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I kinda got tired of having to worry about what bits of personal information Facebook is going to expose next (while being misleading about how to opt out). I don't use Facebook; I'd rather not have to spend any of my time constantly adjusting my settings and opt-outs on it!

If i were using it in any capacity, things might have been harder, but I don't, so now everyone/everything is gone. So, there. One less thing that needs to take up mental energy.

PS. I'm not sure what the difference between deactivate (accessible from editing your settings and delete (accessible via the helpful google-fu of my friends), but on the principle that the second is more hidden than the first, plus that deletion seems more permanent than deactivation, I did delete rather than deactivate.

PPS. I wish that facebook did not use the terminology of "friends". I removed people there because I got a bit twitchy about what can be datamined from network connections, but seriously, if you were my friends before facebook, then you are still my friends after facebook :-)
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With [ profile] the_cynic's and [personal profile] domtheknight's advice, I finally managed to remove both display and specification of my gender from Facebook.

Now the last thing on my profile is gone; it is completely clean \o/

(The only information I have left are who my friends are, and my email address. The latter is unavoidable, the former, mrrrrrrrm I guess can stay).

ETA: Kanji mood theme gives "accomplished" the character for "done". Yep, that's about right.
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Facebook was initially well-behaved in asking me to transition my privacy settings -- the first time I got the pop-up, I said "later" because I was only popping in to look at something specific. The next time I opened up FB, I didn't get the popup; I was pleased that they weren't being overly naggy about transitioning. At some point, I hopped over to my profile and made sure my privacy settings were being respected and saved my changes.

Earlier today, I got a pop-up asking me to check / transition my privacy settings. I was surprised, but figured "hah, bad programming. They didn't remove the flag when I made my changes manually. OH WELL (but at least they're kind enough not to make assumptions)". I decide to go through the transition process this time, opened it up, and UGH all the radio buttons are set to the settings Facebook wants me to use.

But at least selecting my old settings is easy enough; just need to select the other radio button, which I do for everything. I hit save... Facebook tells me there's an error. Grarr. I hit back and enter, and it only then registers that when I hit back, FB filled it in with the settings they wanted instead of the ones I'd chosen. Argh!

If I didn't need Facebook for work, I would delete it right now. As it is, I'm going through all my settings and locking them down to the most private settings available. On the plus side, this is more private than I would have had them otherwise, because I've just discovered out that if you choose "Customize" from the dropdown, that lets you lock data to only yourself instead of friends/friends of friends.

(I've also just discovered that you cannot hide your gender from being shown, which makes me D: D: D:)