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I did not fully appreciate The Vampire Diaries until I started watching Teen Wolf.


Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 07:57 pm
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Ahhh okay so a while back one of you posted a review of a comedy about outsourcing, and that review compared Outsourced and one other series. I have Outsourced on my hard drive right now, and I'm trying to decide whether I should watch it. The problem is I can't remember which of the two series actually worked, and which one failed really badly.

Given the potential for fail, I'd rather skip it entirely if it's painfully bad from the outset, you know? I can get my rage quotient elsewhere!

So uh, do any of you remember ever posting about Outsourced? OR even if you didn't, do any of you know whether I should watch it or whether I should avoid it?

Catching up on TV

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 06:18 pm
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I will probably always be an episode or two or three behind everyone else >_>

Game of Thrones episode 4, deliberately vague spoilers for the books )

Castle season ender:
oh, so that's why everyone has been reacting all over my read page

Hawaii Five-O season ender:
*peer* okay yes pretty standard as these things go

Still catching up to everything else. I keep saving up The Vampire Diaries because I can't stand to watch it all at once, because then it'll be over :x I'm only like ten episodes behind though, instead of twenty. Progress!

With all the shows going into hiatus, I'm about to lose my background for mindless-knitting, so I'm trying really hard to stretch things out >_< Perhaps I need a couple more shows? I only have two or three shows which remain active. On the other hand, perhaps some of the shows that have been on hiatus for a long time (Drop Dead Diva! Lost Girl!) will come back on.
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Have finished the second episode of Game of Thrones -- just in time for the third episode which just came out *g*

(the bad parts I'd heard about weren't as... painful as I'd feared they'd be. Though that's mostly because I came in heavily spoiled and anticipating the painful bits.)

I'm revising my opinion of the suitably of many of the actors sharply upward: those I was on the fence about before, I'm now very happy about. I guess it just took more exposure :D


I feel like I shouldn't say this, but Jon Snow kinda makes me want to go "...awww" and pet him. I think it's the curls and the eyes. I mean, I feel like he's all serious and whatever, but every time I see him onscreen I just feel like his eyes are so dark and brooding and liquidy and his expressions are so forlorn and I DUNNO. I laugh because I love, really! And I love because I laugh, pretty much.


The wall is my favorite piece of architecture.


OTOH, I'm in the middle of the third book right now. It's somewhat disorienting bouncing back and forth between book and series.


This is a reread, but the last time I read the books, I read them a couple chapters at a time stretched out across several weeks, so I'd forgotten what had happened at beginning once I reached the middle and end.

Reading them quickly over a short enough period of time that I actually still remember the details from the previous books / chapters when I reach the next relevant POV chapters is very, er, helpful. I don't know if it's because of that, or if it's because I'm rereading so I have some idea of where things are going but I'm seeing the characters in a different light now.

Among other things, I actually like Dany's story, I have a lot more sympathy for Sansa and Catelyn, and a lot less sympathy for Robert Baratheon.

And I feel a lot more sympathy for Cersei, though I'm pretty sure that's the TV series, not the books.

Arya I will always ♥ Tyrion, I love the wit, blah at the skeeviness but I guess the wit wins as does the cynicism so *handwave*

More TV

Monday, January 24th, 2011 12:08 am
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[personal profile] ct posted an entry highlighting a performance of one of Mika's songs on the Sing Off, and that turned me onto the show enough that I decided to grab a copy.

In the middle of the second episode now, and wow do I love this show ♥ I love that they all seem to be having fun, and they're all genuinely good, and they're not trying to upstage one another. The big group performances at the beginning of the show are actually fantastic! (In fairness, they are all used to singing in a group, so they would have an idea of how to pull it off, yes?) And I enjoy how the judging is respectful, treating the singers like artists who have a clue of what they're doing, rather than like idiots who need to be ripped a new one.

There is something about people singing and enjoying their singing that makes me want to sing as well :D So I have been randomly breaking out into song. MOSTLY LOVE SONGS FOR SOME REASON. And mostly old songs that weren't featured on the show, so it's not quite an earworm. It's more of being infected by the spirit of their enthusiasm.

I do hope the rest of the season is as good as the beginning :D

ETA: Ow! Sister spoiled my happy moment by coming in and saying "ginagaya nila ang Glee" (they're imitating Glee). Which, I mean. Bleh.

Candied Orange Zest

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 10:17 pm
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I have been devouring Top Chef: Just Desserts (no pun intended). And I can't eat what they're making, obviously, but just looking at the images, and listening to the thought processes behind their desserts is very yummy.

After one of the chefs mentioned that they'd made candied... ginger? orange zest? for a challenge, I realized that it is possible to make your own candied zest. I thought that you needed either a.) special equipment or b.) to let it soak for weeks/months. Turns out candied zest can be done in less than an hour. Some recipes mention up to a day, but even that is way better than what I had originally assumed.

Now I am fantasizing about making my own orange zest and coating them with some of the 85% dark chocolate we have at home that I can't stand to eat by itself.

Just finished the first season, and I am really happy about how it ended :-)

cut for spoiler for the ending and language )

I am also enjoying Top Chef: Masters. In comparison to those on regular Top Chef and Top Chef: Just Desserts, the masters are (mostly) so cool and professional *_* The sense of camaraderie has me in love. They take so much pleasure in food and I love watching them work and ooooooh.

