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The owner of our LYS went to the US for a couple weeks, and came back with a huge shipment of sock yarn. I...I meant to hold off for the Cascade yarns coming in next shipment, but Austermann is so squishy, couldn't resist *whimper* I glommed onto them and bought most of them up /o\

There were also half a dozen balls of sock yarn with a cotton/wool blend, and I got some of that too, because I have this vague idea they won't be as hot as pure wool.

I meant this to be my last shopping trip for a while, but that was when I thought the Cascade would be in this shipment :) So I'll just make one more shopping trip next time, and I'm crossing my fingers there will be more heathered and tweedy stuff. I really need to stop buying soon, though, because I'm fast filling up all the storage space I allotted for yarn.

It may get to the point where I have to look through the books I've read and give away the ones that I'm not head-over-heels in love with. I don't think I've ever reached this point before.

But, but, but. Sock yarn! Eeeh! :) I never thought my LYS would ever carry sock yarn. It's been a pretty low priority: I've only seen sock yarn in the LYS twice in the two years I've been frequenting it. So, it turns out that that was only because the owner had never knit socks, so didn't know how great sock yarn could be, and now she's planning on having more! and better quality! sock yarns. I think my stash is in ~trouble~.

(the one sad thing, there's only one 100g ball of each color in this shipment, so I'm limited to socks; can't do garments or scarves, etc. OTOH socks! Yes)

So anyway, I am tempted to do just socks for a month :) I just need to finished this one cardigan I'm test-knitting, and uhh, well there's still one of a pair of gloves to do, and a Clapotis, but those can wait.

Oh! And I also bought a set of wooden interchangeable needles! I've been looking for wooden circulars that I can use for travelling, and I'd given up hope on ever finding any, but (for the first time ever), the LYS got a set of wooden KnitPros, and after finding out how cheap they were -- much cheaper than my set of Boye interchangeables, which I've lent out to a friend who's learning how to knit, I couldn't help myself /o\ They are gorgeous, seriously gorgeous, seriously seriously gorgeous, I can't wait to hold them in my hands *_*
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I dropped by the echo store (eco-friendly store) today, and I bought myself (among other things) coffee body scrub, choco-vanilla lip balm, and peppermint lip balm.

It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, but it's now past midnight, I just took a shower, and I am hungry. There is, perhaps, such a thing as smelling too luscious.

I also managed to drop by National Bookstore and bought office supplies (seriously! cartolina and bristol paper for product shoot (*cough* yarn) backgrounds, sketch pads, sketch pads, more sketch pads, graphing notebooks, ring binders (to hold my needles :D), and just... stuff!

I stumbled across a Filipino recipe book written in Filipino, and now I'm even hungrier than before.

It's a good thing I picked up some chocolate from the echo store. First time I've ever seen local artisan chocolate, so I couldn't resist :-)

I have milk chocolate, barako (coffee) chocolate, labuyo (chili pepper) chocolate. Excited to try them all *_*
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My mom has commissioned me to make a vest for my grandpa, so I am searching through ravelry for suitable patterns (male or unisex, forgiving fit, separate down the middle so you can shrug it on rather than pulling it over your head)

In the process, I have fallen in love with a lot of the for-female patterns and I think I would like to make vests -- lots and lots of vests.

I applied for a new credit card a couple weeks ago, one which supports double currency billing, which means that when I buy stuff in dollars, I'll get charged in dollars, rather than in pesos. :D Process was surprisingly painless! Not as painful as my first card was, and applying for one meant I didn't feel skeeved about about it the way I do preapproved cards (what's the catch? I still haven't figured out what they'll get if I accept, so I just reject them.)

So I haven't been buying anything online, because I know that I'll get a better conversion rate pretty soon -- but looking at all these patterns I am so very tempted *_*

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the LYS to learn crochet. It was awesome! I managed to catch the owner, and she helped tweak my handling of the hook so that I'm no longer fighting the stitches as much. Turns out that I was crocheting too tight, and that I was insisting on turning the hook around with every stitch so of course my wrist got sore quickly.

She also helped me figure out how to count my stitches -- I tended to alternate between skipping a stitch, and adding an extra stitch because I wasn't sure how to count. I'm getting much better at it. Ummmm. I need to pick a more interesting pattern soon, though. I'm getting bored with the sc-only pattern I picked out as a beginner, so I keep putting it off in favor of knitting.

Right now, I'm finding that with crochet, I love the finished product more than I love the process, so I really need to venture out and pick something cute but fast that I'll love at the end rather than something to teach me stitches, which will only seem like a chore.

