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The religious institutions and secret dark mysterious organizations are so way over the top *wheeeeeeze*


(Tres: Positive.
Tres: Positive.
Tres: Positive.

tickles me, it does. *snicker snicker* Has he ever said "Negative", or does he have some other word for it?)

ETA: Hmm, Nightroad is just like a vacuum cleaner, isn't he? Long floaty-haired, red-eyed, nano-machined vacuum cleaner).

I wonder why the art here looks so familiar? Has anyone on my read page posted pictures about these before?

I like Eris, who is the kid. She's adorable in the rather angst-filled way these stories go.

Tres has a sense of humor (or is that justice)? WHAT OMG

And he said Negative.

*falls over*

That last scene is way too unsubtle *snickers*

*hugs her new-found over the top dark series*


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 06:09 pm
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Trinity Blood - Episode 1

Vampires have taken over the world! Apocalypse occurred centuries ago! There are Crusniks and Lost Technology and Master Keys! The world is dark and gritty and kinda steam punkish!

I'm rather a sucker for characters who act all dorky, but are secretly cool, like really secretly REALLY COMPETENT AND COOL. See also: Trigun.

Everything is just over the top enough that I can sit back and revel in the over the topness. I think I'll like this.

(Is the Jessica Lange thing going to go well? I hope so. I'm also a fan of characters who grow in a series, and it is very rarely that you get a girl doing so :-))

Honey and Clover - Episode 1

There is a dorm! With thin walls!* And boys. And um, stuff. I dunno.

It looks like it'll be kinda standard Japanese high school anime sweet and funny but I'm really twitchy at the whole Hagu thing (is Morita just fundamentally unable to explain what he's doing before pushing a girl around and reducing her to tears? But I guess that's part of his rascally charm?

It's not so much Morita that bothers me so much as it's... Hagu is eighteen, not twelve or ten or eight years old, but eighteen, and she can't do anything but be cute and/or cry, which I know is meant to be cute and adorable, but it is just so bor;juaflkasjfcva -- 'scuse me I fell asleep on my keyboard. I dunno. I'll try a few more episodes to see if the series is for me)

* oh, but thin walls. There has to be a storyline that takes advantage of that, eh?

Blood+ - Episodes 1 & 2

There's um. Flashbacks With blood. And then mystery! And also fighting, and blood. Secret weapon thing. More flashbacks. More blood.

Knife guy is fundamentally unable to say anything that isn't Serious and Portentous and Dramatic -- it would take much less time to say something rather than force himself his blood on her in the middle of a fight. But blah blah blah, dramatic tension, okay.

The girl is okay. The redhead guy is okay. As long as I'm not expected to believe that knife guy is okay, then knife guy is okay, too.

Little brother is cute *pets* We'll probably never see him again after these preliminary episodes *sad* Please say we'll continue to see long-haired girl who's main character girl's friend :-)?