Safe in Vietnam!

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 07:18 pm
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Angkor Wat was awesome and tiring and not for people with no head for heights. All the trekking has left me tired (in a good way), and the past two nights has been two of the most relaxing sleeps I have ever had. How do you pluralize sleep? Can you pluralize sleep?

Siem Reap (town near Angkor Wat) is very much a tourist destination to the point where most of the prices in restaurants, etc, are in dollars and things are cheaper if you don't convert into riels. I have never been anywhere with that system before. (i wonder if they keep a separate menu for locals?). Want to actually say something but not tonight.

Have had lots of good food, lots of good pictures. Need to raid my brother's and sister's cameras, because they got all the good shots.

Now in Vietnam! People are not lying when they say that Vietnam coffee is really good. Our guide took us to Trung Nguyen cafe, biggest coffee shop I have ever seen, with the best coffee i have ever tasted: drip coffee mixed with condensed milk, poured over ice.

I have never liked coffee before. It always feels thin and bitter, but this coffee was rich on the tongue and the bitterness was masked by the condensed milk, but the condensed milk did not mask the flavor of the coffee. Also, I was not shaking after drinking it, and instead of feeling slow, I feel really really good. Would drink it again.

Crossing the street is intimidating. Except on the biggest streets in the center of the city, the traffic never really seems to stop, and while you walk, motorcycles zoom by in frontof and behind you. The trick, I am told, is to walk slowly. It feels like you need Manila street smarts x 10.

Must run for dinner!
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Heading out to Cambodia/Vietnam for five days *g* I meant to research language, but somehow ended up researching food instead.

I'm in the middle of packing up clothes, and wrapping up time critical items. I will regret the lack of language knowledge soon enough *rueful*.

(From my research, it sounds like it will be similar to the Philippines in some respects, and very different in others which I mean. I DUNNO. I feel like I may be able to luck out with Chinese in some areas, though)

I will be busy during the day, but will be coming online at night. (I suspect I'll be tired from all the walking, so not going to be around much, but)

I will have more luck with the language (and similar luck with food *_*) in Hong Kong, where I'm visiting briefly at the end of this month. Mom needs to do some errands for my grandpa, and needs someone to accompany her, so I volunteered / was volunteered.

Quite happily! There's a fantastic restaurant over there called Jade Garden, plus the other fantastic restaurant which I forgot the name of but which has yummy goose, and we're definitely dropping by both of those.

Bonus: the hotel is within walking distance of the yarn store I made my mom tell me about. It's the same yarn store where my mom bought the cashmere yarn that I used for my grandpa's scarf. Not that I intend on splurging on cashmere on my own, but they carry other, more interesting stuff, too, like a bamboo mix which is bright and glossy and really lovely.

I have never been there, but I have dispatched my mom and brother (who was the designated helper last time my mom ended up in Hong Kong) to that store. That time, I didn't have much money, and I could only get them to understand as far as "nothing acrylic!"

This time, I will be there personally. And I will have money to spare :-)

-- lots more stuff about Hong Kong than about Cambodia or Vietnam because I have been to HK, but never been to either Cambodia or Vietnam. I'm excited to go to all these places!