Note to self: find time

Knitting projects are chugging along well:

I finally finished the magic mirror mittens, eeeh \o/

pictures behind cut )

One good thing I got out of having to do and redo (and redo) the mitten was that I got to practice the technique of cabling without a cable needle. It's gotten so that I'm reluctant to pick up the extra needle, except when the stitches are really tight, or the yarn is really slippery.

(Hmm I can't find the tutorial I actually used though, which led me to leave alone the crossed / temporarily dropped stitches while I knit the next stitches, and then putting them on the cable after, instead of putting them immediately back on the cable the way that was done in the tutorial from knitty).

Besides the convenience and the reduced number of needles to juggle about, doing cables without the needle made it much clearer how the stitches are oriented when cabling, and why holding it in the back leads to a right-leaning cable while holding it to the front leads to a left-leaning cable. It's kinda like -- instead of focusing on the cable needle, I was forced to look at the stitch without anything else in the way. That alone is worth the cost of an extra mitten's work.

I... after finishing the mirror mittens, I may have cast on two more projects to make up for it. Oops?

Having fun with Summit, a very hole-y shawl, which I'm knitting in a glittery slinky black yarn.

So far I've learned patience backwards purling. My backwards purling is a lot tighter than my forwards one, but it doesn't matter as much for this pattern.

I also just signed up for my first test knit *glee* It's a mitten with a flap, it's really nifty, and it's really challenging me to figure out ptbl / ktbl when I'm doing combination knitting which twists the orientation of the stitches for me already half the time. I found a couple of minor typos, so I don't feel useless (or like I'm freeloading) already :)

Last step in this pair of mitts, though I'm very far from it, is to add buttons. Why did I never know that buttons could be so pretty? :O Today I went to Carolina's (beads, buttons, sequins, ribbons, feathers, etc) and bought buttons. Lots and lots of buttons :D Lots and lots of different colored, different sized, buttons. Nothing that's perfect for what I need, but a bunch of them that are really interesting and that I think might work (if not for this project, for the next one).

Oh! Also my LYS is being helpful and is asking one of their other regulars (sort-of-employee?) to see if she has any of the yarn I need for. I may finally be able to finish the english driving cap, and knock that project off of my list *g*

Something not knitting related: I'm watching the concrete examples of accessibility problems that [personal profile] deborah linked to. Fantastic idea, really useful resource, awesome videos.
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I've recently been introduced to random cheap items for knitting/crochet. Which is perfect: more money for yarn, yay \o/

  • Gigantic safety pins for a stitch holder, as recommended by [personal profile] yvi.

    I was initially reluctant to try this because I thought these would be expensive -- the way that gigantic paperclips are! (about Php 200 / 5 USD for five pieces) -- but these were only Php 10 / 0.25 USD for ten pieces at my LYS :D

    One safety pin is about two hundred times cheaper than a regular stitch holder

  • foldable twist fans for blocking hats (link goes to a Philippine classified ads site)

    I've been having trouble blocking my berets, because the ribbing stretches when I try to wrap the beret around a dinner plate. But a friend of mine pointed out that foldable twist fans are:

    a.) cheap
    b.) easy to find around
    c.) small when folded so it doesn't stretch the ribbing when you put it in
    d.) the perfect size to stretch out the body of the beret once its unfolded

    Perfect for blocking, and (if you don't have a friend willing to serve as model or cameraman) also perfect for laying out a hat flat for taking pictures.

  • crochet yarn for making amigurumi

    leads to much smaller finished products, and easier to get appropriate colors (much more choice than even acrylic yarns). Plus really really cheap, which is perfectly fine by me

So I've now saved hundreds of pesos, enough to buy a couple extra balls of yarn (or buttons -- but that's an entry for another day)
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...somebody please steal my shoes and run away with them (run very very far away).

Today was my cousin's engagement party, so I put on a dress, borrowed heels from my sister, and went to attend the ceremony plus lunch. It's an elaborate, elegant ceremony, involving lots of shiny dresses, lots of shiny stuff, and lots of the bride-to-be walking around and offering the right shiny stuff to the right people in shiny clothes. Really gorgeous and fun to watch.

It was also a lot of people (some of whom I enjoyed spending time with), and a lot of good food (all of which I agreed with at the time, but some of which is currently disagreeing with me).

Afterwards, I headed to the mall in my heels with my brother to buy my mom's Christmas present. Her bag was getting pretty worn out, so I knew what I was going to get her. It was just a matter of finding the perfect one.

We blitzed through all the shops which carried bags, and we found one that was almost perfect! It would be perfect if it were red, but I am happy with what we found.

