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The us supreme court decision on marriage! omg. omg. I've only read snippets but the ones I've seen have made me tear up with how strong and definite they are. No wishy-washy "well there's technically no legal reason we couldn't..." but just outright saying that this is the right way to treat people. Empathy? Love? Fuck yeah.

I've seen so much happiness today, feel warm and mushy.

The ones where it's like "two 80-year-olds who have been together x years" make me tear up the most because asdfhfhfh to have been denied that for so long but then to have it within their lifetimes. I don't understand being able to look at them and still deny that they love one another and have made a life together. They've already made the lifetime commitment; being able to go to the courthouse to have the government formally acknowledge that doesn't change anything within their relationship, but it changes so much everywhere else. (And I wish it could have come sooner, but I'm glad that it happened *now*).

(I am so looking forward to SF Pride parade this Sunday. First time I'm able to attend; seems like a good year to go! My brother is all "wave a flag for me" :D)