Monday, October 4th, 2010 11:28 pm
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My mom over dinner: "Hey, so you're knitting right? I don't suppose that you'd have a shawl ready for Tuesday"

Me: *hopeful look, trying to play it cool*
Mom: "...for the birthday of this old lady I know. I don't know what else I can give her. I'll buy it from you."

Burn. BURN! Each sentence as it came out! A knife! Through my heart! A BURNING KNIFE.
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The weirdest conversation I never actually finished happened like this:

I was in university, walking with my friend after class. Talk turned to relationships, sex, virginity. He said that he wanted any girlfriend of his to be a virgin, and that if he ever found out that anyone he was dating wasn't one, he'd break up with her immediately. I said (half-shyly, half-defiantly, I was just discovering I had a voice) that I understood where he was coming from but that virginity should not be the only criterion by which to judge a person.

He stopped, stared, spluttered, "So you want t-t-to", he waved his hands around wildly, lost for words until his eyes lighted on the trees across the field. "You're saying it's fine if every girl here in $university suddenly decided to devirginate themselves on the nearest branch?!?!?!"

(His words, his intonation).

I opened my mouth, blanked out completely, shut it, and walked away.

It has been three years. I still haven't thought up a good comeback.
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Somebody just wrote a Harry Potter parody/AU set in my school.

Note that that's not the link to the original entry, but the original entry requires forum membership in order to view it. Also note that there are too many in-jokes for it to be of interest unless you're an Atenean.

Lux in Domino and Animo La Salle as spells, ftw ;)

...there's even a "19 years later" epilogue. Dude. *dead*