Somewhere in between the lunch and the mall though, the shoes started rubbing my toes raw, and my pace went from going "*tok* *tok* *tok*" to "*awkward clomp* *pause* *thwonk* *pause* *big gallumphing blonk*" (Something about the shoes being half a size too big and my walk being really really fast because we needed to head home soon)

Isasauli ko ang sapatos sa kapatid ko pag-uwi. Sa kaniya na lang :-) (I'm giving back the shoes to my sister when I get home. She can have them)
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Some pictures of loot I've hauled home from June through to August. Some are long overdue. Most involve yarn *g*

All of them were taken using a phone camera, so please excuse the quality!

yarn - Australia )

yarn - USA )

yarn - local yarn store (Dreams Yarnshoppe) )

books, tech, etc )

So all in all, I have enough to keep me busy for the next six months or more. *purrs*
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I have realized that I have a ton of crap that I don't need/don't use, and that these are so many that by now they're actually preventing me from finding the things that I really want to try out, so I have been cleaning up everything.

This weekend was cleaning out all the apps I've downloaded. While doing so, I decided to create an account that's all my own (I have my own credit card now, which wasn't the case when I first was trying to download apps, so I needed to share an account -- even though everything that I wanted was free. Bleh!)

Anyway, it turns out that it is possible to combine the contents of different itunes accounts into one on my computer/whatever gadgets. Yay. However, if I wanted to update the apps in the future, I'd need to sign onto the account I'd bought it as. Bleh.

So! I've been transferring over those applications that I've been interested in to my new account, by deleting from the old, then redownloading to the new. Some of them, the ones where I want to keep my data, I'm keeping on the old account. I'll deal with them another day. Since I'm already auditing my accounts, now also seemed the perfect time to delete stuff I don't want.

And now things feel so clean! And as an added bonus, I may be able to start looking at paid apps, and eventually maybe even buy something if I really want it. I haven't wanted to before, because I haven't been able to *g*

Speaking of buying stuff, I got a box set of 64-color crayons. I was in the toy store with friends, and I saw them and they are only like 160 pesos. Based on how unattainable I used to consider them, I thought they'd be closer to, what, 500 pesos or something. So aaaaah I have crayons :D :D :D And I feel ridiculously fulfilled. (Ability to buy stuff that you used to fantasize over as a kid, for the win ;-) I had crayons, but they were inherited from my older siblings. These are new! And feel so good)

Spent most of Saturday out with friends. Had lunch ([ profile] habeo's treat -- belated happy birthday to you :p), wandered the mall with a substantial chunk of that time spent in Toy Kingdom and Cyberzone, and then ended up at [ profile] iruka11's house eating pizza, playing foozball (the last game was epic \o/ we had our own sports-announcer type commentator \o/ who managed to kick my ass even as he was doing the commentating >_<), hitting Bob (the practice dummy) with fists and padded arnis sticks, and playing Rock Band / Band Hero / etc until past midnight.

I managed to get past beginner level to easy on the guitar, and to medium on the drums (it's embarrassing, but it was the first time I'd played either so I eased myself in XD I only managed to kill us like five times the entire night...)

So that was my weekend :) And now it's Sunday, so I'm with family again, trying to ignore the sweltering heat, and cleaning up the crap on my computer. (Phew.)

Avenue Q! Whoo!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010 03:58 pm
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Whoo! Managed to (finally) find (a) Ticketworld, and bought three tickets to Avenue Q for next weekend. I was hoping to be able to put it on my credit card, but sadly, something was down or slow, so I went to struggle with the ATM to get cash.

I swear guys, I know how to deal with code and software and various other things but put me in front of an ATM and I act hit by stupid.

In the category of "things that make me feel stupid", Trinoma confuses me. That's one mall that seems to make it deliberately hard to move around its fourth floor. On the other hand, the architecture that splits up the middle and makes it hard to find a way to get from one side to another does guarantee lots of nice cool wind, so at least I was cool and ventilated even as I was very very lost.


I got tickets, and I'm meeting up with two very good friends to see a play together \o/ So yay!

(Neither sleet nor snow nor confusing mall architecture... etc etc)

New RAM!

Monday, February 22nd, 2010 11:50 pm
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I didn't buy it just because I was waiting, I swear...

