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I am excited :D next two months will be filled with a ridiculous amount of travel.

It all starts May 16 when I leave to go through Alaska with family (cruise, lol) for a week, and then a trip to the Canadian Rockies (because mountains, ice, beautiful amazing views, what's not to love :DD).

The amazing thing is that the timing is *perfect*. Two days after my family flies home, YAPC starts. And through sheer luck, that's also when we've scheduled the DW folks gathering this year. My People, man :)

Off to Boston for work/play (if you are local and interested, and haven't signed up for the Boston area hackathon yet, please do :D). I uh, hear tell there are lots of cool folks in Boston <3

Then OSBridge from June 18-21, and then back across the ocean for me :)

I'm excited! Looking forward to seeing people and doing stuff. (Conferences are an amazing jolt in the arm, I wonder if what we'll come up with by then... phew!)

So who's going to YAPC and OSBridge? And who's around in Boston / Portland (maybe Vancouver, depending on the date)?