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Hm, ever since NetNewsWire discontinued their online syncing service, I've stopped reading feeds. I'm actually kinda glad it happened, because I had been wanting to cut myself off, cut down the number of things I obsessively refresh, but felt unable to do it on my own (what if I miss something important??).

Anyway, I've spent the past few months cut off from my feed reader. But I haven't been feed-less: I've been adding new interesting feeds to my reading page on Dreamwidth, and I've hit a good compromise -- I have to balance them with the amount of personal entries on my reading page, so I don't subscribe to the high-volume ones that I would only be skimming *anyway*.

So I've been ramping up slowly, and I'm finally feeling up to setting up feed reading again; maybe I'll try exporting my old feed list from NetNewsWire to Google Reader and promise myself that I'll only read them when I'm bored (ahahha).

*or* maybe I'll keep up my feed-abstinence, force myself to produce something when I'm bored instead of happily consuming what everyone else is producing. Hmmmm. (Maybe there is such a thing as being too happy :-))