Saturday, June 18th, 2011 04:21 pm
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Spent today baking cookies :D Did a basic dark chocolate + coffee mix, then after the first batch I decided to start playing with the ingredients that were in the kitchen. So I have a batch with some white chocolate, a batch with some almonds, a batch with marshmallows, and cookies in different sizes and degrees of flatness.

I have learned one important lesson: when baking cookies containing marshmallows and cookies containing almonds on the same tray, the marshmallows will toast long before the almonds do, not the other way around.

I was hoping to be able to get the marshmallows to melt and the almonds to toast, but well /o\ Probably next time I'll need to toast the almonds before mixing them into the cookie dough. I should also chop the marshmallows up smaller and put them inside rather than on top, ahahah.

My hands smell so good right now!

(two more days...)
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Okay, so.

Remember in that one news post, where I admitted my craving for pad thai? On Saturday, I finally satisfied that craving at 8 Spices over in T. Morato -- and it was good. It was also expensive: quite easily the most I've ever spent on a single meal. To be fair, that was because the portions were for two to three people (I ate half of each serving, and packed up the rest to take home). The pad thai was not *quite* what I was looking for, but close enough. Close enough :)

Sunday, I hung out with family, and did the usual Sunday thing, which involves eating a huge lunch, gorging on ice cream for merienda, and grabbing some yummy dinner together. Love kare-kare (usually beef tail and tripe in peanut butter sauce with vegetables). Seriously love. Home-cooked is better than any store-bought I've ever had, but that dinner (from Bangus in MoA) was decent, considering it's from a restaurant.

Monday, I caught up with some of my friends from high school. We ended up at Tokyo Cafe, where we hung out and ate pasta and french toast. Then we ended up in Gloria jeans for some coffee/cake when the fourth member of our group arrived late.

Ended up doing some shopping, where I'm proud to say that I managed to avoid spending anything. Mostly we just talked; I miss them! It's been a while since we've had a chance to get together. :)

I do not otherwise miss my high school days, or my my old high school classmates, but these three girlfriends? I miss, and am glad whenever we can get together. I gave them each a beret I knitted for them, and I'm pleased that I successfully gauged which beret would go to whom (I let them choose because I wasn't quite sure enough of myself!).

Considered voting for the barangay elections but I know very little about the candidates, other than what is in their pamphlets which, ugh, whatever. I feel like I should become a better citizen at some point. Hmm.

Got completely lost on the drive home. I'm very good at getting lost -- last week, the five minute drive from the mall to my grandpa's place ended up taking me an hour and a half, because I ended up on an expressway to Cavite, and I had to call up my dad to guide me home.

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In news that are less stressful, today got to use our oven for the very first time! We finished renovating the kitchen a couple of months ago, but because of some *mumble* we weren't allowed to use the stove/oven until the kitchen had been suitably blessed, and we had to wait for a good day (fortuitous day? lucky day?) for the blessing to be done. So I've been waiting for a long time now to be able to use the new kitchen, and that day came last week.

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Ummmm. So anyway, I think I like baking even with the mistakes. Maybe especially with the mistakes? ;-)