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I've been helping clean out the downstairs guestroom-slash-storage-area, and it just yielded dividends! I have in my hands a dead tree scam letter from 1994, postmarked Nigeria.

(Hey, I had to keep something. My dad refused to let me keep his old computer manuals, including one for BASIC *G*)
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(Triggered, tangentially, by IRC conversation)

When I was seven or eight, during my first trip to the US, which was also the first trip overseas that I can remember, I took a cold can of rootbeer from the back of the van. It was spring. The rootbeer had been warm when we put it in, but was cold now, and I remember standing there, stunned, and thinking, "wow, the air is cold enough to chill drinks".

See, here temperatures usually hover around 25-32 degrees Celsius, which is enough to make hot things lukewarm, and make cold things lukewarm, but not enough to make hot things cold or cold things hot. So the fact that the temperature could affect things physically was new and very exciting.

Whenever I go back to that memory, I still feel that rush of discovery: "The x is y enough to do z". The x can do y to z, I didn't realize that was possible. And then I have to grin a bit at my naivete.

But you know, even now when I stumble across some new idea, I still feel that rush.

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The weirdest conversation I never actually finished happened like this:

I was in university, walking with my friend after class. Talk turned to relationships, sex, virginity. He said that he wanted any girlfriend of his to be a virgin, and that if he ever found out that anyone he was dating wasn't one, he'd break up with her immediately. I said (half-shyly, half-defiantly, I was just discovering I had a voice) that I understood where he was coming from but that virginity should not be the only criterion by which to judge a person.

He stopped, stared, spluttered, "So you want t-t-to", he waved his hands around wildly, lost for words until his eyes lighted on the trees across the field. "You're saying it's fine if every girl here in $university suddenly decided to devirginate themselves on the nearest branch?!?!?!"

(His words, his intonation).

I opened my mouth, blanked out completely, shut it, and walked away.

It has been three years. I still haven't thought up a good comeback.