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The weirdest conversation I never actually finished happened like this:

I was in university, walking with my friend after class. Talk turned to relationships, sex, virginity. He said that he wanted any girlfriend of his to be a virgin, and that if he ever found out that anyone he was dating wasn't one, he'd break up with her immediately. I said (half-shyly, half-defiantly, I was just discovering I had a voice) that I understood where he was coming from but that virginity should not be the only criterion by which to judge a person.

He stopped, stared, spluttered, "So you want t-t-to", he waved his hands around wildly, lost for words until his eyes lighted on the trees across the field. "You're saying it's fine if every girl here in $university suddenly decided to devirginate themselves on the nearest branch?!?!?!"

(His words, his intonation).

I opened my mouth, blanked out completely, shut it, and walked away.

It has been three years. I still haven't thought up a good comeback.


Sunday, January 27th, 2008 09:44 pm
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There's a brand of soap here called "Placenta". I saw it in Watson's, as I was buying lotion, and I was tempted to buy it so I could say, "My skin has been radiant ever since I started washing it with Placenta."

...on second thought, maybe not.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 04:35 pm
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I love old LJ/Gmail conversations. [ profile] murklins said something that made me look through my archives, and now all I can think about are the words "genital powers" and "genital embrace". That book was so amazingly bad. How did I survive to graduation with my sanity intact?