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Just got the email telling me that my 1739 public entries on LJ have been made friends-only.

I changed the latest one to be public, and that's it.

I thought I'd be sadder, but I guess I've had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Like most other things in my life (it seems), I'd managed to put it off long past the time it was obvious it needed to be done.

(Long slow breakups that just fade away into nothing, yup that's me.)

(okay, a wee bit of sentimentality: I'm imagining that I just tucked my LJ journal in under covers, closed the lights, and wished it a good night)
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I've just started the import from [ profile] afuna to [personal profile] afuna. I had originally thought to import all my archives to [personal profile] afuna_archive, but it's been difficult to manage, I don't want to have to mess around with the access settings on three separate journals, so I never actually used the archive.

Thought about waiting for by-tag selective import, so I could filter out my twitter entries, but eh, I'll deal with them some other way!


I've finally reached the point where I'm comfortable linking my real name to my online presence. I'm not going to be drawing big neon blinking arrows or announcing my real name in my journal or anything like that, but my name will probably crop up in news posts when I make the entries, or in code attribution, etc.


Old news, but I've deleted my @afuna_wired twitter account: that's the account I used to be spammy under, but it's now fallen out of use. I decided to delete it when I found out that Twitter implemented an opt-out find-by-email feature, which I hadn't been aware of. (I didn't see the pop-up to opt-out because I access Twitter via a client, and then when I finally went to, NoScript prevented the opt-out informative pop-up from showing up. Finally managed to disable it by going to my settings. If I hadn't been reading my /network page, I would never have known about it. So thanks to the people here who are more alert to these things than I am ♥)

Nothing happened, but it was a good wake-up call that you can't trust an account to be immutable simply because you're not using it. The service might roll out a new feature, or change their policies in a way you're not comfortable with after you leave; if you don't use it or don't otherwise keep an eye on things, then you're taking a risk leaving your information on that service. (And if you do use it, but don't keep an eye on things, you're still running that risk, though at least you might be able to find out while you're using the site).

The easiest thing for me is to only stay on services that I really trust. Less easy in terms of effort, but easier for my worrying mind, is to stay primarily on services that I really trust without having to keep an eye on, and then keep a very close eye for any changes on any site I don't trust completely.

None of this stops me from using my original @afuna account; but I'm going to need to be more alert about protecting my privacy, and less trusting that things won't change. After this, it would be stupid not to.


I kinda thought I'd have figured this out by now, but no, not really. Section here under thought.

And just as I finish this entry, I check the status of my import, and everything is in :) I should go back some day and clean up my history.


Sunday, December 20th, 2009 02:50 pm
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Mmm, so I've cleaned up my profile information on LJ to the bare minimum -- basically tidied out all the information I'm not using. That includes my old ICQ (ahaha) account number.

I've also also tidied up my friends list, unfollowing everyone who looks to have moved over to Dreamwidth, since that's way easier for me. Please let me know if I removed you by mistake. I double-checked, but tickies and stuff... and stuff.

Distraction *handwave vaguely* Ooh look, shiny.
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With [ profile] the_cynic's and [personal profile] domtheknight's advice, I finally managed to remove both display and specification of my gender from Facebook.

Now the last thing on my profile is gone; it is completely clean \o/

(The only information I have left are who my friends are, and my email address. The latter is unavoidable, the former, mrrrrrrrm I guess can stay).

ETA: Kanji mood theme gives "accomplished" the character for "done". Yep, that's about right.
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Facebook was initially well-behaved in asking me to transition my privacy settings -- the first time I got the pop-up, I said "later" because I was only popping in to look at something specific. The next time I opened up FB, I didn't get the popup; I was pleased that they weren't being overly naggy about transitioning. At some point, I hopped over to my profile and made sure my privacy settings were being respected and saved my changes.

Earlier today, I got a pop-up asking me to check / transition my privacy settings. I was surprised, but figured "hah, bad programming. They didn't remove the flag when I made my changes manually. OH WELL (but at least they're kind enough not to make assumptions)". I decide to go through the transition process this time, opened it up, and UGH all the radio buttons are set to the settings Facebook wants me to use.

But at least selecting my old settings is easy enough; just need to select the other radio button, which I do for everything. I hit save... Facebook tells me there's an error. Grarr. I hit back and enter, and it only then registers that when I hit back, FB filled it in with the settings they wanted instead of the ones I'd chosen. Argh!

If I didn't need Facebook for work, I would delete it right now. As it is, I'm going through all my settings and locking them down to the most private settings available. On the plus side, this is more private than I would have had them otherwise, because I've just discovered out that if you choose "Customize" from the dropdown, that lets you lock data to only yourself instead of friends/friends of friends.

(I've also just discovered that you cannot hide your gender from being shown, which makes me D: D: D:)

More streamlining

Monday, May 11th, 2009 10:19 am
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Figuring that I have too many privs, not enough mental bandwidth to keep track them all, and there are so many eager hands, I just asked [personal profile] azurelunatic to remove my spam privs.


Sorting circles

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 12:03 pm
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Think I've finally gotten my circle sorted out! I've been putting it off since before Open Beta. Noticed a few people who added me but I lost in all the other stuff in my inbox, so added back (think I got you all?)

The Access/Subscribe list makes me feel much more open to linking up to new people. I can subscribe without needing to decide whether I also want to grant access to locked entries, or at least, I can put off that decision without causing any hard feelings. So much less stress over decision-making!

I am in favor of anything that means putting off decisions -- and now that I've settled on a default mode, which is to subscribe to pretty much anyone who subscribed to me, I can do just that. Granting access is done almost randomly, probably happens if I know you from somewhere else or we've commented at each other somewhere.

But I tend to suck at linking up people with context, so I may not actually figure out who people are for some time (this is, um, a distinct possibility. I tend to place people based on name shapes, so if the name changes between contexts, or sometimes even the font or color, I tend to blank out).