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We decided to push forward with cleaning up our stuff. As usual, it's only my mom, my sister, and I who are cleaning. My dad and brother are not doing anything about it. *makes faces at them* Sometimes I wish they would take more responsibility for home stuff. They live here, too! But whatever.

We need to clean up about half a dozen areas, and decided to start with all the junk in the upstairs sala. We have a lot of I got to sixty before giving up. My sister went on and counted out (approximately) 138. That's probably three-fourths gigantic tupperware boxes, with the rest being slightly smaller cardboard boxes, or huge plastic sacks of... whatever. A lot of it is documents, which are going to be the hardest to sort through.

This is what we're up against:
many boxes stacked messily. Six are in the foreground, at least fifteen more can be counted behind

That is just the right portion of our sala; there's another pile of boxes on the left that I didn't take a picture of. There are also several other portions of our house with clutter levels that are just as bad. I'm not even thinking about those for now.

Everyone in this family hoards, and it reaches a level of ridiculous that's just... um. Okay so today, among other things, I threw out a roll of calendars from 1969; receipts dating back to 1992; old newspapers; boxes that just contained empty boxes and plastic bags;

However, it's not all junk. We dug up a box of pictures, including some of my oldest sister at a Trek convention :D My oldest sister, my Atsi, introduced me and my older brother to sci-fi. She was also the one who sent us a steady supply, shipping back VHS tapes (ahahah :D) with recordings of ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:VOY. These days I could probably just hit up a torrent site, but back then there was no other way for me to see these shows. (A few years after my Atsi passed away, they showed a Filipino-dubbed version of DS9 on a local channel. I didn't follow it though. By then, I had seen many of the episodes in English).

By my Ditsi's calculations, If we each do one box a day, that's seven boxes a week each, or twenty-one boxes total, and we can be done in seven weeks (give or take half a week) -- just in time for my birthday ;-). I half expect us to fizzle out the way we usually do but OTOH we are better organized than we have ever been. Perhaps this time we will make it! *fistpump*

Or perhaps not. I went for it and did seven boxes today though. But that's low-hanging fruit :D We still have a couple more boxes of easy stuff (toys for example go directly in the donate pile), so I want to build up as much momentum as we can on those.

The hard boxes are going to be the stuff with my Atsi's and my Shoti's (little brother) stuff :( We have put off processing these boxes for years each, and thinking of opening those up and choosing what to keep and throwing away the rest is enough to cut into my jubilation.


ANYWAY, besides organizing the epic cleanup of our house, I am trying to organize my work habits. To that end I have bought office supplies (I love office supplies :D). Three whiteboards to supplement the two I already have, white board markers, and (the whiteboard having been so cheap that it didn't come with a frame or a ledge to put the markers on) blu tack to stick the whiteboards and the pens to the walls :D

I love this blu tack stuff. srsly.

Date: 2011-02-06 09:05 pm (UTC)
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Yay cleanup!

And even if you can't face a whole box on any given day, fifteen minutes with a box -- just that and no more -- is not too big a thing to do.