I have the feeling that I read it very recently (maybe within this past week), but it could have been posted any time before then. And it is driving me crazy that I can't figure out where the image came from.

I wasn't aware of the bug before, so it couldn't have been that, but... gah. *flails*. What is the missing piece, and where did it come from? I know I should just leave it alone, because the request itself is done, but, but. But! It's like when a passage from a book runs through my mind, and I touch and poke and prod and analyze until I can figure out which book it is. (Or when a snatch of song just starts playing through my brain, and it nags at me until I can get someone else to figure it out.)

So you lovely people on my friendslist! I have a question: Do any of you remember talking about Japanese these past few days? :D

This request (S1, pluralization, no internationalization) might have had something to do with it. I could have sworn that there was a discussion about Japanese somewhere, though.