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Monday, May 16th, 2011 12:13 pm
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I don't dare talk about Germany right now. I have an appointment at the embassy for Wednesday morning and I'm nervous and flaily.

One reason is that I just found out that the the credit card company rejected my application after two months (they rejected it faster than that, but there was no notification of failure, and the lookup tool on their website didn't work, so I only found out when I stopped being patient and called them up).

Anyway, so I submitted much the same kind of documentation to the credit card company as I am about to to the German embassy. If the credit card company doesn't think my application is okay, then will the German embassy? I lucked out at the UK embassy, because they have laxer rules if you've been to certain other countries (which I had). There was no indication of that at the German embassy though.

(I'm also grumpy because the visa application requires you to, among other things, present them my bank account records and credit card records for the past six months which I feel is none of their business, but if I don't play along I can't get in? But it just feels annoying and creepy, and it makes me so grumpy :()

URGH. So anyway, not talking about it, I will post / comment / reply to messages about plans once I know one way or another. CROSSING FINGERS.