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On the subject of floods of a more pleasant kind, the past two weeks I've been flooded with human interaction.

To wit:

* cousin got married; spent one entire Sunday with extended family at the wedding and reception

* auntie and auntie's friend came home from the US, for the first time in decades(!), to attend the wedding. They stayed with me in my room. They're both very funny and adorable (except when auntie is trying to matchmake me with some random guy, agh!); tremendous fun to have as roommates. On the minus side, two roommates! Tired!!

* for Dreamwidth, been contacting people left, right, and center, and talking styles. So many great people, and so many pretty styles OMG. I was nervous at first because some of my shyness still clings to me and I've never been very good at approaching people I don't know, but the responses have been fantastic.

(I mean as long as I need to talk to people anyway, I am incredibly lucky that the people I get to talk to are smart, passionate, creative folks.)

* for work, been doing less code and more coordinating with people about our contributing code, etc, etc, etc, and talking to teammates instead of working alone

It's been a whirlwind two weeks: lots of socializing, lots of getting in touch with people. Very rewarding, but at the same time, I think I'm somewhat peopled out and likely won't be going out to watch movies or eat dinner with friends or family (other than Sundays, which are family days) for a few weeks, at least.

(I want to spend an evening doing just code! Lock myself in my room, forget the world exists, come out with something great. Alas, so much to do elsewhere, there's no time to be selfish. But one of these days...!)