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I am trying this out because I can. Maybe I will write out an entire LJ entry this way. Or maybe not.

Okay this app, WritingPad, is interesting. You slide your finger along the onscreen keyboard and it guesses what you want to say.

It is surprisingly effective. I am struggling a bit because I am unused to the idea so I keep hitting space unnecessarily but this makes it easier to type without needing two hands.

As I get more comfortable with it I an gradually becoming more daring and trying to "I type" (touch swipe?) looking purely at the output box rather then at the keypad.

I get nervous but the more I use this the more I feel like I should be able to trust it to pick out my words for me.

Can add words too and choose capitalization. Unfortunately it does not do camel case so I cannot add LiveJournal easily but it is doable by joining together two separate words properly capitalized. And now it is easy: LiveJournal LiveJournal LiveJournal yay.

One interesting thing, after using it for awhile I found it easier to think of typing as a sequence of words instead of a sequence of letters. This is reinforced by how backspacing deletes the entire word if it has been newly entered.

I wonder how it would work for someone without fine motor control? Would it be easier our greatest than a normal keyboard input? And did I find out about this app from AtMac?

Two minor complaints: keyboard needs polish and some misspelled words made their way into the dictionary (exsist, unfortunatly) but these are minor given just how solid the underlying application is.