I've been wanting to buy new RAM for a while now, but the place I was originally looking at has been out of the brand I want for months now. Hadn't had time to do the shopping until now. While I was there and looking at stuff, I also started seriously playing with the thought of buying a netbook for travel; it just needs to be strong enough to run a browser and let me SSH into my server with minimal painfulness. And also be light and small enough that I can carry it around easily, and have a good enough battery life that I don't need to constantly be looking for a wall socket to charge it -- something like an afternoon's worth, with just a bit extra allowance to be safe. Oh, and I hope to find one with no OS installed, so I don't have to go through the extra step of uninstalling Windows.

I need to do some research on what is a good balance between price and ability -- I really really am not planning on getting fancy with it! -- but I've at least gotten a feel for the price range and range of battery life etc.

I know a couple of you have netbooks. Are they worth it? (Is there any one brand I should avoid or any one I should run to? *g*)

ANYWAY my current laptop is now at 4 gigs, up from the original 2. That, plus I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, and, well, everything is running quite zippy. We'll see how it feels after Firefox has been on a bit, but right now, I have a virtual machine running, and I don't feel it at all -- before Snow Leopard, running a VM would slow my machine down to a crawl especially on startup and shutdown. After upgrading to Snow Leopard, running a VM was doable, but it made certain actions feel slightly hmmm, sticky/tacky.

Feeling very very very cheerful at the newfound speed ^______^ (And now and now, I'm playing with the thought of running my dev env on a virtual machine, instead of SSHing to my server. Possibilities! Maybe!)

OH and also, I'm feeling quite pleased that I managed to install the RAM myself. As much as I love software, the hardware side of things intimidates me. I always worry that I'm going to break something somehow (not entirely unjustified... the first time we had a lab in electronics, I burnt out three or four cheaps -- luckily the cheap kinds). I have tried my hardest not to have to fiddle with any hardware since. And today I installed RAM on my laptop \o/

(This is the generation of macbooks where it is easy to install RAM. But I'm still quite pleased with myself ;-))


Monday, December 28th, 2009 09:52 pm
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Eek! I dropped by the yarn store today to pick up some 4.0 and 4.5mm circular needles. I was smug in the knowledge that I wouldn't be buying much of anything else, because I do have a lot of unused yarn in my stash. But I walked in, noticed that the shelves were newly stocked....

Walked out with over 5000 pesos (over 100 USD) worth of stuff.

*facepalm* I never learn (Perhaps I don't want to :-))

ETA: Also, I appear to have forgotten that today is Monday and not Sunday. I meant to do stuff today. Heh.

ETA 2: I can no longer close my yarn bin, even though I moved the two big cheap balls of yarn out. Officially no longer buying yarn until that lid can close on its own (yeah, really!)

Mmm, tech

Saturday, December 26th, 2009 06:57 pm
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I'm taking Christmas money, and using it to buy new RAM (whoo!) and to buy a replacement for my portable hard drive (UGH at the necessity, but I'm getting one that's better, so WHOO!)

RAM is easy -- probably getting two sticks of Kingston 2GB DDR2. I've had that settled for a while now.

The hard drive, I'm only just now trying to decide on a good one. I'm tempted by the Freecom XXS 500gb (review). But there's also the Seagate Expansion Desktop which is only slightly more expensive for the 1TB. I'm trying to figure out the catch!

Perhaps weight/size? I can't figure out what 2.2lbs mentioned in the product specs means in practical terms for a portable hard drive. But it doesn't seem all that portable. Maybe that's why the product name is qualified with a "Desktop" -- it's meant primarily to sit on your desk, not be carried around?

Anyway, I'll sit on this and try to do more research. New tech to replace old, yay :)

ETA: WOW, why are there so many different hard drives? (I must admit, I'm not really a fan of hardware. I prefer my toys way cheap, and even cheap hardware gets expensive when you want to play with a lot of it. I'd really rather find one that works well enough and stick with that, than get variations of the same thing to experiment with to find the one which works best). AKA me == cheap and lazy bastard

ETA 2: Buffalo 500gb Ministation Lite (seller doesn't have as much reputation, though) -- more robust, but also slower. Seagate FreeAgent | Go (or from this seller) -- ewwww at the dock, though.

So I guess I get to decide between portability, protectiveness, and speed...oh, security too. Hrrrm >_>

ETA 3: So apparently I lie about not liking to dig around, because I've been enjoying going through the forums. Would probably enjoy it more if I had a goal to maximize (or minimize?) something, though *rueful*
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Yay, I just got my first credit card!

Delivery man came by the office to drop it off; I have been bouncing happily since yesterday. There's a bunch of stuff online I'd like to buy or pay for, but which I have never been able to do so, because I don't have the means to get my money from point A (my wallet) to point B (the seller's wallet).

And now I can.

