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(I meant to signal boost this earlier, but it got buried in my tabs. Luckily the deadline has been extended from September 30 to October 3 <3)

ephemere, is taking pre-orders for a calligraphy poembook:

calligraphy poembook

Kandila will be a little book rendered completely, from the title page to the very last leaf, in calligraphy. It will feature three of my (rather long!) bilingual love poems to my country, the Philippines, rendered in different calligraphic styles, as well as a few pages of baybayin calligraphy and "Mia playing around with letters" calligraphy art. I estimate the approximate length at fifty to sixty calligraphed pages. Each book will be signed.

A .pdf of the entire book will be available for free online. Please note that there will be parts of this book rendered in Filipino, but the translation will not be calligraphed; instead it will be available as a printed sheet accompanying the book, and will also be freely viewable online.

Kandila will be sent out by mid-November. All funds raised will go toward supporting me in the wake of my being terminated from my job, which I lost due to my unwillingness to remain silent about my marginalized identity and beliefs.Details here.

Please support her & signal boost if you can!

In case you don't know her, [personal profile] ephemere is smart, eloquent, writes painfully insightful essays, right now is having a lot of things thrown at her, and she does gorgeous calligraphy, no seriously, absolutely gorgeous :) There are more samples up in her journal.

I love the way her mind works -- hangang-hanga ako sa kaniya (I admire her a great deal).

I'm usually a bit too literal-minded to appreciate art, but these just make me sit down and appreciate. ♥