I wish that I could either eat their food, or well, cook even half as well as one of them.

This all reminds me that I have not cooked in ages, and I should really get started again >_> (I have been baking though, but even my last baked item was a couple weeks back!)
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Have spent my Saturday morning knitting and watching Futurama. Am up to the episode where they meet Captain Zap Brannigan.

And that reminds me, I used to think that veluuure (velour) meant "a state of pantslessness".

*bites lower lip*

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 11:33 am
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Ah. I think I see now what fascinates so many people about White Collar.

(~20 minutes into the first episode :-))

(no subject)

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 01:47 am
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Oh yay, hollywood round of AI starts tomorrow. I can take or leave the other bits, but the hollywood round I don't want to miss :)
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The more I watch Dexter, the more I love Deb <3

Dexter finale

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Watching the finale of Dexter (series? season?). I keep having to pause because I'm too anxious about what's going to happen next.

In other news I've gotten maybe 4 inches into grandpa's scarf, and I am feeling so spoiled right now touching this soft yarn.

Also Charlie -- puppyyyyy, though maybe he's too old to be a puppy by now. Hmm. Puppyyyyy -- is really playful today. Hmmmm. He keeps licking my chin x_x


Monday, December 14th, 2009 12:58 am
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Dear intertubes,

Thank you for making it easy possible to watch a show in sync with someone halfway across the world.

Love, Fu


I just finished watching Emma with [personal profile] aveleh! :-D Much much much squeee. We split it across several viewing sessions, constrained by time on both sides and slow internet on my side. She had to basically give me a cliffs notes version of who was in which scene and why stuff was important, because I had a really difficult time telling John Knightley, Frank Churchill, and um, Mr.Knightley Knightley*, apart (among others). But but sooooooo much love for when... oh um is it a spoiler to say? Well, um. ANYWAY.

It was fun ^_^

* I cannot remember his first name for the life of me


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 06:09 pm
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Trinity Blood - Episode 1

Vampires have taken over the world! Apocalypse occurred centuries ago! There are Crusniks and Lost Technology and Master Keys! The world is dark and gritty and kinda steam punkish!

I'm rather a sucker for characters who act all dorky, but are secretly cool, like really secretly REALLY COMPETENT AND COOL. See also: Trigun.

Everything is just over the top enough that I can sit back and revel in the over the topness. I think I'll like this.

(Is the Jessica Lange thing going to go well? I hope so. I'm also a fan of characters who grow in a series, and it is very rarely that you get a girl doing so :-))

Honey and Clover - Episode 1

There is a dorm! With thin walls!* And boys. And um, stuff. I dunno.

It looks like it'll be kinda standard Japanese high school anime sweet and funny but I'm really twitchy at the whole Hagu thing (is Morita just fundamentally unable to explain what he's doing before pushing a girl around and reducing her to tears? But I guess that's part of his rascally charm?

It's not so much Morita that bothers me so much as it's... Hagu is eighteen, not twelve or ten or eight years old, but eighteen, and she can't do anything but be cute and/or cry, which I know is meant to be cute and adorable, but it is just so bor;juaflkasjfcva -- 'scuse me I fell asleep on my keyboard. I dunno. I'll try a few more episodes to see if the series is for me)

* oh, but thin walls. There has to be a storyline that takes advantage of that, eh?

Blood+ - Episodes 1 & 2

There's um. Flashbacks With blood. And then mystery! And also fighting, and blood. Secret weapon thing. More flashbacks. More blood.

Knife guy is fundamentally unable to say anything that isn't Serious and Portentous and Dramatic -- it would take much less time to say something rather than force himself his blood on her in the middle of a fight. But blah blah blah, dramatic tension, okay.

The girl is okay. The redhead guy is okay. As long as I'm not expected to believe that knife guy is okay, then knife guy is okay, too.

Little brother is cute *pets* We'll probably never see him again after these preliminary episodes *sad* Please say we'll continue to see long-haired girl who's main character girl's friend :-)?


Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 06:02 pm
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I didn't like Castle at first. The thing where the mayor pressured Beckett into letting Castle follow her around made me uncomfortable to the point where I had to stop after the first two episodes.


I've now caught some of the episodes from the middle of the second season.

Beckett is rocking strong, and other than the political pressure which led to the basic premise of the show, can't be pushed into anything.

I love the relationship between Castle and his daughter (much much much better than the one between whatsisname and whatsername in Lie to Me).

The law enforcement officers Have Clue, at least as much as there is clue on TV -- no Bobbsey Twins/Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys syndrome, where the non-policemen always solved the case, but only because the law enforcement officers are SO STUPID

I'm finding the show and characters charming and funny.

So I'm working my way backwards and catching up to some older episodes from the second season -- I will still likely skip most of the first.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 03:40 pm
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I can't decide what to think about Eastwick. It feels like I should like it, but it also feels like it bores me.



Friday, October 2nd, 2009 03:07 pm
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Watching Glee! Watching Glee!

Kristin Chenoweth! Kristin Chenoweth!

Glee \o/ Glee \o/ Kristin Chenoweth \o/ Kristin Chenoweth \o/