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Friday, August 14th, 2015 11:30 pm
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Oh huh. I keep thinking I've been at new company only a couple weeks, but it's now actually been almost a month.

I've finally settled into the point where I can start *thinking* about other things, which was not the case before.

Especially the first couple weeks, I'd go to work, and well, work. And then I'd come home and read about work-related stuff -- either background in healthcare, or something about the specific technology stack we're using.

And now I feel a little like a swimmer surfacing from a deep dive and taking that first really deep breath of air. It's nice :)


Today I actually cooked dinner for myself (sort of). I've been interested in making the marinated eggs you find in ramen. I haven't had the ability to think about cooking in so long... and now I'm back. It's back. I boiled the eggs, made a marinade of soy sauce + rice vinegar + sugar, threw it in the refrigerator, and tomorrow I shall have something to eat. Hopefully delicious!

If it goes well, I may do a batch of it for breakfasts. Or I may not. WHO KNOWS.


On Monday I'm headed to New York for work! I'm excited :) I haven't been before. I'm staying in NY, but spending the bulk of my day at the office in Jersey. (Jersey City? New Jersey? I can't figure it out).

I don't have any plans, except to maybe get some New York pizza. Maybe also wander around. I think my chances of the first are lots more likely than my chances of the second.
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