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Saturday, December 26th, 2009 06:57 pm
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I'm taking Christmas money, and using it to buy new RAM (whoo!) and to buy a replacement for my portable hard drive (UGH at the necessity, but I'm getting one that's better, so WHOO!)

RAM is easy -- probably getting two sticks of Kingston 2GB DDR2. I've had that settled for a while now.

The hard drive, I'm only just now trying to decide on a good one. I'm tempted by the Freecom XXS 500gb (review). But there's also the Seagate Expansion Desktop which is only slightly more expensive for the 1TB. I'm trying to figure out the catch!

Perhaps weight/size? I can't figure out what 2.2lbs mentioned in the product specs means in practical terms for a portable hard drive. But it doesn't seem all that portable. Maybe that's why the product name is qualified with a "Desktop" -- it's meant primarily to sit on your desk, not be carried around?

Anyway, I'll sit on this and try to do more research. New tech to replace old, yay :)

ETA: WOW, why are there so many different hard drives? (I must admit, I'm not really a fan of hardware. I prefer my toys way cheap, and even cheap hardware gets expensive when you want to play with a lot of it. I'd really rather find one that works well enough and stick with that, than get variations of the same thing to experiment with to find the one which works best). AKA me == cheap and lazy bastard

ETA 2: Buffalo 500gb Ministation Lite (seller doesn't have as much reputation, though) -- more robust, but also slower. Seagate FreeAgent | Go (or from this seller) -- ewwww at the dock, though.

So I guess I get to decide between portability, protectiveness, and speed...oh, security too. Hrrrm >_>

ETA 3: So apparently I lie about not liking to dig around, because I've been enjoying going through the forums. Would probably enjoy it more if I had a goal to maximize (or minimize?) something, though *rueful*


Friday, August 14th, 2009 12:41 am
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I'm allowing myself one big purchase a month. July's was treating my family to dinner (which is actually this Sunday, but I'd set aside the money for it last month). Family here is defined as: immediate family, grandpa on my dad's side, one family of cousins+aunt.

August's is a new pair of shoes!

Shoe on foot on chair:
brown sneaker on my foot, propped up against a stack of chairs

Shoe on foot on magazine on counter:
brown sneaker on my foot, propped up on the kitchen counter

Shoes on basin:
brown sneakers propped up against a basin

Brown sneakers; wibbled between the brown and the red, but the brown looks all-around nicer, and matches up with almost anything, which is good because I'm going to be wearing it every day/with everything. It's slightly less casual than my rubber shoes, which I've had to use because I haven't had anything to replace them with (until now ^_^), and which I can now reserve purely for gym/running.

Yayyy I have new shoes!

(Next month I want RAM, and the month after that maybe I can buy feminine sandals :p)