I'm trying to figure out how to budget so that I don't get hit by sticker shock when the bills come in, but it feels great to have some measure of ability to buy stuff online :-)

Buying stuff from, say, Amazon just got so much easer. And then there's all my other current obsessions hobbies.

I have already gotten recommendations to try -- and offers from friends to act as intermediaries for shipping from I'm trying to be disciplined and shall work off my current stash first.

I have twelve balls of bamboo-wool blend, plus the four balls of cashmere PLUS the merino wool I mean to make into a top PLUS the everything else I want to play with, and I'm trying to be responsible about using up stuff before getting more

*wibble* Being responsible is hard.
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Ah, I love that song.

Bought some nail polish during lunch break. Plan to paint my nails later ^__^ I don't really like much makeup (makes me break out, hah), tends to be crazy expensive (at least, the kinds that don't make me break out... as much), and I don't ever use it all up.

But nail polish seems like it could be safe. Also, I just found some brands sell tiny vials, which are very inexpensive: 10 pesos each for the smallest size (that's approximately 20 cents, converted to USD ;-)). So there's plenty of opportunity for experimentation, and if I don't use it all up, well I'm only wasting a little money/little polish.

I wanted a light blue, or some fresh-looking green, or a deep maroon, but most of this brand is various shades of red/pink/weird-garish-glitter.

So I got: black (eggplant color?), super black (why didn't they just call the black "eggplant" and this "black"?), super white, platinum, and love (light pink shade. I'm not sure what I think about love as a light pink shade *doubtful*)

Will play later!
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I am excited. My mom is going to the US to visit my grandmother and see some of her sisters, and this means that I can order technical books and have her take them home. I thought about it a bit, and I really want these three books:

* Programming Perl
* Mastering Perl
* Perl Best Practices

I would have been happy with one, but O'Reilly has a promo where you can buy two and get one free, and my resolve cracked (THREE IS MY HAPPY NUMBER). I also briefly considered switching one out to get the Perl Cookbook but the cookbook is of the more expensive variety, and also, I could not decide which of the first three I could bear to switch out. [personal profile] denny assures me that the knowledge I have absorbed of Perl from poking around means that I can skip Learning Perl, which is good -- one less book to need to buy. I am sweating at the thought of the price, as it is. It's... urgh. It's a lot of money.

But guys, guys, I just bought books. Eeeeh. I hit the buy button and everything and they're now on their way!

(I've been tempted to buy these books before, and have them shipped to my country, but the price of world-wide shipping for three books is $39.48, almost as much as another book! "Almost", here, being a difference of 50 cents)

Anyway, anyway, I'm just so happy and excited. It's the first time that I've tried to order a book from overseas. I have a few technical books which I scavenged from a sale (also my textbooks that I bought for my university courses *grin* I should go look at the Unix Network Programming one again, for kicks), but on the whole I have too few books related to my field. This is the first time I'm buying a technical book that I actively hunted for/want/need, instead of just stumbled upon.

My face right now: ^_________^
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I decided this evening, over dinner, to get a new laptop to replace my aging PowerBook G4. (Three years and two months! She's dinged, keyboard is a mess, HD's been replaced a few times, but has held up surprisingly well given how much I (ab)use her ).

I was originally planning to borrow money from my parents and pay it back over the next year or so. I approached my mom with that idea, and I was actually beginning to budget everything in my head (if I pay 10k pesos a month, every month, I'd be done in about half a year. But then that would leave me little money for daily expenses, so maybe I could pay 5k, but that would mean I'd be paying them back for more than year. So maybe if I alternate between 5k and 10k, or do 7k a month...), and suddenly my grandfather, who had been watching the conversation with interest, asked me how much it would be (I estimated around 60k-80k), and then he offered to pay for it.

I was speechless. Went wide-eyed. Said thank you. Almost died. OH MY GOD.

I've given up my desire for the MacBook Air (though it's pretty, and better in all respects than my current machine, I can't justify the leap in the price, considering I'm not actually paying for the laptop myself. And I wouldn't be able to afford the leap in the price, if I were paying for the laptop myself).

It looks like I'm getting the high-end MacBook ;-)

I need a name! And and and and to catch up with the changes between Tiger and Leopard, as I've been ignoring all Leopard related news since I was stuck with Tiger.

And, and and, oh god I'll miss my PowerBook (I call her "macaroni". I'm tempted to name the soon-to-be laptop "cheese". Maybe they'll be good friends!)

I need to decide whether to buy now, or whether to wait until July/August/September, which is when the rumors say that an upgrade will come out. I'll regret it if something comes out in July or August, but September is too far away, and really even September is not a sure thing...