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Too tired to continue working, but too awake to go to sleep (it's one of those moods), so I'm opting to read a set of children's stories in Chinese. Been a while since I tried reading anything in this language; pleasantly surprised that a lot of the words are still familiar. Of course, that is because it's basically a kiddy form of the texts we used to take up in elementary/highschool...

The collection is: "Twenty-four stories about xiao4". I'm trying to remember what xiao would be in English -- paterna- something? Basically something along the lines of "Honor your father and your mother". Ah! "Filial", I guess?

Ever notice how messed up most kid's tales are, by the way? Especially the ones meant to teach right conduct and good values.

For example, this very first story goes:

translation of the first story )

And this is supposed to be a good thing! I guess it's not that much more disturbing than Cinderella, and it's definitely not the worst of the lot. I'm pretty sure in one of the stories later on, someone offers to breastfeed their mother or grandmother or something... (judging by the pictures, this is what happens. I haven't bothered to figure out what the words mean).

PS. I miss li shi -- Chinese history, now. Lots of interesting, and occasionally very surreal stories. I took it for granted back when I was in highschool. Regret not paying closer attention now!

Magicians of Love

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 05:13 pm
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I just realized that I have never watched an entire series in Chinese. Let me go remedy that (I'm watching "Magicians of Love" right now, about... a beauty parlor?)

The show has been on my computer for ages now, but I've put off watching it because I'm not very fluent in Chinese, so I'd have to rely on subs, which means that I'd need to concentrate on what I'm watching instead of multi-tasking the way I usually do when I'm watching a show in English.

However, I've just discovered that I understand Chinese better than I give myself credit for. Unlike with Japanese shows, I'm not relying strictly on the subs. This tickles me.