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The last time I tried Google Chrome, I was unimpressed by the way it tried to do updates in the background without asking for permission, or any way to opt out. I didn't bother to dig into what it was doing, or why it was doing what it did at the time, just uninstalled.

Still... I'm in the mood to try out new things while setting up my netbook, and I hear that Chrome may be light and efficient enough to be a good choice. I checked out the Google Chrome download page, and it says that installing Google Chrome will add the google repository to my system, so it can automatically check for updates, with instructions to opt out if I don't want it.

Since it uses the package manager, I know I'll be notified if there are updates *but* I'll have control of when, or whether, to install the updates. Contrast that to before, when I could only sit back helplessly and watch as the daemon mounted the disk image, with no way to cancel if it was inconvenient, and no way to trace what it was actually doing. UGH.

Anyway, I'm feeling more comfortable with the idea of installing Chrome onto Linux/my netbook.

BTW, have you all met pollow yet? My laptop is Blanket (my blanket is named MacBook), my netbook is pollow (I hear it's like pillow, only better :-)), my harddrive is partitioned into Pillow and PILLOW-FAT, my phone has no name, my old FAT-32 1GB USB drive is MEOWSER, and my current thumbdrive is DATA-FU.

Yeah, I don't like all the caps either. Damn you, FAT-32 limitations *fistshake*.

ETA: Mac OSX hints just released a hint explaining how to prevent google chrome's updater from running *amused at the timing*